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Magic Moments > 2015 > Erinsborough High Fire: Part One Episode 7237

Written by Emma J Steele, Directed by Tony Osicka, Produced by Jason Herbison

Channel Eleven: 20/10/15, Channel 5: 03/11/15

Tyler meddling in Mark and Paige's relationship over the issue of having children... Brad telling Terese that they need to start organising matters such as their joint bank account following their split... The Erinsborough High protest well underway and Toadie telling Steph not to worry about the fire alarm as it's probably a false alarm... Sue Parker telling Brad that the school closure is a done deal... Susan's office catching fire...

Terese is walking through the school when she surprises Sheila, who thought that some children were running riot in the school. Terese explains that she is there to show her support and isn't planning to stay because she isn't even sure she should be there at all due to the current situation between her and Brad. Sheila reassures Terese that she has been handling things well, despite having been given the rough end of the stick. Terese tells Sheila that she has realised it is all about priorities and that the Willis children have to come first before wondering where everyone is. Sheila replies that the protesters are in the gym but that she had to check that everyone is where they're supposed to be. Terese jokes that she doesn't want to get a detention from Sheila and reckons that she had better make her way to the gym; Sheila offers to accompany her, but Terese replies that she is fine and that Sheila should focus on the job Susan gave her. Before heading off, Sheila comments that Susan is certainly a tyrant!


Meanwhile at the lift, Toadie is telling Tyler that it had always been out of bounds when he was at school, although he and Billy had taken a ride in it anyway. Tyler asks what is so exciting about a goods lift and Toadie replies that it was because it was out of bounds. Tyler points out that any graffiti that Toadie had written would be long gone, although Toadie reckons his school days were not that long ago. Just then, the doors open and the two enter the lift, Tyler explaining as he gets in that he couldn't wait to leave school and much prefers a working life. As the doors close, Toadie asks Tyler how things are at the garage and whether things are working out with Steph. Tyler replies that she is a great mechanic although is slightly uneasy due to what happened with Lucas and also when Jimmy went missing the previous week. The doors of the lift open and the two get out, Toadie trying to alleviate Tyler's concerns by explaining that lots of people thought Steph had kidnapped Jimmy because once an idea about someone is in someone else's head, it can be difficult to change. Tyler suggests that it is a lot of pressure for Steph to deal with as Toadie adds that every time something like that happens, Steph will be the first person people will blame. He asks Tyler to let him know if anything odd happens at the garage, saying that Steph's recovery is going to take some time. Just then, they bump into Paige, who offers to look after Toadie's area as he is in hers in order to revisit his old stomping ground. She walks off and Tyler follows her, telling Toadie he will go and help Paige.

Meanwhile, the fire in Susan's office is becoming more severe, flames visible under the door.

Elsewhere in the school, Lauren and Brad are kissing, Lauren commenting that it is like being back in school herself, sneaking a kiss behind the lockers. As they continue, Terese rounds the corner and after a brief pause, interrupts Brad and Lauren by asking them if they really think what they are doing is appropriate. The two of them stop, Lauren explaining that they didn't think anyone else was around. Terese retorts that the entire school community is there and that she would appreciate it if Lauren and Brad could refrain from further embarrassing their children as there is enough gossip flying around as it is. Just then, the fire alarm sounds: Lauren can't believe there is another prank, but Brad tells her and Terese to go to the evacuation zone whilst he goes to check the alarm out - just in case. Lauren offers to show Terese the way, but Terese brushes her off, sitting down in tears as Lauren heads off.


In the lift, Paige and Tyler can hear the alarm. Paige is concerned and wonders what is happening. Tyler asks how he would know, causing Paige to coolly comment that Tyler seems to know everything else. Tyler asks Paige what she means and Paige reminds Tyler of the previous week when he got involved in the baby discussion. Tyler rounds on Paige, telling her that she did ask for his advice, although he is unable to say anything else as the lift shudders and plunges into darkness. Paige again asks Tyler what is happening: they both realise there could be a fire in school when they see a warning notice in the lift advising against using it in the event of a fire.

Susan is with Amber in a classroom making toast. She is on the phone with Brad, thanking him for looking into the cause of the fire alarm. As she hangs up, Amber thinks it is probably one of the burnt pieces of toast that set the alarm off and Susan agrees. Amber comments that it could also be another prank and adds that she has all that to look forward to, although Susan reckons that Amber's child will be perfect. Amber points out that all new parents assume that and admits that she is becoming very tired now that her pregnancy is in its later stages. Susan tells Amber that she is going to take the toast down to the gathered students and asks if Amber is happy to make some more. Amber agrees, hoping that she won't burn the next lot. She goes to open the door for Susan, who, stepping out of the class, immediately notices parts of the corridor are on fire. Susan pulls Amber out into the corridor, but they both have to run back into the classroom when they realise their escape route is trapped. Susan grabs her phone and urgently calls the fire service, explaining that this time it is not a prank and that there are two of them trapped in a class on the second floor with blocked exits and that there could be others.


Elsewhere, Toadie is alone and on the phone to Billy, informing him that their graffiti is still there. He adds that the alarm that can be heard is just some kids mucking around and having completed the call, hangs up. Toadie turns round and is horrified to see flames beginning to lick out of a vent in a closed door. He wheels around and frantically tries to open a door to escape, however it is locked and doesn't budge. Desperately, Toadie wheels himself along the corridor, but realises that he won't be able to make it down a long flight of stairs to the floor below. He pulls out his phone, which catches in his pocket and instead flies down the stairs leaving him helpless at the top. As the flames worsen, Toadie pushes himself out of his wheelchair and crawls towards the top of the staircase.

Back in the classroom, Susan is laying towels next to the door to keep out the smoke, reassuring Amber that the fire service is on the way and that they are going to have to stay put and stay away from the door. She suggests that she and Amber sit on the other side of the room and that everything will be ok, but Amber replies that they won't - her waters have just broken. Amber begins to panic that they won't be found as a shocked Susan mutters that Amber is only thirty three weeks pregnant. Realising Amber is becoming increasingly panicky, Susan tells her they must stay put and stay calm. Amber can only hope that Susan is right as her contractions begin, crying out that she can't have the baby where they are.


In the chaos outside the school, Karl is directing emergency services towards children who need to be treated for smoke inhalation. At the same time, Brad is ushering people to an evacuation point, ordering them to get their name ticked off and to see Karl if they have symptoms such as nausea or dizziness. Karl grabs Brad as he goes past, asking if he has seen Susan. Choking, Brad admits that he hasn't and that the last time he spoke to her, she was in a classroom. Just then, Ben and Piper manage to escape, Brad asking Piper if she has seen Terese. Piper is surprised, not knowing that Terese was even there and Brad explains that Lauren has gone in looking for her. Piper panics, but Brad swings into action, telling her to mark people off once out of the building and getting them to the assembly point, rushing in to the building himself to look for Terese and Lauren.

Inside, Terese is rushing through a corridor, banging frantically on doors to try and find Piper. Lauren rushes over to her, calling out that they need to get out of the building straight away. They run towards the door, although are stopped as a fireball explodes just the other side of it, both of them now trapped where they are.



In the lift, Paige is desperately banging on the door trying to get out. Tyler admits he also doesn't like being stuck in the lift either and doesn't know when they are going to be able to get out. Paige continues to panic, pressing all of the buttons on the panel but Tyler urges her to calm down, telling her that she is not helping the situation.

Trapped in the corridor, Lauren tries to reassure Terese that they are going to be ok.

Paige is glaring at Tyler as he calmly comments she will get wrinkles on her head if she continues to do so. Just then, the lift plunges once more into darkness and shudders violently as another explosion can be heard outside. The same explosion rips through the corridor that both Lauren and Terese are trapped in, sending them crashing to the floor.

Meanwhile, in the now dark lift, Paige and Tyler are crouched on the floor. Paige points out that the fire alarm has stopped as the lift lurches once more. Tyler tries to calm Paige as she questions what will happen if the cables to the lift snap, but this worry is soon overtaken by a new fear as smoke begins to filter in through the gap in the doorway. Feeling defeated, Paige wonders what they are going to do now.

Toadie lies choking at the bottom of the stairs as the flames get ever closer. He tries to move, but unable to do so can only shout for help, the smoke becoming thicker.



Outside, Piper tells Karl that she has just spoken to the emergency service and that Terese is still missing. Karl asks if there is any news about Susan and Piper explains that there isn't any yet. Just then, Brad returns from the building asking if Lauren and Terese have made it out. Piper replies that they haven't and tells Brad he has to find them, even though Brad tells her the smoke is so thick there are parts of the school he can't even get to. Karl tells Brad that he will go in, since he needs to know where Susan is, but Brad urges Karl to stay where he is, pointing out the school is too dangerous. Brad rushes back into the building, despite Karl shouting at him to stop.

In the classroom, Susan is trying to make sure Amber continues to breathe through the contractions. She reaches for her phone and calls Karl, who is relieved to finally hear from her. He asks Susan where she is: Susan explains that she is still in the classroom and that Amber has gone into labour. A mortified Karl tells Susan that Amber can't have her baby in the school but Susan points out that they don't have any say in the matter. Karl urges Susan to monitor the contractions and says he will get a specialist team in standby at the hospital as the baby will need to be on ventilation as soon as it is born. Susan hangs up and tells Amber that the fire services are there and that they will be rescued soon as she has told Karl where they are. Amber worries that they might not be found in time and cries that the baby won't make it if born in the school.

Meanwhile, as the flames continue to spread, both Terese and Lauren are trapped under lockers in the corridor, both of them unconscious. In the lift, Tyler is trying to force an opening in the door, realising that he has to do something. Paige worries that Tyler is just letting more smoke into the lift and asks what will happen if neither of them make it out. Tyler realises that no one else knows that they are there. He tells Paige there is something she needs to know - he is in love with her and has been since the moment he first saw her. Paige replies that it is not the place to talk about it, but Tyler thinks it is as it may be the only time they have, urging her to tell him how she feels about him. Tyler goes on to say that every time he sees her, it feels like someone has kicked him in the heart and that there is nothing he can do about it because she is with Mark. Paige tells Tyler she doesn't want to think what would happen between them if she wasn't with Mark, but is forced to accept she feels something, although she doesn't know what it is, when Tyler insists she answer the question.



Sheila is blundering down a corridor, barely able to see through the smoke, when she hears someone call out: it is Toadie, who is trapped at the bottom of the stairs and begging for help. Sheila tries to peer through the smoke but rushes off the other way instead of going to Toadie's rescue.

Still trapped in the lift, Paige is telling Tyler that she is in love with Mark and would never do anything to hurt him. Just then, Tyler collapses to the ground: Paige warns him to stop messing around but frantically yells at him to wake up when she realises that he is not responding.


Susan is still trying to reassure an increasingly desperate Amber that they will be found before the baby is born, urging her to hold on. Amber shouts back that she is trying, but that it is not up to her as it is down to the baby, crying out as another contraction starts that they have to try and get out as otherwise the baby won't make it. Susan can only helplessly shout out that Amber needs to keep breathing, as they won't be able to make it through the corridor.


Brad is fighting through the flames and smoke of the corridor when he spots Lauren lying on the floor. He tells her that he is going to get her out and pulls her out from underneath the locker. Spotting Terese, he tries to get her out too, but is unable to shift the locker pinning her to the floor and says that he will be right back as he is going need to go and get help to free her. Picking Lauren up, he returns the way he came as Terese wakes up: she sees Brad carrying Lauren out of the building and calls his name. She is only awake for a moment, however, as once again she falls into unconsciousness.

Featured Regular Characters: Toadie Rebecchi, Terese Willis, Brad Willis, Piper Willis, Lauren Turner, Amber Turner, Paige Smith, Sheila Canning, Tyler Brennan, Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy

Guest Cast: Felix Mallard as Ben Kirk

Trivia Notes
Past characters Billy Kennedy and Lucas Fitzgerald are mentioned

Summary by Alex

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