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Magic Moments > 2015 > Erinsborough High Fire: Part Two Episode 7238

Written by Alexa Wyatt, Directed by Tony Osicka, Produced by Jason Herbison

Channel Eleven: 21/10/15, Channel 5: 04/11/15

A fire rages at Erinsborough High... Trapped in a classroom with Susan, Amber’s waters break... A blast rocks the school while Tyler and Paige are in the lift, leaving them trapped... Another blast leaves Lauren injured and Terese trapped under a column of lockers... Still trapped, Tyler tells Paige he loves her. She responds that she ‘feels something’ for him... Overcome by the smoke and heat, Tyler passes out... Toadie is also trapped, without his chair. Sheila hears him calling for help, but rushes to safety... Now in labour with Susan supporting, Amber worries that her baby is not going to survive... Still trapped, Terese sees Brad carrying Lauren out of the building. He promises to come back for her...

Brad emerges from the burning Erinsborough High school building, holding Lauren and calling for Karl’s help. They get her into the ambulance, but she’s unconscious, with possible internal bleeding and fractures. Brad announces he’s going back inside to retrieve Terese, and heads inside, despite Karl’s warning to leave it to the firefighters. Kyle shows up looking for Sheila, but Karl hasn’t seen her. Sonya’s next on the scene, searching for Toadie; again, Karl can’t help, but tells her not to panic. He goes back to Lauren, who’s now wearing an oxygen mask, to try and revive her.


In the upstairs classroom, a distraught Amber is still in labour, as an also tearful Susan does her best to comfort her. Amber says: “If we stay here we are going to die. At least if we go out there, we might have a chance. Even if something happens to me, she might have a chance. Please – we have to try.”

In the goods lift, a frantic Paige is still trying to get Tyler to wake up, as smoke continues to billow under the doors. “Please don’t die – please don’t die!” she pleads.


Meanwhile, Sheila has managed to find the exit, and comes across Sonya looking for Toadie. A coughing Sheila tells her she heard someone calling inside, but doesn’t know if it was him. So Sonya darts into the building to find him. Meanwhile, Kyle is relieved to see Sheila, and shouts for an ambo to come and tend to her.

Back in the classroom, Susan and Amber prepare to make a dash for it. Gathering some water and blankets, Susan informs Amber that they need to stay low and stick together once they get out of the classroom door. They pour water on the blankets in the hope that they’ll be shielded from the flames. Susan says to Amber, “It’s what I learned at fire drill. I never thought I’d have to do it for real...”


Paige is calling for help from the lift, while Tyler is still out cold. She opens his airways and begins to perform mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

Brad has returned to where Terese was trapped, but she’s no longer there. Mark and a colleague have entered the building, and Mark tries to convince Brad to get out for his own safety, but Brad tells Mark that he needs to look for Terese. There’s another blast, and Mark tells his colleague to get Brad out - now. Brad and the officer leave, while Mark heads in a different direction.


In the classroom, Susan is texting Karl, and she then tells Amber that they need to head left out of the door, and straight down the stairs. Amber is struggling with contractions, though, and is finding it painful to move. Susan encourages her to breathe in and out and says: “Now listen to me. Once we get out there, there’s no coming back. Okay?” “Okay!” is Amber’s reply. They hug, and edge towards the door, terrified. But at that moment the firefighters burst in, and help a very relieved Susan and Amber towards the staircase.

Meanwhile, Paige is still shouting for help from the lift. Tyler is unconscious, but suddenly starts coughing and comes around. Paige is overcome with relief, telling him never to do that to her again – and Tyler notes with satisfaction that she was worried about him. Paige says: “Of course I was. I still am. We’re not gonna get out of here!” Paige tries to pull herself together, and tells Tyler that they will get out. At that moment Mark, who is still running through the building looking for survivors, shouts into the lift to ask if anyone’s there. Paige begins to shout his name, Mark presses a button and the lift opens. Paige hugs him, and Mark helps her get Tyler off the floor and towards the exit.


Elsewhere, Sonya is looking for Toadie, shouting ‘Jarrod’. She finds him conscious on the staircase, but unable to move – and the wheelchair nearby already succumbing to the flames. She does her best to get him up, but has no luck.

Outside, flames are billowing from the roof of the school and people being helped to safety. Terese is now out of the building, unconscious and on oxygen. Karl tells a paramedic how to go about treating her burns – then tells the firefighters that Susan and Amber are still inside the building, and asks them to check if someone is helping them. Karl finds Brad by the exit and tells him Terese is with the paramedics. He shouts to her as they load her into the ambulance: “Terese – I didn’t want to leave you there! I came back, and you were gone. I’m so sorry.” Once Terese is in the ambulance, Karl tells Brad that she has second-degree burns on her arm and a much more serious burn on her shoulder. Susan and Amber then appear at the exit with the firefighters, much to Karl’s relief. Susan asks after Ben, Karl tells Susan that he’s inhaled a lot of smoke but will be fine. He asks about Amber’s contractions, then bundles Amber and Susan into a paramedic’s car which will take them to hospital – before rushing back towards the school. Brad, meanwhile, is very distraught about what's happening.


Sonya is dragging Toadie towards a set of doors, but he’s slipped out of consciousness and is proving too heavy for her. She rushes outside and screams for help, but nobody seems to be around – so she heads back in and continues to try to shift him. Steph suddenly turns up from nowhere, and helps Sonya drag Toadie out of the school to safety.

Inside Erinsborough Hospital, paramedics bring a coughing, still-in-labour Amber into the ward on a stretcher. Josh is already there, and tells her that he’s heard from Brad, who said that Lauren is in the hospital too. Josh tells Amber that Lauren will be fine; they’re just checking her over. Amber is wheeled into a treatment room - sounding terrified, she says, “I’m not ready for this – it’s too soon!” Josh tells her that the doctors want to artificially slow the labour, and then give her antibiotics to reduce the risk of infection. Amber asks about the baby, Josh tells her that if they can buy some time, they can administer more steroids which will... Josh is cut off as Amber shrieks in pain, and he holds her hand. Amber says: “Promise me something!, Whatever happens, the baby comes first!” “Of course,” is Josh’s reassuring response. However Amber continues: “No, I mean – if there are complications, and you have to choose…” Josh again reassures Amber and tells her that it won’t come to that. However, she tells him that he doesn’t know that and makes him promise. Josh agrees to the promise. Amber cries out in pain again.


In another room, Brad is with Lauren, and asks how she’s feeling. Cuts and bruises aside, she’s fine, and she says that she doesn’t know how to thank him for saving her life. Brad tells Lauren that he left Terese in there, adding that he couldn’t get both of them out; he went back for Terese but... Lauren stops him and asks how Terese is doing. Brad explains that she's severely burned and needs a skin graft, and repeats that he couldn’t get both of them out in one go, not without help. Lauren reassures Brad and tells him that she knows that and he did his best, telling him not to beat himself up about it. However Brad tells Lauren that it wasn’t enough. She encourages him to go and be with Terese, but he tells her he can’t, as they’re preparing her for theatre. Paige rushes in and hugs Brad, and then Lauren. She explains she was trapped in the lift with Tyler; Paige tells them she has been given the all-clear, and Tyler’s just being examined now. Karl comes in, and tells them all that Amber is with the specialist, getting ‘the very best of care’ – but that the delivery is complicated, so she can’t have visitors at the moment. Lauren, worried, says to Karl: “Thirty-three weeks. That’s early for any baby, but with CDH?” Karl tells Lauren that they’re trying to slow the birth, but that Amber’s contractions are coming regularly and strong. He adds that when the baby’s born, she’ll go straight onto a ventilator. Karl promises to keep them up-to-date and leaves.

Sheila is back at home with Kyle, but she’s having traumatic flashbacks to the fire, and of hearing Toadie calling for help. Kyle tries to encourage her to get checked out at the hospital, as all the stress of the fire can’t be good for her ‘dodgy ticker’, but she tells him to stop fussing and reminds him that an ambo has already given her the all-clear. Sheila says to Kyle: “I’m not gonna take up a hospital bed when there are people around me who are far worse off. What would that say about me?” Sheila then asks Kyle to try calling Sonya again, as she needs to know if Toadie’s okay. Kyle tells his gran he doesn’t want to harass her and adds that there must be a reason she’s not answering. Sheila says: “What, because he may not be alright? But he has to be!” “You’re amazing, you know? You get yourself out of something as terrifying as that fire, and all you can think about is him. You’re a real hero, Gran” is Kyle’s reply, Sheila disagrees but Kyle continues, “You are. You’re the reason Sonya found Toadie and saved him. Without you, he mightn’t have got out at all!” Sheila looks unconvinced.


Toadie is conscious in a hospital bed, and Sonya and Steph are with him. Karl informs them that they will do some X-rays and blood tests, and keep him in overnight for observation. Sonya comments that it’s a good job Steph turned up when she did, as she couldn’t move Toadie another inch. Toadie asks how Steph found him. “Well, I was going past the school and I saw the fire. It’s just lucky that I was, and that you’re safe, right?” is Steph’s reply. Sonya thanks Steph, who then leaves them to it. Karl expresses surprise that Steph was only walking past, as he thought she was supposed to be at the school sleep-out protest – but Toadie explains to them that he told her not to come. He tells them about his visit from someone who knew Steph from the hospital, and who told him that Steph’s being in town could trigger another psychotic episode. Sonya asks who the person was and Toadie tells Sonya that he doesn't know. Everyone looks confused and mildly suspicious.

In her own hospital room, Lauren and Brad are discussing how the fire might have started – but there’s no word on that yet. Imogen rushes in and hugs Brad; he explains Terese will need a skin graft, but is in good hands. Imogen says: “It was so lucky that you were there to save her!” Brad asks Imogen who told her that - “Josh heard that you ran back into the building, in the middle of a fire. That was so brave! I seriously thought that you didn’t even care about mum anymore. But you risked your life to save her,” says Imogen in reply. Brad doesn’t say anything, but hugs his daughter and looks worried.


In the waiting area, Karl is fussing over Susan – she tells him that she’s been given the all-clear, and that Nate’s on his way to pick her up. Karl tells Susan that Ben is being kept in overnight as a precaution, but that he’ll probably be discharged tomorrow. Susan asks after Amber; Karl tells her that things are progressing steadily but that she’s exhausted already. Karl tells Susan that he just can’t imagine what it was like for the both of them in there. She says that she doesn’t know what would have happened if the firies hadn’t found them when they did. Karl says: “I could’ve lost you tonight”. “Well, you didn’t – did ya?” says Susan, as she kisses her husband.

In another part of the hospital, Mark is beating himself up about not having checked the lift sooner. Paige reassures him it’s not his fault – she’s fine, and Tyler will be too. Mark says: “When I opened the doors and I saw him there… If you hadn’t have come and helped…” Tyler suddenly emerges, wanting to go home. He explains that he’s been on oxygen for a while, but is breathing normally now – so he’s been discharged. Mark hugs him, and then announces he has to go back to the school to secure the site. Paige asks if it’s a crime scene, Mark informs Paige that there will be a full investigation, thanks her again and kisses her, before leaving. Paige brings up with Tyler what she said in the lift, he dismisses it, as she thought they were going to die, Tyler advises Paige to forget what she said and adds that he’s not going to hang around, waiting for something that’s not going to happen. Paige tries to respond but Tyler stops her and says: “You love Mark. Mark loves you. He’s my brother and I care for you too much to wreck what you guys have together, I’m moving on, for real this time.” Paige is silent and looks worried as Tyler walks off.



Brad and Imogen are paying Terese a visit, while Lauren watches through the window. Terese is on oxygen and her shoulder is covered up. She tries to reassure Imogen, explaining the skin graft she’s about to have, and how the set of lockers fell on her and Lauren. Imogen wants to know why Lauren’s okay, but her mum isn’t. Terese says: “I’m not sure. I don’t remember. They’ve given me a lot of painkillers…” Karl comes in, and tells them that it’s time to take her into theatre. Terese asks after Amber; Karl mentions that she’s still in labour, and that he’ll let her know when the baby’s born. Imogen wishes her mum luck, and leaves with Karl – so that Brad and Terese are alone. Lauren is still watching through the window. Brad apologies to Terese, who tearfully says: “Do you really think that I don’t remember that you carried Lauren out and left me for dead? I remember exactly what happened. You chose her!” Lauren shakes her head as she makes eye contact with Terese through the window. Terese continues: “I’m the mother of your children – how could you have done that?” Brad just walks out and stands with Lauren, while the nurses prepare to wheel Terese into theatre.



Sometime later, Josh, Imogen, Paige and Lauren are all sitting in the waiting room. Karl appears; and tells them that Amber hasn’t had the baby yet. Karl explains: “There are some more complications. As you know, Amber’s breathing has been difficult because of the smoke inhalation, and that’s made the labour particularly difficult. There are signs of foetal distress.” Josh asks Karl what it all means and Karl explains that Amber is being prepped for a C-section – but Josh protests, pointing out that everything he’s read about CDH suggests that a natural birth is best for the baby, since it helps clear the lungs. Karl tells Josh that a C-section is what’s best for the baby and the mother in this case. Josh informs Karl that he promised Amber that whatever happens the baby comes first. Imogen tells Josh that Amber was in labour and she had just escaped the fire, so she wasn’t thinking straight, but Josh is adamant and points out to Imogen that she wasn’t there. Josh again tells them that Amber knew exactly what she was saying and adds that Amber thought she was going to die. Just then Lauren says to Karl: “Hang on. So hang on a minute – Amber’s wrong, isn’t she? She’s not gonna die?” “Just try not to worry, alright? We are doing the best we can for everyone. Baby and mother...” comes Karl’s reply. They all look worried...

Featured Regular Characters: Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy, Lauren Turner, Amber Turner, Paige Smith, Brad Willis, Terese Willis, Josh Willis, Imogen Willis, Mark Brennan, Tyler Brennan, Toadfish Rebecchi, Sonya Rebecchi, Sheila Canning, Kyle Canning

Guest Cast: Carla Bonner as Steph Scully, Ben Terrell as Fire Fighter Mitch

Trivia Notes
• Susan's text to Karl reads: 'Love you always'

Summary by Kyle