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Magic Moments > 2015 > Matilda's Birth Episode 7239

Written by Bastian Navarria, Directed by Tony Osicka, Produced by Jason Herbison

Channel Eleven: 22/10/15, Channel 5: 05/11/15

Jimmy sees Paul paying Liam to leave town... Sheila leaves Toadie in the burning school... Imogen said it was lucky that Brad was there to save Terese. He says nothing... Terese tells Brad she remembers that he chose "her"... Amber tells Josh he must put the baby before her if there are complications... Karl tells the Turners and Willises that there are complications with the birth...

Josh, Lauren and Paige are at the hospital, waiting for news. Josh wonders why they haven’t heard anything and comments that Amber has been in surgery for ‘ages’, he goes to look for Karl but Lauren stops him and tells him that if they have something to tell them, they will let them know. Imogen arrives with a drink for Lauren, who thanks her - at that moment Terese arrives with her drip. Both Josh and Imogen ask why she isn’t in bed resting, and she tells them that a nurse made an allowance for her to leave and enquires if they have heard anything. Josh tells her no, Terese sympathises about how hard it must be for him, having Amber in surgery and not knowing what she is going through, she proceeds to scowl at Lauren and adds “and not knowing how to help...”


Outside Off Air, Nate and Daniel are walking towards the building, talking about the fire. Nate tells Daniel that Karl has been at the hospital all night and adds that luckily there were no casualties - Daniel enquires about Susan and Nate tells him that she has bad smoke inhalation but she will be ok. Nate asks how Daniel feels about Amber going into labour. Daniel explains that it's not his life and he just wants the baby to be OK, and everyone to be happy. When they get to the bar, they find it padlocked, with a "Notice of Possession" taped to the door. Nate wonders what's going on, but Daniel has no idea.

Jimmy and Kyle are playing a card game at number 26. Jimmy wonders how the fire started and says that it would have been so scary. Kyle suggests he asks Paul as he is the mayor and will know more details, but Jimmy doesn't want to. Kyle is surprised and asks why, Jimmy tells him how Paul paid his dad to leave. Jimmy adds that his dad was going to stay for good and him and his mum were getting along really well. Kyle asks if he's told his mum about this - Jimmy tells him no and requests that Kyle mustn't say anything, as she has been really sad about the whole situation, but Kyle persuades him it would be a good idea. Jimmy agrees, but not yet and asks if that is ok, Kyle agrees and they get back to the game.


Back at the hospital, Karl appears, with news that the baby has arrived and mother and baby are doing well. There are hugs all round. Josh gushes and proudly announces “I'm a dad!” The baby is in the neonatal ICU, and Lauren enquires about Amber, Karl tells her that she's pretty exhausted, Lauren then asks if she can go and see her, Karl agrees and Josh asks if he can come too but Paige says, “Don’t you want to go and see your new baby?” Josh tells Paige that he does and checks that it's ok. Karl agrees, adding that it’s a good idea if Amber doesn’t have too many visitors. Josh goes with Karl to visit his baby, and Paige goes to see Amber. Lauren stays back with Terese and apologises to her. Terese says to Lauren: “This isn't about us, or what Brad did. It's about celebrating the birth of our grandchild.”

In a hospital room, Paige is talking to Amber, she tells her that Karl thought she did very well. Amber is upset that her daughter was so quiet and fragile that they took her away immediately. Paige reassures Amber that everything is going to be ok. Lauren enters the room and proceeds to kiss her daughter on the head, telling her that she's so proud of her. Amber wants to see her daughter, so Lauren sends Paige to get a wheelchair and tells Amber that she will be with her daughter very soon.


Back outside Off Air, Daniel tells Nate that one of his suppliers had complained because he'd got a couple of months behind in his payments. Nate wonders how that happened, Daniel admits he doesn’t know, as originally Susan was doing the books then she got busy with school and he knew he was a bit behind but he didn’t realise it was that bad. Daniel adds that he thought he would be able to turn it around. Nate asks Daniel what he is going to do to get it up and running again. Daniel says, “I'll make a payment, but that's pretty hard when you don't have any money...” Nate tells him he has to talk to Karl, who, as his partner, has the right to know. Daniel says that he will.

Josh and Terese are looking at the baby through the window of the ICU. Terese comments that she is gorgeous and Josh tells his mum that he is relieved that they are both ok. Amber and Lauren arrive, Josh asks how Amber is feeling, and she tells him that ‘she’s getting there.’ Lauren and Josh help Amber up from the wheelchair, and she says that her baby is so tiny - Terese insists that she won't stay that way for long and Lauren adds that before she knows it, she'll be all grown up. Josh tells Amber that they are changing her feeding tube before they go in. Amber wants to hold her, and Josh does too, but adds that being there and seeing her is the next best thing. Josh asks his mum and Lauren how it feels to officially be grandmas. Terese says, “Well, I never thought I'd say this in relation to the word "grandma", but it's the best feeling in the world” and Lauren follows on by saying, “I wouldn't swap it for anything.” The two women smile at each other.


Back in the waiting area, Daniel arrives and congratulates Josh, then asks if Josh can repay the loan. Josh tells Daniel that he thought there was no rush, whilst Imogen can't believe what Daniel just asked. After Josh goes, she tells Daniel it was definitely the wrong time. Daniel tells Imogen that he's under financial pressure as the bar's been shut down - Imogen asks why and Daniel tells her that there is a cash flow situation. Karl comes over to see Imogen, and he asks Daniel why he isn't at work. Daniel lies and tells Karl that he swapped shifts. When Karl leaves, Imogen says that he shouldn't be lying to Karl. Daniel assures her he can fix it. Imogen asks Daniel how, and Daniel admits he doesn’t know but he will figure it out and goes to leave.

Amy arrives at number 26 to get Jimmy. She's planning for them to move in with Paul for a while. Jimmy points out all the disadvantages, and tells his mum he wants to stay where they are. Amy informs Jimmy that Toadie and Sonya need their own space, because Toadie's been through a lot. Sheila looks uncomfortable, then mentions that Sonya and Steph rescued Toadie, after she told them where he was. Jimmy insists he doesn't want to live with Paul and wants to remain on Ramsay Street. Sheila suddenly suggests that they move into number 26. Jimmy is keen, but Amy tries to get out of it, while Kyle looks uncomfortable. Sheila says, “Honestly, it's the perfect solution, and I won't take no for an answer!” Reluctantly, Amy agrees.


Back at the ICU, Karl tells Imogen, who wants to take photos for her grandparents, that the baby will probably be in there for a fortnight, and she goes in to see the baby. Nate arrives to see how Karl is. Karl comments that he's exhausted, but he's got to do a shift at Off Air. Nate asks Karl if he has spoken to Daniel - Karl says that he spoke to him briefly earlier, and asks Nate what's going on. Reluctantly, Nate tells him that Off Air has been shut down.

Paige is wheeling Amber to ICU. Amber comments how Josh's love and concern for their daughter has given them a new connection. Paige asks Amber if she is considering giving Josh another chance. Amber admits that she doesn’t know for certain, but adds that Josh seems to genuinely care about her and their baby. Paige reminds Amber that she’s said a million times that it's ‘over’ between them and advises that she gives the whole situation a lot more thought.


Back at number 26, Kyle asks Sheila if she's trying to push him and Amy together. She tells him no - she's just trying to do the right thing. Kyle's not sure if it is the right thing, but Sheila insists they should rally round. Kyle says, “Rallying's one thing. But inviting them to move in here, Gran, that's a big call.” Sheila tells Kyle that it’s common sense but Kyle is still not convinced and asks Sheila why she is pushing the situation so hard. Sheila tells Kyle that the Rebecchi family need space, and they would be the first to lend a hand in a crisis. Kyle accepts that, though he doesn't seem very happy. Sheila reassures Kyle that this is a good move for everyone.

In the ICU, Lauren and Terese talk about the baby, then Lauren apologises to Terese again. Terese insists that it wasn't Lauren's fault that Brad chose her. Lauren tells Terese that she feels responsible, Terese tells her not to; Brad did what he did. Lauren assures her that Brad went back to try to save her too, even though it was dangerous. Terese tells Lauren that it doesn't matter, what matters is having the little girl in their lives. Terese says, “So for her sake and the kids' sake, we need to keep the peace, starting by not telling the kids about what happened last night.” Lauren asks Terese if she is comfortable with that. “Well this baby and my family is what matters now,” is Terese’s reply. Lauren agrees that the family should come first, and she won't say anything.


Outside Off Air, Imogen tells Daniel he has to talk to Karl and deal with the situation: avoiding him isn't a solution. At that moment Karl arrives, and proceeds to argue with Daniel, who reassures him that he can fix the cash flow problem in a couple of days. Karl tells Daniel that he's let it get out of control. Daniel tells Karl that the bar was his idea, and Karl points out that there is more to it than the idea: there are commitments, financial responsibilities and staff to think of. Daniel says to Karl rather sharply, “You know what? It's all yours. I quit!” Imogen runs after him and tells him quitting isn't the answer, reminding him that this is not him, he’s not some loser. “Thanks for your support!” is Daniel’s reply. Karl frowns as he looks at the Notice of Possession.


At number 30, Sonya asks Amy whether she's concerned about Jimmy getting too attached to Kyle, and whether she can deal with her feelings for him. Amy tells Sonya that it will be fine: they are just moving in as tenants. Kyle and Jimmy come in with some boxes of stuff to take over. Jimmy says to Kyle, “This is gonna be so awesome. You, me, mum, all living together. It's gonna be like a real family!” There is an awkward silence as Amy realises that perhaps she's making a big mistake.

Featured Regular Characters: Karl Kennedy, Sonya Rebecchi, Amy Williams, Jimmy Williams, Daniel Robinson, Terese Willis, Imogen Willis, Josh Willis, Lauren Turner, Amber Turner, Sheila Canning, Kyle Canning, Nate Kinski, Paige Smith

Guest Cast: None

Trivia Notes
• Notice of possession dated 22/10/2015, Subject: Notice of possession for failure to pay creditors

Summary by Kyle