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Magic Moments > 2015 > Steph and Paul's Crash Episode 7260

Written by Emma J Steele, Directed by Scott Major, Produced by Jason Herbison

Channel Eleven: 20/11/15, Channel 5: 04/12/15

Sonya tells Josh not to be afraid to ask for help with baby Matilda... Paige gets all worried when Imogen asks her if anyone is ever really ready for parenthood... Mark tells Sonya that he’s ready to have kids now... Paul employs Steph as a glass collector, but tells Nate that with one wrong move, she’s out... Paul procures some dodgy pills, and swaps them with Steph’s psych medication... Steph begins feeling very unwell at work as the pills begin to take effect... At a mirror, Steph is told she’s crazy by her own reflection, as she hears Greensleeves again...

At the Lassiter’s Complex the chimes of Greensleeves become increasingly chaotic. Steph staggers through the courtyard, disorientated, while people in the complex appear to have masks on and proceed to laugh at Steph. She continues to hallucinate and stumbles towards a bench, grasping for it, until the blurred figure of Paul looms above her, saying her name. From Steph’s point-of-view, Paul briefly acquires red eyes and devil horns as he reaches out his hand to help her. He takes her towards the beer garden area, where Toadie, Sonya and Aaron are having a drink. Steph staggers around, completely disorientated and distressed, and she pleads for it to stop. Paul says that she’s having some sort of ‘episode’. Toadie asks Steph how they can help her, but she doesn’t know and adds that there are voices in her head. Paul declares that she needs a doctor and Sonya tells Toadie to call one. They take Steph inside The Waterhole, as Aaron looks worried.




Inside Harold’s Café, Josh is rocking a crying baby Matilda in her pram. Mark comes over and picks her up explaining that the police have to do this quite a lot when intervening in domestics - Matilda stops crying instantly. Josh asks Mark how he managed to do that - “Practice. Plus, I like babies,” says Mark. Lauren and Paige watch Mark holding the baby from the other side of the counter, and Paige comments that most girls would 'go gaga over that picture’. Lauren agrees and adds that it’s pretty cute. “Yeah. And scary,” Paige says. “Maybe one day you’ll feel differently, hmm?” is Lauren’s reply. At that moment, Doug arrives, fresh off a plane to meet his new great granddaughter. Paige and Josh rush over to greet him. Josh tells his grandfather that they weren’t expecting him 'til after Christmas. Doug explains that he saw a cheap flight and grabbed it. He then sees Mark holding the baby and comments that he’s a natural and that Paige will be next! Paige offers an uneasy smile.

Outside the hotel, Terese and Shay are having a meeting. Terese is really pleased with all of Shay’s work since she’s been with them, and states that she did well to step up at such late notice while Terese was out of action. Kyle walks past, and Shay asks Terese to excuse her for a moment. Shay approaches a shifty Kyle, sarcastically thanking him for the text he sent to dump her! She tells Kyle that she wants a word with him, and asks him to wait until she’s finished her meeting with Terese. Kyle is reluctant but Shay informs him that she deserves at least that courtesy, so he grudgingly agrees to wait.


Back at Harold’s Café, Doug is sitting with Paige and Josh, while Mark is on the phone. He’s hearing from an associate that Dennis Dimato has broken his parole conditions and gone AWOL. Once he’s finished his phone call, he comes back over to the table and announces that he has to head to work but asks Paige to tell him if she goes anywhere else today, before leaving. Paige asks if Doug is staying for Christmas; he says that’s the plan. He explains he’s here to give Pam a break, since his Alzheimer’s is a lot for her to deal with. He goes to order some coffee and cake for them all from Lauren. Lauren tells Doug that it was lovely of him to come down to spend time with the baby. Doug informs Lauren that it’s not the only reason he’s here. Lauren tells Doug that she’s sure that Brad will be very happy to see him when he gets back from the Mornington Peninsula. “Well, he needs to be with his family. That’s where he belongs,” says Doug, and Lauren looks awkward and goes to get the coffees.

At The Waterhole, Aaron is complaining to Paul the state Steph is in, but Paul simply says that she brought it all on herself. Aaron tells Paul that he thought he had finished ‘messing with her’, and Paul explains that Steph has been fixating on Jimmy and she even called him Charlie. Aaron begs Paul to leave Steph alone, but Paul insists he’s protecting his grandson and the community – before taking a drink over to a still disorientated Steph. Sonya’s sitting with her, and Toadie is just coming off the phone having left a message with Steph’s psych doctor in Bendigo. Toadie suggests they take Steph to Erinsborough Hospital to get Karl to check her out, but Sonya reminds him she has to pick up Nell, so Paul volunteers to take Steph to see Karl instead. Toadie suspiciously says, “That’s very generous, Paul, but why are you offering?” “I know we’ve had our differences, but this isn’t about me, is it? I mean, she clearly needs expert help...” Steph repeats that she just needs it to stop, so they agree to let Paul drive her. Aaron looks concerned.


At the Lassiter’s Complex, as Kyle sits and waits nearby, Terese gets a text from Josh and tells Shay they’ll have to finish up their meeting, thanking her again for all her work. Terese then says, “You know, I’m still trying to rack my brains where I know you from.” “Must have been from a conference or a seminar,” is Shay's reply. Terese agrees and proceeds to leave. Kyle comes over to talk to Shay, apologising for dumping her by text but states that he couldn’t find her. Shay sourly remarks that she’s been here all the time, living and working at the hotel, and adds that she liked what they had - it was casual and it is exactly what she wanted. Kyle, confused, asks Shay what her problem is. Shay explains to Kyle that he took the coward’s way and ‘flicked her with a text’, and she assumes all this has something to do with Amy. Kyle confirms this and adds that it’s been building for a while and it sort of ‘happened’. Shay asks Kyle if he’s ever heard of karma - “Karma. What goes around comes around. Like, if you treat people badly, it’ll come back and bite you. So you and Amy had better watch your backs!” “Okay, woah, alright! I’m sorry about the whole texting thing, okay. But that doesn’t give you the right to threaten anybody. Especially not Amy, alright? Just leave her out of it,” says Kyle in reply. But Shay just smiles calmly and walks away, leaving Kyle looking worried.

Doug comes into Harold’s kitchen to talk to Paige; he has an early Christmas present to give her. It’s a ring, a commitment ring, he explains, that Pam gave him when they got engaged. Doug tells Paige that he thought she might need it. “Oh, Pop! I can’t! Mark and I are – I don’t know if we’re gonna last a week, let alone get married!” Doug says that he thought they were in love. Paige confirms that they are but is unsure whether she is ready to settle down and have children; Paige also admits that she doesn’t want to press the issue in case she loses Mark. Doug says, “Well, if you’re both in love, that’s all that matters! Life’s too short!” Paige thanks Doug, who then announces he has to go as Pam will be waiting for him. Paige reminds Doug that he is in Erinsborough and Pam is not with him, but in Darwin. Doug thanks Paige, explaining that he’s tired. Paige thanks him again for the ring, and hugs him, then looks at it solemnly as her grandfather leaves.


Back at the Waterhole, Kyle and Aaron are having a drink, when Shay comes in, and Kyle comically darts out of the door to avoid her. Meanwhile, Susan bumps into Shay, causing her to drop her bag on the floor and some things to fall out. Susan introduces herself as a friend of Terese’s, and mentions that Terese has been singing her praises for all her work while she’s been recovering. Susan sees a photograph among Shay’s dropped items, which is a picture of Shay in Perth when she was younger, and someone else cut off with their arm around Shay. Shay says: “Me when I was younger. Cottesloe Beach. My mother and I used to go there...” Susan tells Shay that it’s nice to have a memento when she’s so far from home. Shay gets a phone call, and Susan leaves her to it. Shay says to the caller: “I’m sorry I haven’t been in touch... I know – I got all distracted... But don’t worry. I know exactly what I’m doing here... I can’t talk right now. I’ll call you later.” Shay looks at the picture again, and then unfolds it. The person who has her arm around Shay in the photo is Terese! Shay smiles sadly, and glances around slyly before putting the photo away.

Later at the Lassiter's Complex, Lauren tells Terese that Josh has taken Doug home for a rest, as he was tired after his trip from Darwin. Terese suggests that Amber could bring Matilda over to see Doug tomorrow, and Lauren tells her she’ll suggest it. Lauren then comments that she thinks Josh is struggling with the baby. Terese takes this personally, and tells Lauren that she hasn’t noticed anything. Lauren says, “Yeah, well I see him a lot at our house. I’ve noticed it. I’m not sure if it’s just him coming to terms with being a father, or the situation with me and Brad...” Terese sternly tells Lauren that there is no situation. Brad made a decision and the kids are happy to have him home, including Josh. Lauren asks Terese if that is what Brad told her, that it was his decision. Terese asks Lauren what she is suggesting, and Lauren quickly tries to defuse the situation by telling Terese that it doesn’t matter whose decision it was. However, Terese declares that it matters to her, so Lauren says, “Look, Terese, I know you’re really vulnerable at the moment…” “Don’t tell me how I am feeling! You have no idea how I’m feeling!” is Terese’s angry reply. Terese then gets in her car and Lauren asks if she is OK to drive. Terese angrily tells Lauren to stop talking to her, and Lauren watches as Terese speeds off.


At the hospital, Toadie and Paul observe as Karl examines Steph. She seems better than earlier but still spaced out. Karl tells Steph that her blood pressure’s high, and that her episode could have been caused by a chemical imbalance due to stress or stopping her medication. Steph insists she wouldn’t do that, and Toadie reassures her that they know that. Karl asks Steph if the doctor changed her medication when he checked her dosage, but Steph doesn’t think so. Paul listens with interest. Karl proposes that they keep Steph in overnight, take some blood and run some tests. But Steph is keen to go back to Bendigo to see her doctor there, explaining that she’d feel more comfortable being with him now. Toadie says it’s late and that maybe they could go in the morning. But Paul steps up and offers to drive Steph to Bendigo, claiming he feels responsible for her episode, having given her the job at The Waterhole. Steph says she’ll go with him; the sooner she gets to see her doctor, the better. Paul smirks and says they can go now.

At the Turner house, Paige fiddles with the commitment ring, while angsting to Lauren about her relationship with Mark. Paige admits that she loves him and doesn’t want to be with anyone else. Paige also states that he keeps her grounded and rattles off other good qualities Mark has but adds that, sometimes, she wonders if safety is really what she wants right now. Lauren advises Paige that she doesn’t want to make a commitment ‘like this’ and realise it was a big mistake later, so urges Paige to take her time to think about it. Mark then turns up, and Lauren goes back to work, leaving them to talk. Paige says she has something to say, but Mark interrupts, apologising for taking off earlier. Paige tells him: “I just figured that you were still upset with me. I know you really wanted us to be pregnant...” Mark insists that it wasn’t about that. He got a call informing him that Dimato had broken the conditions of his parole. “Dimato’s out?! Is this why you’ve been so weird about my whereabouts? Mark, why didn’t you just say something to me?” Mark tells Paige that he’s been waiting for more info and didn’t want to worry her, but Paige is now worried that Dimato will come after her. Mark insists he won’t let anything happen to her.


On a road somewhere, Paul is driving a subdued Steph towards Bendigo, and asks her if everything’s alright. Steph admits that she’s still not feeling great. Paul tells her he’s getting her back to Bendigo so Dr Betelman can treat her properly. Steph asks Paul how he knows the name of her doctor. Paul reminds Steph that she told him before, but she isn't convinced.

Karl enters Harold’s, and Lauren asks how Ben is faring. Karl says, “Well, his injuries aren’t giving him as much grief as his mother!” Karl adds that Ben’s court date hasn’t been set yet. Lauren takes a phone call from someone on her mobile. She says: "Hiya, how are you going?... Er, no... Are you sure?"


Back at the Turner house, Mark asks Paige what she wanted to talk about. She clams up, but Mark reminds her that they said they’d be honest with each other. Paige says, “Yeah. You know over the past few weeks, it’s clear that we want different things… And you know, I don’t want to have any regrets in my life. But I mean, there’s so much that I still want to do, and I guess I’m just scared that I’m not gonna get them done, and…” “Paige, are you saying what I think you’re saying?” is Mark’s reply. Mark has noticed Paige fiddling with the ring that Doug gave her, and asks if she wants to get married. Paige, a little lost for words, tells Mark that she wants them to be together so tells him that she does want to get married. Mark is speechless so Paige asks again if he wants to marry her and Mark happily agrees. They both laugh and hug. Paige happily announces: “We’re getting married!”

Back at Harold’s, Lauren tells Karl that it was Mai Ling on the phone. Apparently, Lou was supposed to visit her but never showed up – he’s not answering his phone and no-one’s seen him. “Dad’s missing!” she declares.


At The Waterhole, Aaron is quizzing Toadie about what Karl thinks caused Steph’s relapse. Toadie explains that the most likely cause would be the wrong dosage or type of medication. Aaron enquires if that's possible. Toadie admits that it's highly unlikely as she’s just had her meds checked by a doctor but he supposes anything is possible. Aaron asks if Steph is still at the hospital, and looks very worried as he hears that Paul is driving her to Bendigo. Toadie is about to go to the bar for more drinks, and Aaron asks if he can borrow his phone, claiming he left his at home. Toadie hands it over and goes to the bar. Aaron starts typing a text…

Paul and Steph are still driving. Paul offers Steph some water but she tells him that she’s fine. Steph receives a text supposedly from Toadie, warning her that Paul has switched her medication. She looks at Paul warily.


Back at The Waterhole, Aaron deletes the message he’s just sent from Toadie’s sent messages folder, then gives the phone back to him as he returns to the table with more beers. Toadie asks Aaron if everything is ok. Aaron tells Toadie that everything is fine, but he looks shifty.

Paul and Steph’s journey continues, and Steph asks why he offered to drive her. “You don’t remember?” is Paul’s response. Steph tells Paul that he’s never done anything for anyone without there being something in it for himself. At that moment, another car speeds towards them on the wrong side of the road! Paul is forced to swerve, and their car plunges into a ditch. The other car backs up, but straight into a post, causing a smashing sound. In Paul’s car, both Paul and Steph are unconscious, and a tree has fallen through the front windscreen. We appear to see from the other driver’s point of view, as they examine the wreckage, before climbing back into their own car and driving away.



Later, Paul wakes up, and is horrified to find a sharp branch from the fallen tree poking into his chest. He’s relieved to see Steph awake too, but she’s just staring at him very oddly. Paul says, “Steph, help me, will you? I can’t breathe. Steph?” She remains silent. Paul continues: “Steph? Steph, please help me. Come on!” Steph just holds a bag of pills in front of him and says: “Look what I found. Funny, these pills are identical to my medication!” She hits him with the bag of pills, and asks him what he was doing with them. Paul pleads with Steph to help him but instead, Steph pushes the branch further into Paul’s chest, causing him to cry out in pain. Steph demands that he start talking, and then she will decide what she’s going to do! Paul looks terrified and continues to cry out in pain. “TALK!!” is Steph’s response.

Featured Regular Characters: Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy, Paul Robinson, Lauren Turner, Terese Willis, Josh Willis, Toadfish Rebecchi, Sonya Rebecchi, Steph Scully, Kyle Canning, Paige Smith, Mark Brennan, Aaron Brennan

Guest Cast: Terence Donovan as Doug Willis, Yasmin Kassim as Shay Daeng, Eloise Smibert as Matilda Turner

Trivia Notes
• Terence Donovan returns as Doug Willis for another two-week stint
• Past characters Ling Mai Chan and Pam Willis are mentioned. Libby Kennedy is also referenced, though not by name
• This episode was originally intended as an end-of-year cliffhanger for UK viewers, but it was later decided that episodes would run for another two weeks, to allow the show to return in 2016 with same-day broadcasts in Australia and the UK

Summary by Kyle

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