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Magic Moments > 2015 > Lou's Return Episode 7261

Written by Kate Bradley, Directed by Scott Major, Produced by Jason Herbison

Channel Eleven: 23/11/15, Channel 5: 07/12/15

Lauren discovering that Lou has gone missing... Paul helping a disorientated Steph... Steph deciding she wants to be checked out by her own doctor in Bendigo... Paul volunteering to drive Steph to Bendigo... Terese telling Lauren off... Paul swerves to avoid another car and crashes... A mystery car pulling away after the accident... Steph discovering Paul’s interfered with her meds...

Paul begs Steph for help but she wants answers; first beginning with the meds she found in his pocket but he tries to say she is simply confused and asks instead if she remembers about not being well Steph turns her head away from Paul and starts talking to ‘someone’. “Why do you think he has them?” Paul asks Steph who she is talking to. “Do you think it’s a trick?” Steph then acts as if she’s heard a reply. “Oh! A game!” Again, Steph acts as if she’s heard a reply and turns towards Paul. “Ooh, I know he’s definitely up to something”. Paul begins to look worried and says anxiously, “Steph, you’ve got to call for an ambulance...” “Ah, you just have to tell us the truth Paul. Come on or we’re going to be here for a very, very long time” is Steph’s reply, she then turns back and addresses ‘someone’ - “Aren’t we!”




At the Turner house, Amber reassures her mum that Lou will be fine as they return home. While Amber heads to put Matilda down, Lauren enters a darkened kitchen but when she switches the lights on, she discovers Lou! She’s mightily relived to see him and he explains why he’s had to keep a low profile. “I’m on the run!” he announces.

At Harold's Cafe, Mark and Paige celebrate their engagement by sharing a cake with each other and discussing when to let her family in on the good news. Tyler arrives to finally catch up with his brother, who'd been trying to get in touch with him. Mark can’t wait to show off the ring and announces that they're getting married. Tyler is lost for words and eventually gets out a “congratulations” before being filled in on the reason why they were trying to get hold of him; it was to tell him about Dimato breaking his parole conditions. Mark leaves them to go to the station to see if there’s been any news on Dimato and when he leaves, Tyler can’t resist a dig at Paige by asking if she is now ready to get married.


At The Waterhole, Brad apologises to Terese for not being around for Doug’s arrival, and tells her that while he was away he did a lot of thinking and that he wants to be there for her and the kids. Terese asks Brad if that is what he wants or is if he's just saying that because Lauren ended their relationship. Brad informs Terese that he made the decision to move home before that. Terese gets Brad to confirm that Lauren ended the relationship - he admits that it was Lauren’s call and that he didn’t say anything to her because he didn’t want her to doubt his sincerity. Brad says to Terese, “Look I’m not suggesting you and I are just going to click our fingers and get back together, I’m not even sure that’s what you want after everything that’s happened...” Terese asks what Brad wants. He explains that all he knows is that he cares about her and their kids very much. Meanwhile, on the other side of the bar, Aaron wants Toadie to check that Paul and Steph have reached Bendigo and Toadie wants to know why he’s been acting weird all night. Aaron decides to come clean to Toadie: “Steph’s theory that she’s been set up, she was right. Paul’s been trying to send her over the edge.”

Back at the crash site, Paul's phone starts to ring - Steph tells him that it's Toadie, adding that it's a pity he can't answer. Paul begs her to call an ambulance but Steph’s response is that he doesn’t need one and until she knows the truth nothing will be called. Eventually Paul gives in and tells her about talking to a nurse from the hospital in Bendigo who told him to keep an eye on her around Jimmy because she thought Steph would take him just like she did to Patrick. “What else did you do?” Steph says and Paul admits to paying to get copies of her psych records, hence knowing about Greensleeves, and that the call from Charlie wasn’t really from him, as well as the dodgy customer at the garage. Steph tells Paul that he made her think she was losing it. Paul admits that was the plan. “And then when none of that worked, you messed with my meds so I really would get sick again?” Steph says. Again Paul pleads for her to get him medical attention and she informs him that she isn't crazy… “Because whatever you gave me wore off.” He now realises that he's been had and Steph confirms that she called 000 ages ago so they are on their way… and that she recorded his entire confession on her phone! Steph adds: “And when people find out you’ve been messing with a psych patient that’s when your nightmares will really begin”.


At number 32, Lou is explaining to Lauren and Amber how he ended up disappearing, he got into partnership with someone to make a quick buck packing Buddha statues to take into Thailand, when he discovered they were full of a white powder after accidentally breaking one of them. He twigged they were planning on using him as a drug mule so dumped the lot and flew home to Australia. Lou adds that they are probably after payback for the money they lost and doesn’t want to go to the police in case his location is revealed to them. Lou declares: “My life depends on you two not saying anything!”

At the Willis house, Brad finally reconnects with his dad after arriving home and Terese leaves them to it, heading to bed as it’s been a long day. Doug explains to Brad about the photos and mementoes he sees on the table, that he plans to give away before his mind goes completel. He hands Brad a watch that Pam gave to him when they were first married with a sentimental message. Doug says, “It might help you remember what’s important. Terese is a good woman and you don’t know how lucky you were. Lauren’s a lovely girl but she’s never going to be the one for you. You’ve still got time to make things right.” At the top of the stairs, Terese has heard everything her father-in-law has said to her husband.


Paige is surprised to see Amber arrive at Harold’s and she offers a cryptic message about why she’s out of the house, before adding that their mum will explain more when she gets home. As they chat about doughnuts, Paige tells her sister about the engagement. Amber is quite shocked at the news, admitting that she didn’t see it coming. “Me neither,” says Paige and admits that at the time she thought they were actually breaking up but thinks this is a chance for them now to make a big commitment together. Amber says, “Yes Paige, this definitely is a big commitment!” Paige tells Amber that she loves him and that is what matters but the false smile on her face suggests that perhaps might not be the case!

At the hospital, Aaron and Toadie arrive to check on Steph and she confirms to them that she’s got a slight concussion and some whiplash but reassures them that she will be okay. Toadie asks Aaron to tell her what Paul was doing to her, but as he goes to tell her, she finishes off his sentence, which puzzles Toadie so she tells them about squeezing the truth from Paul as they were waiting for the ambulance. Steph tells Toadie that she wouldn’t have known a thing if he hadn’t sent the text message. “What text?” Toadie says with confusion. Aaron confesses that he sent the text from Toadie's phone and proceeds to admit he knew what Paul was up to - Toadie wants her to call the police as he’s an accessory adding that Paul could go away for a long time. Steph tells Toadie that she is going to deal with the whole situation her own way.


Mark returns to Harold’s and after telling Paige that she should really keep the door locked if she’s working alone, decides that he perhaps pre-empted things earlier when he shouldn’t have. He sits Paige down and on bended knee using the key ring that contains the key to his Dr Who memorabilia cupboard (so she knows how important this is to him) Mark says to her: “Paige, I know that we are at very different stages of our lives. I know that there's still a lot you want to do, let's to it together! I promise to take care of you and keep you safe. Paige Smith, will you marry me?” “Yes!” is Paige’s response. Mark then puts the ‘ring’ onto her finger before they start kissing.

Back at the hospital, Steph pays Paul a visit in his room to check how he is. He tells her that he’s got a mild concussion and some bruised ribs, and adds that he's lucky! He wants to cut to the chase as they’ve some serious things to discuss and warns her off taking the recording to the press because journalists don’t scare him. “I'm aware of that,” Steph says and concedes that, in his own twisted way, he was looking out for Jimmy but reaffirms that she’d never do anything to hurt him. Steph admits to Paul that all she wants is to be better so she can have Charlie back in her life and maybe one day Adam aswell. Paul asks Steph what she is going to tell her doctor. Steph tells him that she is going to tell him that she messed up her medication. Paul then asks about the police. Steph remarks that she is not going to tell them anything, she wants to stay in Erinsborough and she wants him to make it happen. Paul asks Steph how. Steph says: “Well you can give me back my job at The Waterhole, you can write me a glowing reference to the hospital and you stop talking about me, ruining my reputation. And if you think you can manage that, then I won't tell anyone what you did including Amy and Jimmy.” Paul seems surprised at her deal but agrees to it and they shake on it.


The following day at Harold's, “Its official,” Mark declares while he and Paige both hold up their rings to show Lauren and Brad. Moments later the congratulations flow in from them. “So you decided to hold onto him,” Doug interjects and Paige confirms that she did. Brad heads up to the counter to get the celebratory coffees and admits to Lauren that the news is a bit of a shock, to which Lauren agrees. She apologises to him for putting her foot in it with Terese but he’s okay as it's better they are honest about everything. Doug comes over to ask to see the wooden carving that Brad did, which Lauren now holds - Josh told him about it and he wants to see it. “Sure, coming right up,” Lauren replies then ducks into the kitchen to get it.

At number 22, Terese is staring at a family photo when Doug arrives home with the carving and is curious to know how long it took Brad to make it. She isn't sure and takes it from Doug knowing the perfect place for it – the middle of the kitchen table. Doug then heads off to pay someone else a visit.


At number 32, Lou offers Paige his congratulations on hearing the good news. Amber jokes with her sister that she too is fine with the news “as long as I'm not the one getting married!” she says and accepts the invitation to be bridesmaid. Doug arrives to catch up with Lou and to celebrate the news. As Doug and Lou head over to make a cuppa, Paige admits she thinks Lou got the wrong end of the stick about this whole whole drugs ring he's caught up in.

At the Lassister’s complex, Mark is trying to talk to his brothers about his engagement and neither exactly look interested. Tyler just wants to make sure they aren't rushing into it while Aaron admits he’s got other things on his mind. Mark acknowledges that Paige is younger but they have been through a lot together. “And she still wants to marry you!” Aaron says. Mark invites them both to be his best men and they readily agree. Meanwhile, Lauren is out clearing up tables and at one, a customer asks if she’s Lou’s daughter. She says that she is and he explains that he’s an old friend from Cambodia, looking to get in touch, and wants to know where he is. Lauren replies to the man that Lou isn't back from overseas yet and as he is about leave, she asks for his name so she can let Lou know when she’s next talking to him, but he refuses to give it, citing that he wants to keep it a surprise.


Brad arrives back at number 22 and on seeing the carving, admits to Terese that he didn’t think Doug was bringing it home. Terese says that she’s fine with it and adds that she’s sorry he felt like he had to throw it out and now understands that she should have realised how important woodwork was to him: a connection with Doug. Brad admits that he now wishes he could have spent more time with his dad when he lived at home, instead of taking off to go surfing. Terese says, “Hindsight is an amazing thing. I'm sorry for all the fights we had, all the things that I accused you of...” Brad reassures Terese by telling her that she wasn’t wrong about some of them. Terese says that he owned up to his mistakes and she needs to own some of hers. Brad reminds Terese that neither of them are perfect and Terese agrees. She starts to get emotional, and Brad reassures her it will all be okay, but Terese disagrees and says: “No it’s not. Having you move back here, having Doug here, I'm remembering what's important and I haven’t always done that” Brad pulls his wife in for a comforting hug. “I miss us. Don’t you wish we could go back?” says an emotional Terese.

Featured Regular Characters: Paul Robinson, Toadfish Rebecchi, Steph Scully, Brad Willis, Terese Willis, Lauren Turner, Amber Turner, Paige Smith, Mark Brennan, Tyler Brennan, Aaron Brennan

Guest Cast: Terence Donovan as Doug Willis, Tom Oliver as Lou Carpenter, Eloise Smibert as Stanley Neve

Trivia Notes
• Tom Oliver returns as Lou Carpenter for the first of several short stints
• The engraving on the watch says: 'Every moment without you is a moment of time lost. Love always Pamela'
• Past characters Charlie Hoyland, Patrick Villante and baby Adam are mentioned

Summary by Kyle