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Magic Moments > 2016 > Elly's Return Episode 7411

Written by Sarah Walker, Directed by Jean-Pierre Mignon, Produced by Natalie Lynch

Channel Eleven: 18/07/16, Channel 5: 18/07/16

Sheila and Piper are confused after Xanthe buys a $600 dress; she admits she took money from Gary's cash jar to pay for it... Xanthe tells Piper that she needs to convince her mum about Tyler... Madison assures Tyler that taking Piper to the formal needn't be complicated... Tyler asks Piper to the formal on the proviso that Terese gives her blessing, which she later does... Terese is upset after watching a video Piper made to Tyler...

At Lassiters lake, Terese is showing the intimate video Piper made for Tyler to Brad, upset that she agreed to let her and Tyler go to the formal together. Brad tells her that they can't keep changing their mind about Piper and Tyler as it's bad parenting, but Terese thinks that it would be even worse parenting to let them go to the formal together as a couple. To help placate Terese, Brad agrees to keep an eye on them at the formal and reluctantly Terese agrees to this. As she leaves, she warns Brad that after tonight, Tyler will no longer be a part of their daughter's life.


Formal preparations are underway as Piper makes her way down the stairs at no. 22 wearing a black dress complete with pink wig. Madison tells her that she looks amazing as she starts to take photos; Piper is more concerned about her phone as she can't find it.

Tyler is also getting ready at no. 24 and assures Mark that he won't be doing anything untoward with Piper, although he becomes worried that she may have other intentions. Despite his worries, Mark tells Tyler that he needs to be on his best behaviour regardless of what Piper wants, as he made a promise to Terese.


At no. 28, Ben is suited and ready to head to the formal as Susan reads him through the rules of the night Ben assures her that he will not be doing anything to cause concern. Susan is curious and asks Ben if he is going to the formal with Xanthe as a couple. He tells her that he and Xanthe are not a couple just yet but is hoping that by the end of the night they might be. Considering their previous scrapes, Susan is wary and informs Ben that she isn't overly thrilled about he and Xanthe being a couple; she decides not to say any more about it and instead wishes Ben a good night.

Outside no. 26 Gary and Sheila are awaiting Xanthe's arrival - she comes outside wearing a full-length dress. Taken aback, Gary tells his daughter that she looks beautiful. Ben and Susan make their way over and compliment Xanthe on her outfit. As photos are taken of the happy couple a gold stretch limo turns into Ramsay Street, heading to no. 26 to pick up Ben and Xanthe. Ben announces that he has organized and paid for the limo for one hour, which leaves Xanthe looking amazed and excited. Gary, Sheila and Susan take further photos of Ben and Xanthe as they head into the limo for their night at the formal.


The limousine heads through the Melbourne streets as Ben and Xanthe take photos and drink champagne, looking excited at the formal ahead of them.

Back at no. 22, Tyler has arrived and compliments Piper on her outfit, however she thinks that her clothing choice might be a little bit too outlandish for the event. Tyler disagrees and tells her she looks fine and not to worry; he has other concerns and talks to Piper about her plans for the evening. She tells him that tonight will be the night when they become a couple; the implication of this suggestion weighs heavily on Tyler as he tells Piper that this plan contradicts the assurances they gave to Terese earlier. Piper assures Tyler that Terese is just trying to protect her innocence, and that once they consummate their relationship there will be no innocence left to protect, and therefore Terese will allow their relationship to continue. Unsure of the plan, Tyler tells Piper that Brad will be there to keep a watch over them, but Piper tells Tyler to use his imagination as there are plenty of places to sneak off to. At this suggestion, Terese suddenly storms over from the kitchen, having been waiting in the laundry and listening to them, furious at the conversation she has just heard. After the video she watched earlier and Piper's suggestive comments to Tyler, Terese tells a shocked Piper that she and Tyler will not be going to the formal together under any circumstances.



At the Lassiters complex, a yellow car up and a mysterious woman gets out. She begins her walk over to the complex but is stopped by Mark, who tells her that the parking bays are reserved for the limousines arriving for the formal and she needs to move her car. The woman suggests that they could just move the signs so that the limos can park elsewhere in the car park and Mark softens, agreeing to her request. She informs Mark that she has lived in Erinsborough before and asks him to point her in the direction of the pub, the complex having changed since she was last here. Mark points her in the direction of the Waterhole but warns her that she may want to have a drink elsewhere due to the formal taking place. She thanks him and walks off, with Mark looking slightly taken aback as she goes.

Embarrassed by her mum's reaction earlier, Piper tells Terese that she has ruined her life and is a deluded cow for thinking that a temporary ban can stop her from seeing Tyler. After talking to Tyler and hearing the argument from outside, Ben and Xanthe arrive at no. 22 and inform Piper that the limo's time is almost up and she should come with them to the formal. To their surprise she agrees to their request. On her way out of the house a devastated Piper tells Terese that she doesn't want to spend a minute longer in her company after what happened earlier.


Susan is handing out wristbands to students at the formal, allowing them to use the toilet at the Waterhole. Also at the Waterhole is Tyler, upset at what happened with Terese earlier. He is talking to Mark and tells him that he's angry Brad and Terese think that he's some kind of sleaze even though he was the one trying to be cautious about his and Piper's growing relationship. Tyler informs an unhappy Mark about Piper's plans to go behind Brad and Terese's back to consummate their relationship at the formal, telling Mark that he was trying to let Piper down gently before Terese walked in making wild accusations. Mark asks Tyler to get them a table so they can chat some more, telling him that he needs to try and be discreet considering the formal is taking place at the lake next to the pub.

Madison is setting up her camera at the lake as Sheila starts reminiscing about her own formals, she then invites Madison to start taking some photos of her doing the twist!


Back at the Waterhole, Brad is upset as he sees Tyler sitting at one of the tables - he goes over and tells Tyler that he shouldn't be anywhere near the event. Mark defends his brother and tells Brad that Tyler isn't actually at the formal and he has every right to have a drink. He also tells Brad that he isn't happy with the way he and Terese are treating Tyler, thinking that he is someone who can't be trusted when he hasn't done anything wrong. As Brad continues to berate Tyler, Piper walks into the Waterhole. After seeing her father with Tyler, she quickly grabs a wristband and leaves, ignoring Brad's calls for her to wait so he can speak to her.

Brad is now over at the lake looking for Piper, he runs into Madison and Susan and asks them if they have seen her. They tell him that they haven't. Brad informs them that this is the last thing he needs as he is supposed to be helping organise the running of the event, not searching for his daughter. Susan mentions to Brad that their new English teacher has arrived, but upon seeing how stressed Brad is tells him that introductions can be made later. Meanwhile, worried about Piper, Xanthe starts to talk to Ben about her and what they can do to help. He tells her that she can't let Piper and Tyler's problems ruin their big night and Xanthe agrees, asking Ben whether he is ready to go for a dance. They head up to the marquee and start dancing, whilst also making eye contact with fellow students Alison and Cooper, who have decided to spike the punch. Ben and Xanthe are becoming intimate on the dancefloor but just as they are about to share a kiss, Piper storms over, telling them about some 'skank' that Tyler is talking to back at the Waterhole. Xanthe vainly tries to indicate that she is sharing a moment with Ben, but Piper is adamant that she needs her help; she can't see him herself so asks Xanthe to interrupt Tyler and this 'skank' before she gets her claws into him. Ben is annoyed as Xanthe leaves with Piper.


It's revealed that the mysterious woman from earlier is the one chatting with Tyler at the Waterhole. They are becoming very intimate as the woman starts playing with Tyler's tie and asking him to buy her another martini. Xanthe interrupts them and tells Tyler that he has to leave as he is upsetting Piper, although he is confused by this remark as he assumes Piper is at the formal, unaware that she is lurking at the Waterhole spying on him. As the situation becomes awkward Tyler tells the woman that he should leave; she stops him and places a hand on his chest, telling him to stay. At this Piper storms over, ordering the woman to get off her boyfriend and pouring a pitcher of drink over her, which inadvertently spills on to Xanthe's dress. Piper looks astonished at what she has just done.

At the Lassiters lake the students are still having fun at the dance.


Meanwhile, back at the Waterhole the woman is unable to go to the toilets to dry herself off as there is a long queue of students, so instead Tyler offers his jacket for her to wear. She is forced to take her shirt off in the pub and Tyler protects her modesty with the jacket - the woman asks Tyler if he and 'Hannah Montana' have broken up, and then suggests a nightcap at her place. Despite her offer Tyler tells her that he doesn't think that would be a good idea, and the woman jokes that he obviously needs to get his eyes checked as he doesn't know what he's missing out on. Just then Susan walks into the Waterhole and joins them; it appears that Susan knows the mystery woman and informs her that Piper is willing to apologise for her behaviour earlier.

Sheila is desperately trying to clean the stains off Xanthe's dress at the marquee without success - she tells her that it would be better if she took the dress off, but Xanthe is adamant it should stay on, otherwise the night will be over. Trying to cheer her up, Sheila assures Xanthe that at least it wasn't the $600 dress, but this seems to make Xanthe even more upset. Ben takes Sheila's place as she goes to get more water; Xanthe admits to Ben that she did pay $600 for this dress using her dad's tutoring money. She was going to return it to the shop but informs him that she can't do that now due to the stains on it, telling Ben she only bought the dress so he could see how amazing she looked. As she turns to leave Ben pulls her back, telling Xanthe that a dress makes no difference to how he feels about her. He pulls her in for a kiss as Madison takes photos of them.


At the Waterhole, Brad and Terese are admonishing Piper for her behaviour earlier, but she is adamant that she has done nothing wrong, angrily telling them that going through her phone is an invasion of privacy. She storms off without listening to what else her parents have to say.

On her way back to the formal, Piper bumps into Tyler at the lake. She apologises for throwing the drink earlier but tries to get Tyler to understand how difficult it was for her to see him with another woman. A sudden realisation comes to Tyler; he tells Piper that her behaviour earlier suggests to him that she is not mature enough to handle a grown-up relationship - he has wrongly assumed that she is more adult than she actually is and throwing the drink over the mystery woman earlier reinforces that. He confesses to a shattered Piper that whatever they had is over and they can't be together, and the sooner she faces that the better for them both.



At no. 28, the formal is over as Ben regales Susan with stories of the night. Susan is about to bring up the topic of Xanthe but Ben is relieved to hear a knock at the door. It's Brad with Piper. Piper apologises to Susan for disrupting the formal, however she refuses to say sorry for stopping 'that skanky hoe' from coming on to Tyler. At that moment the mystery woman from earlier exits the bedroom and walks into the living room, leaving Piper confused at her presence in the Kennedy house. She asks Susan why this woman is in her house, and Susan replies that the woman is in fact her niece Elly Conway. She then breaks further bad news by telling Piper that not only is Elly staying with them at no. 28 but she is also her new English teacher at Erinsborough High.

Featured Regular Characters: Susan Kennedy, Ben Kirk, Terese Willis, Brad Willis, Piper Willis, Mark Brennan, Tyler Brennan, Sheila Canning, Xanthe Canning

Guest Cast: Damien Richardson as Gary Canning, Jodi Anasta as Elly Conway, Sarah Ellen as Madison Robinson, Madeleine Andreopoulos as Alison Gore, Jon Bryden as Wayne Baxter, Charlie Hannaford as Cooper Knights,

Trivia Notes
Jodi Anasta (later credited as Jodi Gordon) takes over the role of Elly Conway from Kendell Nunn, who previously played Elly between 2001 and 2002

Summary by Michael

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