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Madison [Maddie] Robinson 2016
Born: 1995
Parents: Scott and Charlene Robinson
Siblings: Daniel
Family Tree: Robinson and Ramsay/Mitchell
Occupation: Trainee Journalist, Cadet at West Waratah Star Newspaper

Born in Brisbane in 1995, Madison was the second child of the magical Robinson / Ramsay union; Scott and Charlene. Madison grew up surrounded by extended family, and the first few months of her life also had her grandmother Madge close at hand.

Fashionable and forthright Madison paid her first visit to Erinsborough at the age of 17 - her big brother Daniel had already been living there for a couple of years, and had become engaged for the second time, so Scott and Charlene were concerned that he was making a mistake. Madison turned up to investigate, but when there was no answer at 24 Ramsay Street - where Daniel had been living - she tried to get in through an open window, only to be spotted by her brother, who rushed up to stop her. She reacted by punching him, Daniel was surprised to find Madison standing in front of him. After establishing why she was in town, he introduced her to his fiancee, Imogen, explaining that they were getting married as she'd been offered a job in the USA, and it was the only way that he could go with her. Madison agreed to try and talk to their disapproving parents about the situation, and she also had to agree to keep the whole thing a secret from Imogen's family - Imogen's twin brother Josh and grandfather Doug had both recently been killed in an explosion at Lassiter's hotel, and she didn't feel that it would be appropriate to make a big fuss about the wedding in the circumstances.

As the big day arrived, Imogen's parents Brad and Terese were tipped off when some flowers arrived at the house, and they managed to get Madison to tell them where the wedding was happening. They arrived just in time, and persuaded Daniel and Imogen to have a wedding at home, so that their family and friends could be there.

As the happy couple set off for a new life in the USA, via a quick stop to see Daniel's family in Brisbane, Madison decided to stick around for a little longer. Having enjoyed seeing where her parents had once lived, and having established friendships with a couple of the younger Ramsay Street residents, Madison regretted that she'd been unable to speak to her Uncle Paul, who'd been struggling as he'd been accused of causing the Lassiter's explosion and was unable to prove his innocence. When Madision tracked him down at Robinsons, the motel he owned, she made it clear that she believed in him, reminding him of a business trip he'd paid to Brisbane, when he'd taken Scott, Charlene and the kids out for dinner, and had told one of the waiters that Madison was going to be the next Ita Buttrose. From that point on, Paul and Ita had both been heroes for Madison, and she refused to lose faith in one of her heroes, telling Paul to continue looking at the evidence and get to the truth somehow. She then headed back home to Brisbane, but told Paul that she'd liked what she'd seen of Erinsborough and would be back one day.

Soon after, Paul found himself with a prison sentence of 18 years for the hotel explosion, but within weeks, it was revealed that hotel owner Julie Quill was actually reponsible, part of an insurance job gone wrong. Paul was immediately released from prison, and set his sights on revenge - the first part of his plan being to get back his half of Robinsons Motel. After agreeing to an interview with a cadet from the West Waratah Star, he managed to log-in and change the article to something far more inflammatory. Newspaper editor Penny Telford agreed to a settlement of $50,000, and also to Paul's suggestion that he find a new cadet for her, and he then called in Madison. She was delighted to take up the job, and arrived in Erinsborough the next day. Paul soon suggested that she should write an article about the people of Erinsborough, but again he had an ulterior motive as he suggested the various locals that she should profile in the piece. As Madison prepared to send off the article to Penny, Paul managed to get some time alone on her laptop and edited several of the pieces, so that the people who'd stood by him in recent weeks were given glowing praise, whilst those he felt had betrayed him - such as Brad, Terese, Mark and Sheila - received complete character assassinations.

Trivia Notes
Sarah Ellen was credited as Madison for episode 7361, but did not appear

7350, 7351, 7352, 7353, 7395, 7396, 7397, 7400

Biography by David