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Magic Moments > 2016 > David's Arrival Episode 7458

Written by Sandy Webster, Directed by Tony Osicka, Produced by Natalie Lynch

Channel Eleven: 21/09/16, Channel 5: 21/09/16

Dustin agrees with Paige that Angelina doesn't want the fight to go ahead to save face... Angelina is knocked out by Paige at the boxing match and lies comatose... Karl reveals at the hospital that Angelina has a brain tumour... Lauren assures Paige that this wasn't her fault as Angelina's trainer was the one pushing her to fight... Guilty about what's happened, Paige turns to Jack for solace... Steph is unhappy and tells Mark that Max won't let Charlie come and stay with her anymore... Mark reveals to Sonya that he wants to be a parent... Later Sonya asks Susan about her experiences with surrogacy...

Heading into no. 28, Sonya reveals to Susan that she knows about her history acting as a surrogate for Libby and Dan. Susan is reluctant to talk about this and Sonya tells her the reason behind her probing Š telling her that there is a couple she knows who are struggling to conceive, and she's wondering if there is anything she can do for them. She then confesses to Susan that the couple in question are Steph and Mark, which leaves Susan surprised. She tells Sonya that despite her best intentions, acting as a surrogate for Steph and Mark is probably not a good idea.


As they settle down with cups of tea Susan apologises for her negative reaction to Sonya's suggestion, telling her that she is just worried that something could go wrong. Sonya assures Susan that it is just an idea at this stage; she divulges that she is concerned Mark and Steph's relationship could suffer due to their inability to conceive a child and she wants to do something to help. Reminiscing about her own experiences with Dan and Libby, Susan tells Sonya that she had a similar thought process, worried that Libby and Dan's struggles to have a baby could have a detrimental effect on their relationship. She confesses that the situation didn't end well after her MS symptoms flared up and she lost the baby, which created added strain on an already frayed and unhappy period in her life. Sonya apologises for raking up these difficult memories and Susan agrees that it took her a long time to get past it, which is part of her reason for wanting to caution Sonya about going through a similar process. She tells Sonya that despite her best intentions in wanting to help her friends, there is only one person she needs to speak to about this; Toadie.

A game of mini golf is underway at no. 32, as Toadie asks Piper what Lauren will be doing for her hen night. Piper tells him that she doesn't know as Toadie jokingly suggests that Karl might be available to play a few tunes! Brad is on the phone as the game continues; he's unhappy as he finishes his call, telling Toadie and Piper that his main sponsor for Blaze Outreach, a hardware store, has decided to pull out, citing the boxing match which injured Angelina as their primary reason for no longer sponsoring the program. The council will be putting the Blaze building's lease back up for tender and Brad is worried that without their biggest sponsor supporting them they may be unable to keep the place open.


At the hospital, Paige informs Lauren and Jack that Angelina is still in a coma. Paige starts to have flashbacks of the boxing match as Lauren tells Jack that Angelina's mum Rena is trying to remain strong for the rest of the family. As Lauren goes to get a coffee, Paige apologies to Jack for coming to the church to seek reassurance, but he tells her that she has nothing to apologise for as they are friends. He asks her if she wants to go home, but Paige tells him that she must remain at the hospital until Angelina regains consciousness, similar to her experience waiting for Jack to wake up. Jack mentions that Angelina's injuries are serious, but Paige is sure that she will get through them. Just then Karl arrives, gravely informing Paige and Jack that they have had to cancel the planned biopsy on Angelina as the tumour is in an inaccessible part of the brain and the procedure could cause irreparable damage if not performed correctly. Angry at the news, Paige tells Karl that they have to do something for Angelina to improve her condition, but he informs Paige that there are limits to what can be done.

Back at no. 28, Sonya thanks Susan for being so honest about her experiences of surrogacy. Susan assures Sonya that she is a generous and loving friend but warns her that a surrogacy requires more than just love and friendship to make it work, telling her that it needs planning and commitment and a united front from all parties, especially for Toadie who may be unsure about his wife carrying a child for someone else. After Susan's own experiences with Karl over the surrogacy, Sonya thinks it would be better to process the idea in her own mind before speaking to Toadie. Susan tells her not to leave it too long as Toadie will need time to process the idea, advising her that a surrogacy could bring up unresolved issues in her own relationship and test her marriage if she lets it fester.


Still unhappy at Karl's news about Angelina, Paige takes her frustration out on the hospital vending machine when it won't dispense her crisps. A man in the waiting area asks her if she is okay, and Paige sarcastically replies that she has never been better. She points out to the man that his bag is leaking, and he tells her that it's the miso soup that he has brought for his great grandmother in hospital, however she is currently asleep. Paige feels bad for shouting at the man and he asks her if she wants to talk about what's going on, telling her that it might be good to get things out in the open rather than bottling up her emotions.

At no. 32, Lauren tells Piper that she will probably not be having a hen's party, at which Piper starts ranting about gender issues surrounding brooding hens and hot bucks and the centuries old traditions of female bonding! As they go into the house, Brad bumps into them, telling Lauren and Piper that another sponsor has pulled out of his Blaze outreach program. Piper tells Brad that he needs to take control of the situation and contact the West Waratah Star, but he doesn't think that Tim Collins' editorial stance will be that sympathetic to his situation after what happened to Angelina. Just then Aaron comes over, telling Brad that by utilising his PR skills they can rebrand the outreach program, highlighting all the great things the program is doing via a charity auction. Brad is wary about this, advising Aaron that the last time he organised an event somebody ended up in a coma. Aaron looks guilty as Brad heads back inside.


Enjoying a bowl of miso soup together in the hospital canteen, the man from earlier, who has introduced himself as David, tells Paige that the doctors will explore every possible option to help Angelina, but she feels like they are giving up on her. Paige thanks David for listening and decides to get some fresh air. As she is about to go outside Karl comes into the waiting area to check on how Paige is doing, and David takes this moment to introduce himself properly. Paige is surprised to learn that David is actually Doctor David Tanka, a first-year resident from Westmead Hospital in Sydney. He tells Karl that he is visiting but then offers some advice regarding Angelina, informing Karl that his boss Dr. Adisa is a renowned neurosurgeon who may be able to help. She is currently in Melbourne for a work conference and is doing some experimental work in the field of brain tumours, which impresses Karl. He promises Paige and David that he will give Dr. Adisa a call straight away to see if she can offer some assistance, which pleases Paige.

Back at no.32, Brad is trying to come up with ideas to help the Blaze outreach program after the loss of the two sponsors but is struggling to balance the books. Piper angrily tells him that he should have accepted Aaron's help rather than cutting him off, as Aaron specialises in this area. Before things can get heated, Lauren implores Brad to go for a run to clear his head, and he agrees. As Brad leaves, Piper takes the opportunity to talk to Lauren about her hen's night, telling her that she can organise everything and make it a special night. With Amber in Brisbane and Paige at the hospital, Lauren is unsure whether a hen's night is necessary, but Piper tells her that she wants this opportunity to do something nice for Lauren as they are not especially close. Reluctantly Lauren accedes to Piper's badgering but warns her that there will be no pub crawls, veils, tiaras or family videos.


Outside Harold's, Mark is testing out a drone as Sonya comes over Š he tells her that it's CharlieÕs and he wanted to get it repaired as it was playing up. Charlie agreed that Mark could give the drone to Jimmy once it was fixed. After their conversation earlier about Charlie, Mark is apologetic, telling Sonya that he just wanted to get some things off his chest as he is going to miss Charlie now that Max won't let him stay over with Steph. Sonya looks solemn as Mark tells her that his sadness about Charlie leaving is only a fraction of what Steph must be feeling, and he heads off.

At the garage, Tyler is fixing Amy's ute as Aaron offloads after his conversation with Brad earlier. He wishes he had thought things through before offering his services but was concerned about the Blaze outreach program losing sponsors and suffering because of the boxing match. Tyler tells Aaron that he needs to think of some better ideas to put to Brad if he wasn't happy with the original ones, and after Tyler starts talking about Amy's car repairs Aaron hits on a brainwave.


Paige is still at the hospital as Karl enters the waiting room to give her news on Angelina. He tells her that the hospital has spoken to Dr. Adisa and she is going to pay them a visit to look at Angelina's scans and consult with the surgeons looking after her. Karl tells Paige that she shouldn't get her hopes up but intimates that it is good news.

Back at no. 32, Brad returns from his run; he admits to Lauren and Piper that he was unnecessarily harsh with Aaron earlier and shouldn't have taken his frustrations out on him. On cue, Aaron arrives. Before he can apologise Aaron jumps straight in and tells Brad that he has a new idea on how to reposition Blaze outreach, proposing that the program needs to expand into other areas such as computers, job hunting and vocational skills on top of the sports programs already being held. He believes that this could help the kids get back into studying or finding a job and would hopefully bring in enough interest to attract new sponsors. Tyler chips in that he could teach car mechanics whilst mentioning that Amy is interested in running a carpentry course. Lauren and Piper are also enthusiastic about the idea and talk about hospitality and video courses they could run. Excited by the idea proposed by Aaron, Brad tells him that it sounds great, but they will need to run it past Sonya first. They agree to meet up later to try and formalise a proper business plan and shake hands.


At Harold's, Amy is complaining to Jack about all the goings on at the Canning house, however despite this she tells Jack that she has no regrets about her and Jimmy staying there, understanding how lucky they are. Paige arrives to update Jack and Amy on the situation with Angelina but is doubly pleased to see David sitting at one of the tables and goes over to thank him for his help earlier. She tells David how grateful she is for his efforts in getting his boss Dr. Adisa to look at Angelina's case, revealing that Dr. Adisa is currently at the hospital going through Angelina's scans thanks to his recommendation. Paige then introduces David to Amy and Jack, telling them that David is both a doctor and an amazing cook. Jack looks put out by the attention Paige is giving David, his envy growing as Paige goes to make David a rocky road sundae with whipped cream as a thank you treat. He decides to stay at Harold's to keep an eye on Paige and her new friend David, under the proviso of continuing his chat with Amy. Taking a seat at the back of the cafe, Jack notices David and Paige sharing a smile and grimaces.

Sonya arrives at the law firm with Nell, to take Toadie home. Nell shows Toadie a picture that she drew at daycare, which depicts Sonya, Toadie, Nell, Steph and Charlie standing together. Noticing that Nell has drawn Steph with a sad face, Toadie mentions to Nell that Steph is sad because Charlie had to go away for a while as Sonya looks concerned. Before they can dwell on this further, Brad enters the law firm to pitch his and Aaron's Blaze outreach idea to Sonya. Despite her lack of enthusiasm Brad gives Sonya a quick overview of the plans he has in place to make Blaze a viable business. She tells him that the idea sounds good but for the council to approve the proposal the business needs to be profitable, which will be difficult to do without sponsors. Brad assures Sonya that he is going to try and find new sponsors to raise funds for a realistic bid and leaves. Despite the distraction of Brad and his proposal idea, Sonya's mind is once again drawn back to the situation with Steph, and she looks sadly at Nell's drawing.


Back at Harold's, Jack continues to glance over at Paige and David as Amy tries to distract him with talk of Gary and his pigeon. Noticing that he isn't listening to a word she says and is more interested in Paige and David's tete-a-tete, Amy informs Jack that he decided that he couldn't be with Paige and he needs to live with his choice; he can't keep second guessing his decision. Karl arrives at Harold's and heads straight over to Paige and David; he tells Paige that Dr Adisa has reviewed Angelina's PET and MRI scan results and she wants to go ahead with removing the brain tumour. Paige is delighted with the news, but Karl quickly bursts her bubble, telling her that Angelina's family have decided not to go ahead with the operation due to the risks involved. Shocked at this, Paige tells Karl and David that she will speak to Angelina's mother to ensure that the operation does go ahead, ignoring Jack's comment that the family's decision should be respected.


At no. 30, Toadie is finishing a call with Callum as Sonya goes to tuck Nell into bed. She comes back into the living room area as Toadie finishes the call. He tells Sonya that Callum is in a good place in his life, to which Sonya replies that soon Nell will be out in the world too living her life as well. The conversation then moves on to Steph; Toadie mentions that she was happy to be included in Nell's family picture despite the difficult situation with Charlie. He tells Sonya that they will need to keep an eye on Steph to make sure that she is okay, and this allows Sonya to bring to the fore what has been on her mind all day. She asks Toadie if he will promise not to overreact if she asks him something, but Toadie is already overreacting and asks Sonya to cut to the chase. Sonya asks Toadie how he would feel if she became a surrogate for Mark and Steph, carrying their baby for them. Toadie looks stunned as he tries to fathom a response.

Featured Regular Characters: Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Toadie Rebecchi, Sonya Rebecchi, Nell Rebecchi, Brad Willis, Piper Willis, Lauren Turner, Paige Smith, Jack Callahan, Aaron Brennan, Mark Brennan, Amy Williams

Guest Cast: Takaya Honda as David Tanaka

Trivia Notes
• First appearance of Takaya Honda as David Tanaka
• David's first words are "Um, are you ok?"
• Past characters Callum Rebecchi, Max Hoyland, Amber Turner, Libby Kennedy and Daniel Fitzgerald are mentioned

Summary by Michael

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