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Magic Moments > 2016 > Leo's Arrival Episode 7459

Written by Sue Hore, Directed by Tony Osicka, Produced by Natalie Lynch

Channel Eleven: 22/09/16, Channel 5: 22/09/16

Brad is pleased with Aaron's proposal to rebrand Blaze as a youth skills centre... Karl is introduced to Doctor David Tanaka... David tells Paige that his boss Dr. Adisa might be interested in Angelina's case... Karl informs Paige and David that Angelina's family have decided not to go ahead with the operation... An unhappy Paige tells Karl that she will talk to Angelina's mum... Mark confesses to Sonya that he feels something is missing without a child... Wary about the effect surrogacy had on her, Susan is unable to recommend this course of action to Sonya... Toadie is stunned as Sonya puts her idea of carrying a child for Mark and Sonya to him...

At no. 32, Toadie is still in shock after Sonya's revelation and asks her if Mark and Steph have been pressuring her into carrying a child for them. Sonya dismisses this, telling Toadie that she hasn't yet spoken to them about her idea. She talks about her chat with Mark and how he desperately wants a child of his own, and about how devastated Steph is now that Charlie has exited her life, coupled with her worries about trying to conceive again considering her past medical history. Toadie is confused about why the surrogate has to be Sonya, but she tells him that they are her best friends and she is fit and healthy enough to carry a child for them. She assures Toadie that she hasn't decided what to do yet and will not go ahead with any surrogacy if he is not fully on board. Too taken aback to fathom a response, Toadie decides to walk away to gather his thoughts.


A little later, Toadie has had time to reflect. He tells Sonya that he acted as a lawyer for Dan and Libby when they were going through their surrogacy idea with Susan and mentions to her how hard the situation was for everyone. Worried that a surrogacy could tear his family apart, Toadie mentions to Sonya that to become a surrogate there is a legal requirement that she can no longer have another child with him. He asks her if she is prepared for that, but Sonya counters that he has never talked about the idea of having another child with her despite the counselling that they have been having. She tries to bring the conversation back around to Mark and Steph, arguing that they are good friends who require their help to have a child, but Toadie asks her if having another child for her friends is a way to fulfil something that is missing between them. Before Sonya can answer, an exhausted Steph enters the living room after her nap and senses tension in the air. She asks if everything is okay, but Toadie quickly departs, telling Sonya and Steph that he needs some fresh air.

At the hospital, Karl introduces Dr. Adisa to Angelina's mum and sister, telling them that she is one of the best neurosurgeons in the country. Dr. Adisa introduces herself, and then tells Angelina's family that she wants them to make an informed decision regarding her daughter's potentially life-saving surgery. Angelina's mother Rena is worried that if she agrees to the surgery it could put her daughter's life in danger Š Karl agrees that it may be sensible to wait and see if progress can be made without the surgery, however Dr. Adisa warns them that without surgery the tumour will remain. As both Karl and Dr. Adisa depart, Paige takes the opportunity to talk to Rena. She is apologetic for her actions in the boxing ring but tries to persuade Rena that surgery is the best option for her daughter, and that she will be in good hands with Dr. Adisa. Angelina's sister Nikki angrily warns Paige to back off and to stop trying to influence her mum's decision, telling her that she is only doing this to try and make herself feel better after her actions in the boxing ring. Sensing the heated nature of the situation, Paige quickly departs, leaving Nikki to console her grief-stricken mother.


Outside the hospital, Toadie is offloading to Karl after his conversation with Sonya Š he doesn't understand why Sonya would want to carry a baby for another person, but Karl is more circumspect, divulging to Toadie that at first he too was unsure about Susan's plan to carry a child for Libby, but in hindsight realised that she was doing it out of love. He suggests to Toadie that Sonya is also acting out of empathy and compassion for Mark and Steph's plight, but Toadie tells Karl that he and Sonya are in a good place and having another child wasn't a possibility for them, so he doesn't understand why she would want to have a child for someone else. Karl assures Toadie that Sonya is just a generous person and what she is proposing to do is a beautiful thing. He then asks Toadie whether his reaction would be different if someone else was proposing to carry a child for Mark and Steph.

Upset after Nikki's outburst earlier, Paige is consoling herself in the hospital canteen as Rena enters. Paige confesses to Rena that Nikki was right about her being responsible for Angelina's injuries, but even so she doesn't think it's right for Rena's daughter to be wasting away in a hospital bed without considering the alternatives. She asks Rena to think about what her daughter would want to do, and Rena admits that Angelina would probably be afraid to undergo the experimental treatment despite the possible benefits. Paige implores Rena to consider the sort of life Angelina will have if she stays the way she is, and Rena sobs at this, agreeing with Paige that Angelina wouldn't want to be stuck in a hospital bed without giving herself a chance at a full recovery. Paige takes Rena's hand, knowing how important this decision is for her and her daughter.


At the Lassiters car park, Amy and Jack are discussing the situation with Angelina and Paige. Amy asks Jack how Angelina is doing, and he tells her that she is still in a coma. He worries about the effect Angelina's condition is having on Paige, and Amy tells Jack that she will pray for Angelina in the hope that her condition will improve. As he departs a red sports car pulls into the complex, blocking Amy's ute in. She doesn't look impressed as a man in a suit gets out of the car; he asks Amy where the best place to eat is, but she's more interested in his car being moved out of the way and asks him to park somewhere else. Ignoring her request, the man asks Amy if she is a plumber or a brickie - telling her it's very cool when she says that she's a handywoman - and then quickly departs, promising an unhappy Amy that he wonÕt be long.

Sonya is sitting outside Harold's as Toadie walks over; she asks him if they can catch up later, but Toadie tells her that he has a lot of work to do. Understanding that her surrogacy talk will take time to digest, Sonya assures Toadie that she doesn't want this to get in the way of their relationship. Toadie agrees and they kiss.


In the hospital canteen, Rena, Paige and Karl are discussing Angelina's upcoming operation as Nikki bursts in, unhappy that her mum has decided to go ahead with the experimental treatment suggested by Dr Adisa. She tells Rena that she is weak for listening to Paige and she should be listening to her instead, as Paige is the one that put Angelina in the hospital in the first place. Karl tells Nikki that none of this is Paige's fault but Nikki refuses to listen, angrily warning Paige that she'll be sorry for interfering in their family's business. Jack arrives at the hospital and tells Nikki that she should go and get some fresh air, which she does, slamming the door on her way out. Despite Nikki's anger, Paige assures Rena that her daughter is just scared, and she shouldn't let this influence her decision regarding Angelina's potentially life-saving treatment.

At the Waterhole, Aaron is talking to Terese about the Blaze outreach scheme, informing her that Lassiters could become the new sponsor for their expanding programme to help young kids. Terese is unsure about this and mentions the pigeon-doping scandal from their last sponsorship campaign. Unruffled by Terese's concerns, Aaron tells her that this would be a good chance for the hotel to try and repair its brand and after thinking it over Terese agrees, offering him $1,000. Aaron looks pleased with himself as Terese leaves. He then notices a man in a suit watching him and catches his eye.


Over at Rebecchi Law, Steph is surprised as Toadie informs her that Mark agreed with Charlie to give his drone to Jimmy. She tells Toadie that communication between herself and Mark hasn't been great recently and this is adding to her stress about losing Charlie, similar to the way she felt when she gave Adam to Dan. Toadie tells Steph that she won't be losing access to Charlie as he will help to renegotiate access, allowing her to see Charlie in person as Max permits. Despondently, Steph tells Toadie that whilst a couple of visits a year is something, her dream of joint custody is over.

The man in the suit is on the phone at the Waterhole, telling someone that he's just arrived. He crosses paths with Paul, who heads to the bar. Aaron is still at the Waterhole and, full of confidence after his conversation with Terese earlier, asks Paul if he wishes to help the Blaze outreach program with a donation. At first Paul is uninterested in helping, but after Aaron mentions Terese and her $1,000 donation, his demeanour changes. He proposes to double the offer made by Terese, under the proviso that his Flametree restaurant gets to sponsor the event exclusively without any co-sharing with Lassiters. The man in the suit glances over, impressed as Aaron agrees to Paul's offer. Aaron then worries how he is going to break the news to Terese.


Back at the hospital, Jack goes to check up on Paige, who looks worried. She tells Jack that Rena has gone for a walk as she is anxious about her daughter in theatre, whilst Nikki is still angry with Paige for her interference in her family's affairs. Paige admits that she would be worried if she was in their position, and Jack consoles her that she is only worried because she cares. As they sit in the waiting area, Karl comes over, telling them that there has been a spike in Angelina's blood pressure during the operation, which is causing them concern. He's worried that Angelina may have a stroke and warns Paige and Jack that if they can't bring her blood pressure under control, she might not make it.

The man in the suit is keeping a watchful eye on Aaron as Terese enters the Waterhole. Aaron breaks the news to Terese that they have had another sponsor come on board for the Blaze outreach program. Terese is nonplussed until Aaron mentions that the sponsor is Paul, who for his $2,000 deal wants his Flametree restaurant logo represented on all of the Blaze signage exclusively. Sensing an opportunity in the making, Aaron asks Terese if she would like to make a counter-offer, and is astonished when she ups her original offer to $3,000 under the condition that they sign off right away, to avoid any more oneupmanship from Paul. Aaron is worried that accepting Terese's offer may be a bit unethical, but she assures him he has already done it once today already and he shouldn't feel bad about it. Happy that she has wrecked Paul's chance of a deal, Terese and Aaron agree to Lassiters being lead sponsor and she goes off to draw up the paperwork. As she leaves the man in the suit comes over, telling Aaron how impressed he is with his negotiation skills and then complimenting him on his shirt. Aaron looks thoroughly pleased with his day's work and the man's flattery, unable to keep the grin off his face.


At no. 32, Brad is looking despondent, he tells Lauren that he is struggling to raise funds for the Blaze outreach program. She surprises him with a check for $1000, informing Brad that this was originally earmarked for her hen's party. He tells Lauren that he can't accept this money but she tells Brad that keeping the Blaze centre open for the kids is more important than a hen's party she didn't want, and she is happy to help him out. Brad is pleased, and then becomes even more elated after receiving a text from Aaron informing him of the $3,000 donation from Lassiters. Having acquired the $4,000 donation he needed, Brad brings Lauren in for a celebratory hug.

After a successful day Aaron finds Amy in Lassiters car park, sitting on her ute. He notices the shiny red sports car and is complimentary, however Amy is unhappy that the owner of the vehicle has been gone for hours and still hasn't moved his car. To cheer Amy up, Aaron tells her about his successful $3,000 deal with Terese and a compliment he had from a man in a suit. He then points out the very same man who is walking back towards his car, and Amy tells Aaron that this is the same man who blocked her in this morning. The man apologises for taking so long and introduces himself to Aaron and Amy, telling them that his name is Leo. A slightly flustered Aaron tries to play it cool but ends up making a lion roaring noise in an attempt to engage Leo's attention. As he gets into his car Aaron tries again with some innocent flirting, telling him that his brother is a mechanic and if he ever needs his car serviced to give him a call. He gives Leo his card as he drives off. Aaron looks impressed with himself, but Amy jokily warns him that he has terrible taste in men.


Sonya has brought some dinner for Toadie at the law office and, noticing that there is still some tension between them, goes to depart. However, Toadie stops her, telling Sonya that he has spoken to Steph without divulging the surrogacy idea. He tells Sonya that Steph is distraught about losing Charlie, and Sonya takes this opportunity to apologise for never discussing with him the idea of having another child. Toadie confesses to Sonya that having another child could be a long and arduous process but closing off the idea permanently will take time for him to process. He contends that he is not completely against the idea of Sonya acting as a surrogate but he still needs time to think about it, knowing that this will be the end for them ever having another child. Sonya is grateful for Toadie's openness and understanding and they share a tender moment of reflection.


Anxious and worried about Angelina's grave condition, Paige has gone to the Blaze outreach centre for some catharsis. She notices a poster of her fight with Angelina and promptly rips it up, feeling despondent about the damage the boxing match has caused. As she does this Angelina's sister Nikki turns up, angrily telling Paige that it's too late to feel bad about the situation with Angelina. Nikki informs Paige that Rena is spending the last few hours at the hospital with her daughter and intimates that she won't let her get away with what she's done. Paige warns Nikki that hurting her will not change the situation with Angelina, but Nikki contends that at least it will make her feel better. Nikki proposes a boxing match between herself and Paige but with no gloves, rules, or referees, telling her that she wants to see what she's really made of. Paige looks worried.

Featured Regular Characters: Sonya Rebecchi, Toadie Rebecchi, Steph Scully, Karl Kennedy, Paul Robinson, Paige Smith, Terese Willis, Amy Williams, Jack Callahan, Aaron Brennan, Brad Willis, Lauren Turner

Guest Cast: Tim Kano as Leo Tanaka, Kelly Nash as Rena Jackson, Tiarnie Coupland as Nikki Jackson, Yasmin Bushby as Dr Amar Adisa,

Trivia Notes
• First appearance of Tim Kano as Leo Tanaka
• Leo's first words are "Hi, where's the best place to get something to eat?"
• Past characters Max Hoyland and Daniel Fitzgerald are mentioned

Summary by Michael