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Magic Moments > 2017 > Brad and Lauren's Departure Episode 7575

Written by Shane Isheev, Directed by Ralph Strasser, Produced by Natalie Lynch

Channel Eleven: 07/04/17, Channel 5: 07/04/17

Sheila feels underappreciated after Xanthe professes her admiration for Terese as a stepmother, but later understands that Terese is seeking her approval... Brad and Lauren prepare to leave Erinsborough... An unhappy parishioner of Jackís tells Paige that she should leave town with Brad and Lauren, but Paige insists to Piper that the woman is just a harmless crank... After Haroldís is vandalized, Piper tells Paige that she may want to reassess the situation...

Paige and Piper are clearing up Haroldís Store after the vandalism. Paige is sure that the parishionerís anger is directed at her as judgement for having a baby with Jack, whilst Piper believes that the woman is clearly unhinged. Paige tells Piper to put all the Easter related decorations at the bottom of the bin so Brad and Lauren donít find out about the break-in. She doesnít want them to have to deal with someone else as they are busy planning their departure from Ramsay Street. Piper isnít sure that this is a good idea.


At no. 26, Terese, Gary and Sheila are clearing out the dishwasher. Sheila is praising Terese for her dishwashing tips whilst also fishing for information about Paul, Leo and David. Terese tells Sheila that Leo is taking a few days off whilst Paul and David are busy with work. Jimmy comes out and tells Sheila that heís worried about Amy, who hasnít come out of her room. Sheila tells Jimmy that he should go back to bed, then informs Gary and Terese that she might try to coax Amy out of her room. Gary thinks that Amy should be left alone. Sheila asks Terese what she thinks, and is pleased when Terese agrees with her that Amy shouldnít lock herself up as it will make her feel worse than she already does.

Tyler is at the Backpackers helping one of the guests, Yvette, check out. She asks him if he can look at her bike before she heads off in the afternoon. After noticing that he has overcharged her for her stay, she offers to make him some herbal tea to keep him more alert. Tyler declines the offer. Yvette then asks Piper if she would like to hang out, but Piper declines the offer as well. Piper and Tyler are surprised when Yvette calls them responsible adults, and Piper wishes that her dad had been around to hear it.


Terese and Lauren are walking near Harold's. They are talking about the recent revelations regarding Paul, Leo and David. Lauren tells Terese that she should let Paul know that Amy is struggling. Lauren is concerned about leaving Paige and Piper, but Terese insists that she will keep a close eye on them when she and Brad are gone. Terese says that, despite their chequered past, she is going to miss having Lauren around, and Lauren apologizes for the hurt she has caused her with taking Brad away from her. Once Terese is gone, Lauren rummages through the bins behind Harold's and is surprised to find her Easter decorations at the bottom.

Over at no. 32, Susan, Karl, Jack, Paige and Brad are on the patio area discussing Bradís imminent departure. Brad is sad to be leaving the Doug-out behind but says he will build another one at his new place. Paige and Jack are happy with their plans to stay on Ramsay Street and are not feeling any regrets, even though Paige will miss Lauren and Brad. At that moment, Lauren arrives with one of the Easter decorations she found in the bin, and asks Paige to explain herself.


Paige tells Lauren about the break-in and that she didnít want to worry her and Brad when they are busy with other things. She tells them that she believes one of Jack's parishioners is responsible for the vandalism, and that this is due to the woman disapproving of her and Jackís relationship. Paige didnít want to blow things out of proportion and risk Jack being transferred to another parish, but Jack tells Paige that if this happens again she must tell him.

Sheila is on the phone at the Waterhole. After ending her call, she tells Terese and Gary that Lauren had a break in at Harold's, and it is linked to one of the parishioners. Sheila then argues the point that Jack and Paigeís relationship is not upstanding behaviour for a member of the clergy, although Gary disagrees. Gary tells Sheila that she should be more Christian, but Sheila is adamant that a priest should not be in a relationship. Terese agrees with Sheila, which puts Gary out.


Gary is eating a sandwich outside the Waterhole. Gary is still annoyed with the earlier conversation inside, and he tells Terese that he is not happy with her always siding with Sheila. Gary asks Terese if she can start siding with him for a change, but Terese tells him that she sometimes agrees with the points that Sheila makes. This placates Gary somewhat, and Terese asks him if he would like to practice their ladybird performance rather then go to the movies.

Back at no. 26, Jimmy answers the door to Jack. He wants to know if Amy is home, but Jimmy says that she is not taking any visitors due to the revelations about the Tanakas. Jack notices that Jimmy is holding an Easter Egg, and Jimmy tells him it is from a friend from Sunday school, Brandon. Jimmy explains that Brandonís mum doesnít agree with Paige and Jackís relationship, and Jack makes the connection that Brandonís mum, Laura, could have been the one who vandalized the Coffee Shop.


Lauren is explaining the basics to Paige about how to run Haroldís. She is not convinced that leaving Paige on her own is a good idea. Jack comes over to no. 32 with Brandon in tow. Brandon confesses that he was the one who vandalized Haroldís as he isnít allowed chocolate at home and was interested in the Easter display. He apologises to Lauren, who accepts, and Jack tells them that Laura will pay for any damages caused. Paige is annoyed with herself for thinking that Laura, the parishioner, was involved in the vandalism, but Lauren is relieved that Jackís protective nature will keep Paige safe once she and Brad leave.

Brad is in Lassiters hotel, looking Josh and Doug's plaque on the wall. Terese joins him, and they remember that it has been a year since they died in the explosion. Brad tells Terese that he will miss her, despite what happened with him and Lauren. Terese admits she wasnít happy with the situation, but agrees with Brad that their marriage had some good moments and sheíll always remember the memories of bringing up their children together. Brad gives Terese a goodbye kiss and agrees that they had some good times together.


Over at no. 26 Gary has cooked some dishes for Brad and Laurenís goodbye. Sheila thinks itís a little bit over the top, but Terese disagrees with Sheila, siding with Gary for a change. Gary is still not happy and Terese tells him she cannot win between the two of them.

Back at the Backpackers, Tyler has fixed Yvetteís bike with Benís help. Yvette decides to leave a little surprise for Tyler to say thank you - the herbal tea she was offering him earlier. Ben and Tyler leave and Yvette goes into the kitchen area to label the tea for him.




At no. 32, various residents are gathered for Brad and Laurenís farewell. Lauren tells Brad that she is looking forward to the next chapter in their lives. Piper gives a speech, telling Brad that he has been a great support to her, and that she is always able to come to him for help. She also thanks Lauren for making Brad happy. Paige chips in by saying how much she will miss them, which Piper seconds.

Residents including Karl and Susan, Sheila and Terese gather on Ramsay Street to say their farewells, as Brad and Lauren depart for their new life. Brad and Lauren kiss, enter the taxi, and depart Ramsay Street. Everyone waves, as Paige and Piper are left looking sad.



Not wanting to go home just yet, Paige and Piper head to the Backpackers. Paige says she needs something to drink. She goes into the kitchen area to make some tea, and inadvertently picks up Yvetteís magic herbal tea whilst boiling the kettle...

Featured Regular Characters: Piper Willis, Paige Smith, Sheila Canning, Gary Canning, Terese Willis, Jimmy Willams, Tyler Brennan, Lauren Turner, Brad Willis, Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy, Jack Callahan, Ben Kirk

Guest Cast: Elizabeth Esguerra as Yvette Stokes, William Franklyn-Miller as Brandon Henley

Trivia Notes
ē Final appearance of Kip Gamblin as Brad Willis
ē Final regular appearance of Kate Kendall as Lauren Turner, though the character would return for guest appearances later in 2017, then in 2018 and 2022
ē Kate Kendall would also go on to become a producer and director on Neighbours

Summary by Michael

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