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Magic Moments > 2018 > The 2018 Season Premiere Episode 7751

Written by Paul Gartside, Directed by Tony Osicka, Produced by Jason Herbison

Channel Eleven: 08/01/18, Channel 5: 08/01/18

Toadie and Sonya renewing their vows... Dee/Andrea watching the ceremony from a taxi... Aaron talking about Rory, his ex... Aaron carrying David over the threshold of number 24 after giving him a key... David choosing to live with Paul rather than Aaron... Louise wanting to escape with Hamish on the boat... Piper trapped on the boat... Tyler hitting Hamish over the head with a gnome... Piper trying to convince Tyler that he didn't kill Hamish... A fisherman providing Louise with an alibi for the time of Hamish's death... Tyler confesses to the police... Someone is watching Mark and Paige... Paige runs after Gabe's pram as it rolls into the road... Paige realises that Gabe isn't there, and that someone has taken him and sped off down the road...

A distraught Paige calls the police to report what has happened. She informs the operator that it was a Lassister’s courtesy car, but she didn’t see who was driving it. Through fear and upset Paige insists that the person in the car must have her baby, she states that she tried to chase after the car but she didn’t see anything. Paige listens to the operator and after a couple of nods, yups and oks, the call ends and Paige looks at the buggy with devastation in her face.


At the Lassiters Complex, the after party is still continuing - Willow is taking photos of the happy couple. Toadie is still perplexed at not having worked it out, and Sonya states that everyone knew, including Angie. Toadie suggests leaving the party and heading home for some ‘alone time’. Sonya tells Toadie that they aren’t going home – she has another surprise for him, the Brennans have allowed them to use their boat for the night – for some ‘romantic time’ and Susan is keeping Nell for the night. Toadie states that he's the luckiest man alive. He half-heartedly offers to help pack up, but Amy chips in and tells him to leave it to Elly, Jack and herself. Toadie then enquires about Willow, who says that she's getting the airport bus. The duo depart after saying bye to everyone!  Also departing is the taxi that the mysterious women is sitting in, having obviously decided she’s had enough of watching the proceedings from afar. Jack then discovers he’s had 3 missed calls from Paige.  

At the penthouse, Aaron is preparing to leave, and he thanks Leo for lunch. By the lift, David thanks Aaron for sharing this special day – his first Christmas with his new family and boyfriend. Aaron admits that it was really good but has to go as he needs to check in with Mark and Tyler. David returns to the living room where Leo is tidying up. David asks Leo if he thought Aaron was a bit off.  Leo doesn’t know but suggests it’s the first year without his dad, so it could be on his mind. David is not convinced and thinks it might be because he refused to move into number 24 but Leo reassures his brother that it’s nothing to do with him turning down moving into number 24 because Aaron knows he’s committed to him.

In the lift, Aaron calls Mark and gets it in the neck for having his phone switched off.  “What’s up?” Aaron asks.



Paige is having a flashback to what happened just as the police arrive. “Please help me,” she pleads.

At the police station, Mishti updates everyone – Tyler has confessed to striking Hamish with the garden gnome, so he has been charged with manslaughter and a Justice of the Police is on their way to sort out bail.  Mark immediately offers to pay what is necessary even if it means taking out a second mortgage. Piper gets upset and Mark reassures her that Tyler is coming home with them – he promises. Mark then gets a call from Paige to tell him that Gabe is missing.  Initially he thinks it’s been a mistake that someone has simply driven off in the car without realising Gabe is in it, but Paige sets him straight – it was deliberate, they took him from the pram and took the car, she adds that the police are here with her now.  He relays the information to the others and tells Paige to hold tight, he's going to go out looking now. Mishti confirms that the incident is in the system and that the police have responded.  Just at that, Jack rushes in and they confirm they’ve heard the news too.  Mishti states that he was taken outside a medical clinic not far from Erinsborough. Jack wants to rush to where Gabe was taken but Mark instead wants him to call around to see if anyone has seen the car.  Piper has other priorities and Mark tells her to wait for Tyler, Aaron offers to keep her company. Mishti says to Mark, “Remember, you're a citizen now, not a cop. You shouldn’t be getting too involved.” Mark replies angrily: “This is my girlfriend’s son. I'm already involved.”


Toadie and Sonya have arrived at the boat and are very impressed with it - she calls it their 'personal love shack’. They are very loved up and Sonya shows him what Angie gave her – a baby making elixir. Sonya adds that it is a Rebecchi family secret, Shane and Dipi used it to conceive Jay and Janelle used it aswell, adding that she thinks it's ridiculous. Toadie always thought it was an urban myth but he is coming round to the idea of using it, they both decide they will drink the stuff and have a lot of fun.  

Back at the scene of the kidnapping, Paige is on the phone to Jack, asking if there is any news. Jack, who is outside the police station, tells her that there isn't, but he has spoken to everyone they know and they are all out looking, he adds that he is on his way to her now. Paige sadly tells him that there is no point, the police enquiries have gone nowhere and nobody has seen a thing. Paige states that the police are taking her and the empty pram back to the station.  Jack tells her he will wait for her at the station and does his best to keep Paige’s spirits up as she is very down and worried, particularly as Gabe is sick.


At the Lassiter's Complex, Xanthe and Ben are back early from Frankston, and she's talking about the fact that her cousin Harley’s girlfriend can’t eat wheat, meat, dairy or sugar. Ben butts in to state that their Christmas lunch was inedible. Elly quickly brings them up to speed – Susan is looking after Nell and Karl is on a standby flight to London because Holly needs him.  She then runs into a man - not realising that he's Aaron's ex, Rory - who asks if she knows Aaron Brennan. Elly tells him that Aaron is a good friend of hers, and Rory explains that he thought he recognised her from a few of his insta pics and adds that he is in town for a few days and was hoping to catch up with him. Elly suggests that he gives Aaron a call as she doesn’t know where he is today. Rory says that he wants to surprise Aaron and tells her he will try The Shed. He leaves and Xanthe congratulates Elly for not breaking her pact... commenting that Elly didn’t even flirt with him. Mark then calls to tell her about Gabe.  

Inside Harold's, Xanthe tells Ben that Mark has just sent her a picture of Gabe, so they plan to go and print some out at his place. Just then, Willow walks in the door and Ben is surprised to see her, he asks why she is back in town. She explains that Toadie and Sonya’s Christmas party was actually a secret vow renewal, and says that they should have seen Toadie’s face – it looked like he was about to cry. Xanthe is happy that they are back together. Willow is happy that Ben and Xanthe figured things out and add that some couples are just meant to be; she and Ben, Toadie and Sonya, her real dad and his wife. Xanthe enquires about life in Port Macquarie - Willow admits that it is going very well… Fergus and his wife are ‘super kind and generous’ and her little sisters are adorable. Ben asks about her mum and Willow confesses that she hasn’t seen her mum since London but her New Year’s resolution is to track her down and force her to give back everything she stole from Sonya and Toadie.


At the marina, Sonya describes the elixir as awful, wondering what Angie put in it. Toadie does not know but continues to drink it, and Sonya hopes it's all worth it. The pair both admit that this last year has been a ‘challenge’ but they are both stronger for it.  

Over at the penthouse suite, Amy is telling her brothers about the vow renewal, she claims it was like a fairytale, when David suddenly realises that he’s thought of a gesture he can make things up to Aaron with.  He wants Aaron to know that he’s serious about them making a life together, and tells Leo and Amy that he needs their help and it has to be today before he loses his nerve. David concludes that it’s got to be perfect - perfectly Aaron. Amy says to David, “Are you going to tell us this plan or not?” “I’m going to ask him to marry me,” David replies. Both Amy and Leo look shocked.


Mark has had a tip-off, and is driving down a street with Elly, who says that Paige must be beside herself. Just then the pair find the abandoned Lassiter's car. There is no sign of Gabe, but they find the hat he was wearing and Mark gets his phone out to call it in.  

Back at the police station, Paige is telling Mishti and Jack what happened as part of her official statement. Paige is clearly struggling, and Mishti reminds her that having a statement is vital. Jack enquires if they have heard anything or if there have been any sightings, Mishti pops out of the room to see if there have been any updates. However, just at that moment, Detective Graves enters to tell them that the car has been found but there was no sign of Gabe, he adds that a unit are heading out to examine the scene. Paige asks where the car is and Detective Graves states that it’s on the far end of Power Road on the outskirts of Erinsborough. Mishti tries to get them to stay, but Paige emotionally says, “Are you kidding me? I’m not sitting still until that baby is in my arms!” Paige then exits the room, with Jack following quickly behind her.


At Lassiter's Park, David has his proposal plan all worked out – he says that, when he whistles, Amy presses play on the iPhone. From the look on Amy and Leo’s faces, they aren’t exactly on board with what David is planning and David senses that they both still think that a lot of talking needs to be done between them. “I know Aaron’s in it for the long haul; he proved that to me when he asked me to move in with him.” David tries to explain that he thinks this fun and romantic gesture is his way of proving that he feels the same way about Aaron. Amy seems to be coming around to the idea, however from the look on her face she doesn’t really agree with what he has said. David then panics as he has forgotten the bubbly and his ‘wings’ are upstairs. When Leo seems confused, David explains: "For my costume. Actually it is one of Aaron’s old ones, he left it in my bedroom.” “How do you….actually don’t worry about it,” Leo concludes. Amy jumps in and tells Leo that she will get the wings and he can get the bubbly. With that sorted, David tries calling Aaron again.  

Mark is at number 24, printing out missing posters with Gabe's picture on them. Tyler enters number 24 after being bailed to appear in court on the 14th February. Aaron put up the $200k surety, using the house title documents, and Tyler is to report into the police once a week - he also has a 10pm curfew. Aaron tells Mark that they still need to go to the bank to sort out a new mortgage; Tyler tells his brothers that they don’t have to do all this. The brothers are more than happy with the plans put in place to see Tyler home, even though he now wishes he’d confessed earlier!  He thinks too that they need to concentrate on finding Gabe – and at that, Mark gives him and Piper some flyers he’s made, complete with his phone number rather than the police. Tyler spots this and Mark tells him that he can handle it. Aaron’s phone begins to ring, it is David, he tells the brothers that he isn’t going to tell David about Gabe, as it would be too much. Tyler then spots the broken boat and asks about it.  Mark thought he was the one responsible for smashing it, but Tyler denies it was him and he is also sure that he locked the door too before leaving after Mark mentioned he found it open.  Piper wonders if someone has broken in to the house but Mark explains that the door wasn’t jimmied.  They wonder then about who has keys and Tyler brings up that Hamish had one, but Piper is quick to say it couldn’t have been his as the police have his stuff.  Piper then has a thought – Gabe sometimes stays over, so could the person that broke in be looking for him? 


Tyler and Piper put up the posters around the complex; Tyler is feeling guilty about what has happened - from Mark losing his job to Gabe going missing. He adds that it is all down to him and comments that whatever sentence he gets, he will have deserved it. Leo spots Mishti and asks if she’s seen Aaron, and when he goes to tell her what David’s plan is, she warns him against it because "all hell has broken loose."  

Aaron arrives at Lassister’s Park to see David, and Amy hits play on the iPhone so that ‘I Love You Baby’ starts playing.  David - dressed up in Aaron’s cupid outfit - then appears and starts to do a dance routine to the music.   “What is going on?” asks a bemused Aaron, and David gets down on one knee and begins to talk: “We haven’t been together all that long, but I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you.  Aaron Brennan, will you marry me?” Just as Aaron goes to open his mouth - and he doesn’t exactly look too happy - he spots Rory passing in the background but shakes his head, warning him not to approach. David, though, is getting very nervy that Aaron hasn’t said anything. Aaron takes off, telling David that he can't do this. David goes to rush after him, so they can talk but Aaron isn't stopping to talk.


Down at the marina on the boat, Toadie and Sonya have been so busy baby-making that they haven’t noticed they're now at sea! Sonya wonders how they ended up in open waters. Toadie suggests the ropes might have come undone, and they wonder how they're going to get back to the marina. Toadie says to Sonya: “Don’t suppose you want to get out and push?!”



Mark, Paige, Jack, Tyler and Piper are out looking in the dark for Gabe. A loud noise is heard and Piper gets frightened. Tyler suggests he and Piper leave now so he doesn’t break his bail conditions, though she wants to stay for as long as she can. Paige says that Gabe should have been fed by now. Jack reassures her that he will be found and asks if anything is coming back to her, anything suspicious, but she can't remember anything else. Jack still can't understand how it happened and takes his frustrations out on Paige until Mark intervenes and points out that arguing won't help them find Gabe. Mark then receives a call from an unknown number and can hear a baby crying. “Who are you?” Mark says and on the other end of the phone is Louise!  She calls him Constable Brennan and confirms that she has Gabe.  “Where are you?” Mark asks but she doesn’t reply to that and instead tells him to listen very carefully! “If you want to see him again, you’ll do exactly as I say!”

Featured Regular Characters: Toadfish Rebecchi, Sonya Rebecchi, Amy Williams, Leo Tanaka, David Tanaka, Mark Brennan, Aaron Brennan, Tyler Brennan, Piper Willis, Paige Smith, Jack Callahan, Elly Conway, Mishti Sharma, Xanthe Canning, Ben Kirk

Guest Cast: Ash Williams as Rory Zemiro, Maria Theodorakis as Louise McLeod, Robert Grubb as Detective Bill Graves, Mieke Billing-Smith as Willow Somers, Kian Bafekrpour as Gabriel Smith, Grant Fletcher as Stunt Driver

Trivia Notes
• Past characters Janelle Timmins and Harley Canning are mentioned
• Gabe’s poster reads 'Have you seen me? 0491570159'
• The closing credits do not give away who Madeleine West is playing, simply saying “Special Appearance by Madeleine West”
• It was reported that Paul Gartside's script for this episode had to be changed. The first draft of this episode included a line in which David says that the proposal would just be symbolic, since he and Aaron couldn’t legally marry. However due to Australia voting ‘yes’ to equal marriage in November 2017, that specific line was cut.

Summary by Kyle