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Magic Moments > 2017 > Shane's Return Episode 7581

Written by Libby Butler, Directed by Gary Conway, Produced by Natalie Lynch

Channel Eleven: 17/04/17, Channel 5: 17/04/17

Leo tells Amy that she canít have a stake in the backpackers anymoreÖ Finn tells Ben that studying medicine is not about making other people happyÖ Finn on his computer writing a dossier on Susan about Ben and the school fireÖ Susan gives Ben an ultimatum about his medicine studies and bans him from working at the garageÖ Mark shares a kiss with Sonya after she stays the night, and then informs Toadie of the newsÖ David tells Leo that he is gayÖ Paige, Elly and Amy at the Waterhole doing shots, however Amy isnít done yet and wants to go out for a big nightÖ

At the Lassiters Complex, a mysterious stranger walks up to a for sale outside Haroldís Cafť, looking interested. As he continues to look at the sign Amy walks past, looking a little bit worse for wear after her big night out with Elly and Paige. She repeatedly tries opening the door to Haroldís but eventually realizes it is locked up. David saunters by and asks Amy what she is doing up and about so early on a public holiday. She says that she needs coffee! David wants to tell Amy about his revelation to Leo last night, but she says that without caffeine she cannot absorb anything. She is still unhappy about Leo dissolving her stake in the Backpackers, and tells David that Leo was obviously desperate to buy her out. This is news to David, whoís confused as to where Leo found the money.


Over at the Backpackers, Tyler is telling Leo how impressed he is with the maintenance that has been completed so far. He has a broken chair and asks Leo if Amy can fix it, but Leo tells Tyler that Amy no longer does the maintenance for them. David comes over and talks to Leo about why he had to buy Amy out of her stake, and where he managed to get the money from. Leo is more interested in talking to David about his big coming out announcement the previous evening and asks him who he is going to tell next. David reveals it was Paulís chat that gave him the confidence to come out, but Leo isnít ecstatic about this news and tells David he needs to look after himself.

At no. 28, the Kennedys are having breakfast, and Ben is on the phone with Xanthe. She is at the beach with her mum but Ben canít join her, he has a tutoring session with Finn. Ben isnít happy about being banned from the garage but Susan assures him that he will thank them later if it helps with his medicine studies. Tyler swings by with some textbooks for Ben which he left at the Backpackers, Karl and Susan donít look impressed. Ben asks Tyler how things are going at the garage, and Tyler proceeds to tell him about a classic car that has just come in. After initially going into intricate details about the make and model, encouraged by Benís enthusiasm, one look from Karl and Susan dampens his excitement and he quickly leaves.


Finn is at Haroldís, busily doing some prep work for his classes, when Elly comes over. Elly says that he must have something better to do over the holidays than working on class preparation, but Finn says that he is too excited about his new classroom techniques of mindfulness and meditation and canít wait to try them out on his students. Elly says this sounds like a good idea and will stop students from dropping out early, but she warns him to run it past Susan first before going ahead and implementing it into his classes. She also tells him to stop muttering to himself as he will lose all street cred!

At no. 24, Steph is giving Mark an Easter card that Nell made. Sonya didnít want to bring it round herself, and Steph doesnít understand why they are not seeing each other as much. Mark says it is too difficult at the moment to be around Sonya as they bring each other down and end up in Ďa sadness spiralí, especially with what happened with Caitlin. Steph tries to perk Mark up by inviting him to an Easter picnic at the lake - and it will give Mark an opportunity to say thank you to Nell for the Easter card. He looks pensive, but Steph assures him it will be okay as they are family. Despite being reluctant to see Toadie there, Mark agrees to go for Nellís sake.


Steph is chatting with Toadie outside no. 30. She asks him whether he is going to the Easter picnic at Lassiters Lake, but Toadie is worried that it will be awkward considering what has happened between him, Sonya and Mark recently. Steph says that he should at least come to the picnic for Nellís sake as she misses him. Toadie still isnít sure and tells Steph about Sonya staying over with Mark the other night. This is news to Steph, but she is sure that itís platonic and assures Toadie that Mark and Sonya are not an item, they are just good friends helping each other out. Reluctantly, Toadie agrees to come to the picnic, and will even bring some Easter eggs. Steph is looking surprised about Sonya staying over with Mark, but puts this to the back of her mind as Toadie heads off to the office.

Toadie and Paul are walking through the Lassiters Complex - Paul wants Toadie to look into the Quill settlement for him as his own lawyer is taking too long. He wants Elle and Andrew to have some kind of recompense but needs things speeding up. David comes over and talks to Paul about the Backpackers business with Leo and Amy. Paul says it makes sense considering what happened with Amy and Leo, but David is still confused as to where he got the money to buy him out. Paul tells David to leave it with him and he will look into it.


Paul goes over to see Leo at the Backpackers and tells him that David is worried about him. He also offers to pay off the creditors that Leo must have used in order to secure funding to buy Amyís share of the business, but Leo is not interested. Heís angry about the revelations regarding David and Leo being his sons, and asks Paul why he told their mum Kim that he never wanted kids, meaning that the secret was never revealed. Paul insists that he didnít mean for this to happen and always cared about their mum, Kim, but Leo is still angry about his behaviour. Leo tells him that he never wanted to know his father, and this hasnít changed.

Jack and Amy are chatting outside Haroldís. Jack is telling Amy about a text message she sent him at 3am asking him if he wanted to join the girls for their big night out! Amy is clearly in need of some sustenance, so Jack offers to buy her breakfast with lots of bacon. He asks her what her plans are, considering the Tanaka revelations, and whether she wants to commit to the church. Amy insists that for now she just wants to have fun and be free without being tied down to rules and regulations, and Jack, although not completely satisfied with her outlook on life, says that he can still be her friend even if she is not interested in any religious activities.


Over at no. 28, Finn is trying to get Ben interested in medicine, but Ben looks bored and confused. Ben tells Finn that he is just not in the mood for studying and would rather be at the garage. Finn tells Ben that Susan has the best of intentions and is just looking out for her grandson. He asks him if he has spoken to his dad about this, but Ben reveals to Finn that his dad died. Finn apologises, but he tells Ben that he canít go through life being half-hearted, either he wants to be a mechanic or he is training to be a doctor, he has to be more decisive if he wants to get the most out of life.

Paul and David are chatting at the Waterhole about Leo. Paul tells David that Leo is not interested in any of his attempts at help, and is confused as to why David is not feeling the same levels of anger at him after what happened. David is upset but at least heís happy that his dad is now being honest with him. Amy comes over. David wants to reveal his big news, he canít keep it in any longer and tells Paul and Amy that he is gay. He hopes that they will accept him for who is, and they are delighted. Paul asks David if there is anyone waiting in the wings, and Amy gives him a playful punch to tell him to quiet down. David looks happy at his familyís reaction and they embrace.


Susan is being given a shoulder massage by Karl at the Kennedy house. She reveals that Finn has volunteered at the schoolís community engagement committee and this has allowed her to take a back seat. Ben comes over and asks them for a family meeting. He has been thinking about Finnís chat from earlier and tells Karl and Susan that he doesnít want to study medicine, he wants to be a mechanic. Susan and Karl are surprised but reluctantly accept Benís decision, telling him that once year 12 is over he can look into training with Lucas at the garage. However, Ben has clearly taken Finnís decisive speech to heart and shocks his grandparents by telling them he wants to quit school and be a full-time grease monkey straight away.

Over at Lassiters Lake, Sonya and Mark are having a catch-up. They are both sad over Caitlin. Sonya tells Mark that she really misses him, and asks him if he received Nellís Easter card. Mark thanks Sonya for letting him come to the picnic, and she reveals that it was mainly Stephís idea. They talk about the kiss. Mark is confused, he doesnít know whether the kiss they shared was due to grief over Caitlin or something deeper. Sonya says that the kiss took away a lot of the pain, and they kiss again. After this embrace they realize that the desire isnít there and that they are better at being friends, their passionate embrace being nothing more than comfort over their loss. Meanwhile the mysterious stranger from earlier glances over at Sonya and Mark, looking confused.



At number 30, the mysterious stranger is at the door, and Steph greets him. He says he is looking for Toadie, but Steph tells him he is not there, he is temporarily living at no. 28. He isnít home though, heís out with his daughter. The man says that he can wait, and walks off.

At the Waterhole, Finn and Elly are having a relaxing game of pool, Ellyís advice to take a break from mindfulness and meditation has had an effect on Finn. Finn invites Elly out for a drink, but she is surprised by a text message she received about Ben quitting school and tells Finn she has to go. Finn looks sad but asks Elly if she wants to go out later. She is non-committal. Amy then comes into the Waterhole and also asks Elly if she wants to go out. Again she declines the offer and says she has family news. Meanwhile, Finn has finished his game of pool and is busy writing up the latest revelations about the Kennedys as his gaslighting of Susan continues.



Back on Ramsay Street, Toadie and Nell are walking home, talking about the upcoming Easter picnic. The mysterious stranger is waiting - he saunters over to Toadie and says hello to him and Nell. Toadie recognizes him, and says it must be at least 20 years since theyíve seen each other. He reveals to Nell that this is his older brother Shane, Nellís uncle. Shane says hello to Nell. Toadie looks surprised, wondering what his brother is doing thereÖ

Featured Regular Characters: Amy Williams, Toadie Rebecchi, Sonya Rebecchi, Nell Rebecchi, Tyler Brennan, Mark Brennan, Leo Tanaka, David Tanaka, Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy, Elly Conway, Ben Kirk, Steph Scully, Jack Callahan

Guest Cast: Nicholas Coghlan as Shane Rebecchi, Rob Mills as Finn Kelly

Trivia Notes
ē The character of Shane Rebecchi appears for the first time in 22 years, with Nicholas Coghlan taking over the role from Greg O'Meara
ē Haroldís Cafe is being sold by Gunn & Scotts Real Estate
ē Past characters Lucas Fitzgerald, Drew Kirk, Andrew Robinson and Elle Robinson are mentioned

Summary by Michael

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