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Magic Moments > 2017 > Mishti's Arrival Episode 7582

Written by Stephanie Carter, Directed by Gary Conway, Produced by Natalie Lynch

Channel Eleven: 18/04/17, Channel 5: 18/04/17

Steph asks Mark if he would like to join her at Lassiters Lake for an Easter picnic with Toadie, Sonya and NellÖ Sonya and Mark kiss in bedÖ Toadie tells Steph that Sonya slept over at Markís place the other nightÖ Finn tells Ben to be more decisive with his career choicesÖ Ben informs Karl and Susan he wants to quit school and be a full time mechanicÖ Finn continues his machinations after hearing the latest Kennedy newsÖ Toadieís older brother Shane returns to Ramsay StreetÖ

Shane and Toadie are talking outside no. 30. Toadie apologises for not visiting Shane earlier, and asks Shane if he has come down to check up on him. Shane says yes, that was part of the reason for coming to visit. He has heard about his problems with Sonya from Angie and wants to make sure his younger brother is okay.


Over at no. 28, Elly, Karl, Susan and Ben are having a conflab over Benís decision to quit school to become a mechanic. Elly thinks that his decision is a bit drastic, whilst Karl is confused as he thought Ben wanted to study medicine. Ben says that he was forcing himself to become a doctor to make Karl and Susan happy, without thinking about what he really wanted to do. He enjoys working at the garage and feels that he can bring his skills to the fore in this environment. Susan and Karl are still not convinced and remind him that Libby only agreed to go to China without him if he finished his schooling. Ben receives a call, itís Libby. As he leaves to take the call, Karl, Susan and Elly wonder if somebody has been putting ideas into Benís head, and Karl is sure he knows who it could be.

Outside Haroldís, Shane and Toadie are catching up. Shane is married to Dipi, with three children Yashvi, Kirsha and Jay. Toadie asks him how married life is treating him, and Shane tells him itís going well. Shane changes the subject back to Sonya, and asks Toadie if things are civil between them considering whatís happened. Toadie says that his estrangement with Sonya is hopefully just a temporary thing, and Shane, sensitive to his brotherís needs, asks him if he wants to go over the details of what occurred. Toadie brushes this off and then gets up to leave, otherwise he'll be late for the picnic with Sonya and Nell. Shane asks Toadie if he can tag along, and Toadie, thinking that this might make an awkward situation less awkward, agrees that he can come.


At no. 30, Sonya and Steph are busy packing for the picnic, and discuss the new arrival. Sonya and Steph donít understand why Shane has suddenly turned up, but they think it will be good for Toadie and Nell despite Shaneís shady past, saying that at least it will give them something else to focus on rather then wallowing in their Ďsad sack selvesí.

At no. 24, Mark is also busy preparing for the picnic, but cannot find his red eskie. Tyler says that he probably left it at the Backpackers. Tyler asks Mark if going to a picnic with his ex-fiancťe, his closer then close friend Sonya, and her estranged husband is the best idea! Mark says that the picnic is for Nellís benefit, it is important that she sees them all being normal together. Tyler asks Mark if he has talked to Sonya, and he reveals that he has kissed her a couple of times. Shocked, Tyler asks if Toadie knows what has been happening, but Mark says he doesnít need to know. Itís irrelevant anyway, Sonya has confirmed that her feelings for Mark are nothing more than a cry for help. As Mark goes to look for his red eskie, Tyler receives a text message. Itís from Karl; he wants to chat about Ben.


Tyler arrives at no. 28 and is as bemused as Karl and Susan when they reveal that Ben is dropping out of school, and even more baffled when the Kennedys think that this is partly due to his influence from working at the garage together. Tyler protests his innocence, if Ben wants to drop out of school itís not due to anything he has said, this is the first he has heard of it. Elly reveals that Finn may have played a part in Ben quitting school, his off the wall teaching methods and tutoring sessions seem to have affected Benís thought process. She also has history with Finn and his persuasive ways.

At Haroldís, Susan confronts Finn and asks him if he had anything to do with Ben quitting school. Finn admits that he talked to him, but says that he did nothing more than give him a guiding hand, ultimately it was Benís decision to ditch his medical studies. Finn and Susan butt heads over the best course of action, Finn believes that staying at school would be a waste of time if Ben is set on becoming a mechanic, whereas Susan is of the belief that finishing your studies is more important. Finn is unhappy with Susanís closed teaching methods but she is adamant that the pupils at Erinsborough High should keep their options open and complete their studies. Susan is angry that Finnís new-age teaching approach may have forced Benís hand and she storms off. Finn looks bewildered.


Back at no.28, Ben has spoken to Libby; she isnít happy with his decision to quit school and wants to speak to Karl and Susan about this. Karl apologises to Ben if he feels he has pressured him to become a doctor, but Ben says he has nothing to apologise for. He did initially want to go into medicine when he saw Karlís heroic actions at the balloon accident, but the reality of day to day hospital procedures put him off. Karl wonders if Ben is feeling pressured to become a mechanic because his dad Drew was a grease monkey, but Ben says that is only partly true, he just feels that this is right for him. Trying a different tack, Karl tells Ben that he should at least finish year 12. He then sweetens the deal by saying that Ben can do some shifts at the garage while he completes his final year. Ben looks intrigued by the offer.

At Lassiters Lake, the picnic preparations get underway. Shane asks Toadie if Nell is happy with him not living at no. 30. He says that Nell is coping, he just canít believe how much he has ruined things between him and Sonya. Shane says that people make mistakes, but Toadie reveals to Shane that he has been a gullible fool, he has re-mortgaged the house and parted with $100,000 for nothing more than a con artist. He tells Shane that he is flat broke. Trying to cheer his brother up by reminiscing about the good times they had together, Toadie feels a sense of nostalgia.


At no. 28, Susan is still pre-occupied by her conversation with Finn, and asks Karl if her education methods are too traditional for the modern teaching world. However, Karl has some good news, he has managed to convince Ben to stay in school, under the proviso that he is allowed to do some part-time work at the garage. Susan is unhappy, she doesnít want Ben working at the garage but reluctantly agrees with Karl that this may be the only way for him to stay in school.

Ben is at Haroldís where Xanthe is unhappy that he is only telling her the news about his plans to drop out of school now. She wanted to finish school with Ben together, to cross the finish line like Sutter and Aimee from the Spectacular Now! Finn is looking over from his tablet, curious. He asks Ben how his chat with Karl and Susan went. Ben says that they brought up a few good points about finishing school first rather than throwing the towel in straight away. However Finn isnít impressed by this, he tells Ben he needs to put himself first before thinking about other people. Xanthe is inspired by Finnís speech and tells Ben he needs to make the decision thatís best for him.


Back at the picnic, Shane is on the phone whilst Toadie and Sonya make a start on preparations. He has some news, but the timing isnít right to reveal the real reason for his visit to Ramsey Street. Toadie tells Sonya that Shane is here to check up on him. Mark and Toadie make small talk about whether Shaneís intentions are true, but Toadie says that considering current events he is not the best judge of character. Shane finishes his phone call, and Toadie introduces Mark, Steph and Sonya. Shane is confused, he thinks Mark is with Sonya and Toadie is married to Steph! Toadie clarifies the situation, he is married to Sonya, not Steph. To break the ice Shane heads off with Nell to find some Easter Eggs, whilst the awkward picnic preparations continue.

Shane starts talking about his family as the picnic continues. Toadie says that Shane has a real mechanical brain and can fix anything. Changing the subject, Shane asks how long Mark and Sonya have known each other, clearly fishing. Sonya isnít sure what to say, and when Shane mentions the surrogacy pact that Mark and Steph made with Toadie and Sonya, Sonya explains that they had explored all the options and this was the best solution for everyone. Steph and Mark were good friends of Sonya, and she wanted to help them out. Shane agrees that they must have been very good friends if she was willing to have a baby with them. A stunned silence ensues. To avoid any more awkward questions about the surrogacy, Toadie asks Shane if he wants a beer.


Back at no. 28, Susan, Karl and Elly are chatting with Tyler and Ben. Despite their best efforts to reach a compromise, Ben re-states his earlier position that he is quitting school. Tyler tries to placate Karl and Susanís frustrations by saying that Ben will be offered an apprenticeship by Lucas. Susan isnít buying this and asks Ben if Finn has been talking to him again about his career choices. Ben brushes this off and confirms that this is his decision and no-one elseís, and hopes that they will support him.

Finn is at the Waterhole as Elly walks in. She wants to know why Finn is becoming so involved in Benís decision to quit school and become a mechanic. She says that his tutoring sessions and chats with Ben are causing frictions with Karl and Susan, and Elly isnít happy about this. Finn insists that this is a good decision for Ben; Karl and Susan are not looking at the bigger picture and are swayed by their protective nature rather than supporting Ben in his decision. Elly looks frustrated.


Toadie and Shane have picked up their beers and are walking back towards the picnic. Toadie asks Shane why he brought up the surrogacy news - Shane says that heís just looking out for him and doesnít understand how he can be so calm about his wife getting close to another man. Toadie insists that Mark and Sonyaís relationship is nothing more than platonic. Shane then drops the news that he saw Mark and Sonya earlier at the lake, and it looked like a lot more than a friendly meeting. Shane has to go, heís received a text from someone. Toadie looks stunned.

At Haroldís, Shane is chatting to a mysterious lady. She asks him if he has told Toadie the news yet, but he says that the timing isnít right. He tells the mysterious lady that she shouldnít have come, Toadie has enough going on with Sonya and the surrogacy without dropping another bombshell. Meanwhile, Finn is chatting to Xanthe. Xanthe isnít sure about Ben leaving school, but Finn insists that Ben has made the right choice to follow his dreams. As they chat Xanthe reveals to Finn that Susan has MS but she doesnít let this hold her back as a teacher, and neither should he. She also tells Finn about the tablets Susan has to take to keep her condition under control. Finn looks thoughtful as he digests this latest revelation.



The picnic is over and Toadie, Mark, Sonya and Steph are packing up. Steph thinks that Nell has had a good day, and Sonya agrees. Toadie is still stewing over the news that Shane revealed earlier, and cuts Sonya off when she asks him about Shaneís interrogation. He canít keep it in any longer and tells Sonya that Shane saw her and Mark at the lake earlier in an embrace. Putting this together with Sonya staying over at Markís house and the closeness of their relationship, Toadie asks Sonya if she and Mark are having an affair. Sonya flatly denies that there is anything romantic between them, but Toadie isnít convinced. He kicks the eskie and storms off, with Steph following him. Mark and Sonya are left at the lake, stunned into silenceÖ

Featured Regular Characters: Toadie Rebecchi, Nell Rebecchi, Sonya Rebecchi, Mark Brennan, Tyler Brennan, Steph Scully, Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy, Ben Kirk, Elly Conway, Xanthe Canning

Guest Cast: Nicholas Coghlan as Shane Rebecchi, Scarlet Vas as Mishti Sharma, Rob Mills as Finn Kelly

Trivia Notes
ē First appearance of Scarlet Vas as Mishti Sharma, though her identity is not revealed in this episode
ē Mishtiís first words are ďIím worried about you.Ē
ē Past characters Angie Rebecchi, Lucas Fitzgerald, Drew Kirk and Libby Kennedy are mentioned

Summary by Michael