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Magic Moments > 2017 > Callum's Return Episode 7618

Written by Sarah Mayberry, Directed by Gary Conway, Produced by Natalie Lynch

Channel Eleven: 07/06/17, Channel 5: 07/06/17

Paul proposes merging the motel and Backpackers to Leo and Steph... Leo tells Sonya that she wonít get away with destroying his business and nearly killing his brother... Toadie tells Steph that Sonya has checked herself out of rehab, and then finds out that she is living in a caravan... Toadie calls someone for help with Sonya... Jack tells Amy that he canít give himself to both God and his son... Lauren informs Jack that Amber has a burst appendix, but asks him not to tell Paige...

Paige is at the hospital walking back to her room with Jack after giving Gabe his first bath. Paige remarks on how cute Gabe was, but Jack tells her he was too nervous to notice. Paige doesnít agree with this and asks Lauren for her opinion, but she seems distracted. Paige asks Lauren when breastfeeding will become easier, but is told that these things take time. Lauren has to go for a house inspection and departs. Jack asks Paige if she wants any more water, giving him an excuse to speak to Lauren privately. He asks her if she has had any update from Amber after her burst appendix, but Lauren hasnít heard anything. Jack doesnít think itís a good idea to keep Amberís health issues from Paige, but Lauren tells him itís for the best and reiterates to Jack that he shouldnít divulge the news to her just yet. Jack isnít convinced that this is a good idea.


Leo is chatting to Paul and Steph at Robinsons, he says that he has found a buyer for Sonyaís Nursery but Steph didnít even know that she was selling. Leo contends that this is the only way that Toadie and Sonya will be in a position to compensate him for what happened at the Backpackers, and it is a better option than involving lawyers and a protracted legal battle. He also thinks that this will allow Sonya to focus on her recovery. Paul agrees that this is a good idea but Steph is angry that Leo thinks taking away Sonyaís Nursery is in any way a positive outcome for the Rebecchi family. She is adamant that forcing Sonya to sell the nursery is not on the agenda as it could push back her recovery further, and Paul and Leo have to reluctantly concede that they will not be able to change Stephís mind on this.

Over at no. 32, Toadie is checking his phone to make sure the flight is on time. Shane comes over and asks him if he has any second thoughts about the decision heís made, and Toadie admits that he isnít sure he has done the right thing. He asks Shane if he has made the right decision, and Shane assures him that this is the best thing to help Sonya. Toadie agrees that this is the last throw of the dice in order to bring Sonya home, and decides that he needs some sleep before heading off to the airport. Shane jokes that he doesnít look in the best shape at the moment as Toadie heads off to bed.


At the hospital, Paige is checking on Gabe as Jack walks in. She asks him if everything is ready for them to go home, and he says it is. Paige says that they are lucky to be able to go home so quickly, and that Amber and Josh had to wait for ages to be released from hospital. The mention of Amber brings a pang of guilt into Jackís mind about the news he is withholding from Paige regarding Amberís medical episode. Paige says that she has not heard from Amber for months, and Jack assures her that she is probably just busy. Jack busily changes the subject as Paige can tell that Jack is holding back; he covers his tracks by revealing that a parishioner has just died, and leaves. As Paige goes back to settling Gabe, Piper comes in, revealing the news about Amber. Paige looks surprised.

Jack has arrived at the church to sort out the funeral arrangements for the parishioner. Amy comes over to see if everything is okay, but Jack is stressed; he says that he canít both look after Paige and look after the church. Jack says to Amy that maybe itís best if he calls the Bishop and hands in his resignation from the church, but Amy wants to know if this is truly the decision that he wants to take. Jack isnít sure what he wants to do as he doesnít want to let down Paige and Gabe, and Amy tells him that he needs to be sure of his decision before he does something rash.


At the caravan park, there is a knock at Sonya's door and Toadieís surprise visitor is revealed - itís Callum. He tells her that he is here to bring her home, but Sonya is still in shock that he has flown over just to see her. Sonya learns that Toadie arranged for Callum to come and visit her, and she is upset that he decided to take this course of action. Callum asks to come inside so that they can chat, but Sonya doesnít want him to see the state of the caravan and instead tells him that they will go for a walk after she has tidied herself up. As she heads inside Callum notices empty bottles of alcohol littered around the caravan and looks worried.

Paige is still at the hospital preparing to leave for home as Lauren pops in, she has found the perfect gift for Gabe in the gift shop. Paige doesnít look happy, she asks Lauren why she didnít want to tell her about Amber and her burst appendix. Lauren tells her that she didnít want her to worry unnecessarily about Amber or the fact that she might have to leave to go and look after her, cutting short the time she wants to spend with Paige and her newborn. Paige says that it was her decision to stay in Erinsborough and she is coping fine; being a single mother is frightening but Paige says that Laurenís influence has given her strength. Paige implores Lauren to go and look after Amber, she has already called Amber to let her know she is on her way home.


At Harold's, Steph is trying to persuade Paul to hold back from pushing Sonya for compensation until she is back on her feet. Paul says that the deal Leo came up with is a generous one to both parties that doesnít involve extra expense, but Steph pleads with him to think of another option. She even suggests selling back some of her shares to cover Leoís loss from the Backpackers, but Paul doesnít understand why she would want to do this just for Sonyaís sake. Steph says that things with Sonya are even bleaker than they seem; she tells Paul that Sonya checked herself out of rehab and is now living in a caravan, convinced that Nell and Toadie are better off without her. Convinced that if Leo sells the nursery it will give Sonya less of a reason to return to Ramsay Street, Steph appeals to Paulís better nature. Paul tells Steph that he will talk to Leo, but canít promise her that he will be able to change his mind. Steph is grateful for his compassion and leaves.

Back at the caravan park, Sonya and Callum are out for a walk. Sonya isnít happy that Callum has come all this way to see her, telling him that the issues she is having with Toadie shouldnít be of his concern. She apologises to Callum for him being dragged into their marital problems but he interrupts her, telling her that he is glad Toadie called him. Heís worried about her and forces Sonya to reassess her situation, telling her that she shouldnít be living in a caravan. Feeling that some tough talking is the only way to get through to his mum, he tells Sonya that hiding away and relying on alcohol as a comfort blanket is not the way forward. Sonya isnít happy with this outburst and tells Callum that she is still his mother and he needs to respect her, however Callum sees this is a cover and tells her to stop lying to herself. They come to a park bench and Callum tells her to take a seat, he has more that he wants to say.


Still preparing to leave the hospital, Paige is packing a bag. Lauren doesnít feel comfortable about going back to Queensland so soon after the birth. Jack has another solution, he tells Paige that she should go and stay with Lauren for a few days, so that they can support each other whilst Amber recovers from her surgery. Lauren thinks that this is a good idea but Paige isnít sure she wants to leave Jack so soon. However, Jack insists that he will be okay whilst she is gone and asks Paige if she will agree to go. She looks pensive, thinking it over.

Sonya and Callum are talking things over. Callum tells Sonya that she is naÔve if she thinks that leaving Nell to grow up without a mother is the right thing to do, and brings up his own experiences of abandonment when Sonya left him when he was growing up. He wonders if Sonyaís reasons for leaving at that time were because she didnít love him enough to stay, and then talks about how his feelings of isolation and neglect changed when Toadie decided to adopt him. Callum understands that Sonya had to leave him out of love as she was not in a good place at that time, and Sonya agrees that this was the case; she didnít want to ruin his life by inflicting her pain on to him. Callum says that there is still a part of him that wonders what he did wrong to make Sonya leave, and he doesnít want Nell to grow up with those same feelings. He implores Sonya to return to Ramsay Street for Nellís sake, telling her that she shouldnít allow another of her children to have to grow up without a mother. Sonya is teary-eyed and anguished at Callumís strong words.


Toadie has arrived at the caravan park and wonders where Sonya and Callum are. He then sees Callum walking back on his own without Sonya. Callum apologises to Toadie, he tried everything he could to persuade Sonya to come home, but Toadie is grateful for his efforts. He also says sorry to Callum for involving him in this, but Callum says that he was more than happy to help, he wouldnít have been able to live with himself if he didnít speak to Sonya. Callum doesnít understand why Sonya is acting like this, preferring to live away from the people that make her happy, and Toadie concedes that this is his fault; he feels that he pushed Sonya away through his actions. Realising that Sonya is not going to be coming home, Toadie and Callum decide to leave.

Paige is packing for her stay in Queensland as she prepares to leave the hospital. She promises Piper that she will send plenty of photos while she is away. Lauren thanks Jack for allowing Paige to stay with her for a few weeks; Lauren was in a difficult position between supporting Paige and looking after Amber. She also tells Jack that he should come up and visit when he has some time. Jack has one final hold of Gabe before Paige takes him, she doesnít feel entirely happy about taking her newborn away from Jack so soon after the birth, but he assures her he will be fine and tells her to have some rest whilst sheís in Queensland. Paige and Jack embrace as she leaves.


At the Waterhole Paul has called Leo over for a chat about Sonya and the nursery. Having taken Stephís desperate pleas on board, he asks Leo to back off from pursuing Sonya for compensation for the time being as she is in a bad way. Leo isnít happy at this, asking Paul why he should roll over after what happened at the Backpackers. Paul reiterates that he just wants Leo to delay his course of action whilst Sonya sorts herself out, but Leo contends that he has already done more than enough to find an amicable solution with Toadie and Sonya. He also reminds Paul that Sonya nearly killed his brother. Paul says that there will be real issues with Steph if Leo continues his pursuit of compensation, but Leo is adamant that he wonít back down on this.

Jack is back at the church, lost in his thoughts. Amy comes in and asks him if he has had any second thoughts about asking Paige to leave, considering how much he loves Gabe. He says it was hard seeing him go, and confesses that heís worried he will not be able to continue being both a priest and a father. He is concerned that he will not be able to put his full focus into his church activities now that he has a son. Amy asks him if he is ready to make a decision about his future with the church. Jack says that he is and picks up the phone to speak to the Bishop.


Over at no. 30 Callum and Toadie are thinking about what happened at the caravan park. Toadie offers to make Callum some lunch but he says heís lost his appetite. There is a knock at the door and, to both Toadie and Callumís surprise, itís Sonya. Callum asks her if this is a temporary visit or if sheís staying permanently; and to both his and Toadieís relief she says itís the latter. Toadie is grateful that Sonya has decided to stay and thanks her for coming home, however Sonya tells him that she is doing it for Nell and Callumís sake and no one else's. Toadie understands and says that he is just grateful she has returned. Sonya tells Toadie that she will never forgive him for involving Callum in their marital problems, but he can accept this considering the alternative.

Toadie departs, leaving Sonya to settle back into no. 30 with Callumís help. Sonya and Callum embrace as Toadie makes his way back to no. 28, feeling bittersweet and emotional that his wife has returned.


At Robinsons, Steph receives a text message from Toadie informing her that Sonya has returned. She looks happy and tells Toadie sheíll be home soon. Leo is behind the counter; he shows Steph a letter he has drafted for the purchase of Sonyaís Nursery. Steph doesnít understand, she thought that he was not going to be pushing for compensation after their earlier chats, but Leo tells her he didnít agree to her terms. Steph says that he canít do this; Sonya has just returned to Erinsborough and Leoís attempts to purchase the nursery could push her recovery back. She implores him to reconsider his actions, telling him that Sonya has an addiction and is in a fragile state without Leo adding to her problems. Leo tells her that Sonya needs to face up for what sheís done and accept responsibility. Not getting through to him, Steph tells Leo that sheís calling Paul, hoping he will be able to make Leo see sense. However, Leo tells Sonya that Paul is on his side having agreed with him earlier, and that their shared genetics align with their shared business sense. Steph looks astonished as Leo heads out the door.

Featured Regular Characters: Sonya Rebecchi, Toadie Rebecchi, Shane Rebecchi, Paul Robinson, Steph Scully, Leo Tanaka, Paige Smith, Jack Callahan, Piper Willis, Amy Williams

Guest Cast: Kate Kendall as Lauren Turner, Morgan Baker as Callum Rebecchi, Kian Bafekrpour as Gabriel Smith

Trivia Notes
ē Morgan Baker returns as Callum Rebecchi for the first time since September 2015, when he made a brief video call following Toadie's bouncy castle accident
ē Past characters Josh Willis and Amber Turner are mentioned

Summary by Michael

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