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Magic Moments > 2019 > Mackenzie's Arrival Episode 8180

Written by Margaret Wilson, Directed by Guy Strachan, Produced by Natalie Mandel and Natalie Lynch

Channel Eleven: 30/08/19, Channel 5: 30/08/19

Yashvi tells her parents that she's moving out... Dipi suggests that she stay at home until after her exams and, if she passes, they'll get her a car... Ned tells Yashvi that she can't move in with him... Yashvi says that she's decided to stay at home... Amy tells Chloe about a personal shopping experience in the city... Chloe realises that it was Pierce's idea... Mark and Roxy kiss... He says that it has to stay between them... Harlow realises that Roxy hooked up with Mark, then calls over to Elly, saying that she wants to tell her something...

At Harold's, Elly goes over to Harlow and an uncomfortable Roxy, asking what Harlow wanted to talk to her about. Harlow smiles and says that she's really looking forward to their assessment on The Crucible that afternoon, Elly is surprised. Harlow goes on to say that she thinks that John Proctor shouldn't have hooked up with Abigail Williams in the play, as she was way too young for him. Elly, not realising that this is all a dig at Roxy, says that it's an interesting take, and that it could also be argued that Abigail was too immature for him. Harlow adds that she was also too stupid, at which point Roxy jumps in and says that she wasn't. Elly asks if Roxy has read The Crucible too, but Harlow says that it's a book with words, so of course Roxy hasn't. A confused Elly then goes to order her lunch, as Roxy says that she never believed she'd tell Elly anything. Harlow says that she's decided it would be better if her silence came at a price - and she'll decide what that price is later. An irritated Roxy gets up and leaves.


At the Waterhole, Chloe is surprised to learn that Pierce once worked in a circus in Krakow, filling in as strongman when his mate was injured. Chloe says that that story is going to be hard to top, then realises that they've run out of Champagne. Pierce suggests that they could use his premiere tickets instead, and Chloe thanks him for trying to cheer her up, following the break-up with Elly. As she goes home to change, Mark arrives, asking if they're going on a date. Pierce insists they're just friends, and that he's not about to pull Chloe into another relationship so soon after Elly. He says that he hopes she'll consider him when she's ready to move on, but for now, he's not going to push her.

At no. 30, Ned and Yashvi come in, arguing about football, and they join Dipi and Shane in the kitchen. Shane says that it's good to see Yashvi taking her studies so seriously, but she says that she's been studying all morning and needs a break. Dipi thinks it's good that she's pacing herself, and Yashvi explains that she's going to study at home, as she couldn't study at Ned's place. Shane remarks that it's a good thing she didn't move in with him then, and Ned - not noticing the look on Yashvi's face - says that it wasn't that he didn't want Yashvi to move in with him, it just wasn't the right time. Yashvi promptly gets rid of Ned, as Dipi and Shane realise that their daughter lied to them in order to get a car. Shane says that she's a selfish liar and he doesn't like her very much, not realising that Yashvi is still standing within earshot, very upset.


At no. 24, Roxy arrives early to see Mark, saying that she didn't want to keep him waiting. He goes to kiss her, but then she asks how bad it would be if people found out about them. Mark says that there's nothing serious between them, and Roxy agrees, but still wants to know how he'd feel about other people knowing. He says that he just doesn't want any drama, and things are fine as they are. He asks Roxy if she agrees, and she just smiles and takes her top off.

At no. 32, Yashvi has come to retrieve her football, saying that she was aiming for her dad's head, as he said she was a terrible excuse for a human being. Chloe asks if she needs to talk about it, but Yashvi tells her to forget it, and asks where she's going, all dressed up. Chloe tells her about the movie premiere, but says that she doesn't know all of the details, as Pierce organised it. Yashvi is surprised to hear that she's "back on the P train", before apologising for the unfortunate turn of phrase. Chloe insists that there's always been something between her and Pierce, but he messes with her head, so she's just taking it slowly and happy to have a distraction from Elly. Chloe then realises that he's sent an Uber rather than a chauffeur-driven car, and Yashvi pretends to feel sorry for her.


At Erinsborough High, Susan thanks Karl for bringing her some documents that she left at home, then she notices a text on her phone. It's from Elly, asking if she wants to go and see The 1975. Susan wonders why Elly would be asking her, before receiving another message, saying that it was actually intended to be sent to Chloe. Karl wonders if Elly and Chloe are going to be able to maintain a platonic friendship - Susan looks concerned.

In the school corridor, Harlow is chatting to Yashvi, wondering what she would do if she had a slave who'd do anything for her. Yashvi says that she's get them to write this essay, as she's going to find it too hard to concentrate after what happened with her dad earlier. Just then, Susan comes out of her office with Mackenzie, a new student who'd just arrived from New South Wales. She introduces her to Harlow and Yashvi and says that they'll all be in the same classes. Harlow says that it's a great school, and Mackenzie tells them that she has to take two buses to get there. Yashvi asks why she didn't go to a school closer to her home, and Mackenzie explains that she's staying with her Auntie Trish, who enrolled her in the school due to its excellent reputation. Susan is pleased to hear this, and she sends Mackenzie off to her first class with Harlow and Yashvi.



Chloe arrives at the Erinsborough Pavillion, surprised to find it set up for an outdoor film screening, with no sign of any movie stars or a red carpet. Pierce explains that he was talking about his premiere tickets, not a movie premiere, and it allows them snacks and comfortable seats in the front row. He thinks the misunderstanding is funny, but Chloe says that his lack of communication skills is not amusing. Karl and Toadie then arrive too, surprised to see Chloe so dressed up. They all take their seats, and Chloe tells Pierce that this had better be the best movie she's ever seen.

Back at Erinsborough High, Harlow and Yashvi are doing their exam essay, as Mackenzie reads at the back of the class. She watches as Yashvi struggles to write anything, unable to stop thinking about what her dad said.


As they all leave the classroom later, Yashvi is convinced that she's failed. Mackenzie suggests that she could ask for another try, as she did that once at her old school - the pressure got to her, but she knew that she could do better, so she just explained that to the teacher. Harlow points out that it would need to be a whole new essay question, but Yashvi thinks it's worth asking Mrs Kennedy anyway.

At no. 24, Roxy and Mark emerge from the bedroom, and she says that she's going to send him some pics. He glances at her phone and notices that she's got him in here under his real name, worrying that someone might see it. She suggests that they could use nicknames, and he wants his to be The Doctor. She doesn't understand the Doctor Who reference, and he realises that she's never even heard of the show when she asks if The Doctor does boob jobs. He's stunned, but tells her to just put him down as The Doctor and their secret will be safe. Roxy doesn't look happy with that last remark.


At the school, Yashvi knocks on Susan's door, about to ask about an exam retake, but then changes her mind and claims that she's forgotten what she wanted to ask. Susan asks her to sit down, asking her how Mackenzie is settling in. Yashvi says that she seems cool, and Susan asks her to keep an eye on the new girl - Yashvi wonders why, and if she had a hard time at her last school, but Susan says that she just wants to make sure that Mackenzie is fitting in. Yashvi says that Susan could return the favour, by allowing her to resit the essay. Susan explains that she couldn't allow that without a good reason, so Yashvi says that she's been having a hard time at home with her dad. Susan asks if that affected her performance today, and Yashvi thinks that it did - she couldn't ever complete the paper. Susan agrees to give her a do over, but says that it'll have to be after hours. Yashvi thanks her and leaves.

Chloe and Pierce are watching the movie, and she's complaining about the plot, with Karl shushing her. She notices Pierce smiling at her, and asks if he's still laughing at the mix-up from earlier. She then gets a text - and gets called rude by Toadie - and notices that it's from Elly, asking if she wants to get tickets for The 1975. Pierce asks if she's ok, and Chloe says that Elly still signs her tests with a kiss, which stings a little bit when she sits it. She gets shushed again by both Toadie and Karl, so she puts her phone away, but looks upset.


At no. 30, Dipi is joined in the kitchen by Shane, who has returned from walking Clancy and says that dogs are much easier than humans - they just need a walk and some food, and they don't trick you into buying them a car. Dipi hands him a beer and says that they need to figure out how they're going to handle this. Shane says that the deal is off, and that they can't afford a car right now anyway, as they need to be saving for their own home. Dipi worries that, if they go back on the deal, it's going to make things much worse with Yashvi, but Shane won't reward her for lying. Dipi doesn't know what to do, but Shane says that Yashvi can't get away with this - she needs to learn a lesson.

At the school, Ned has accompanied Yashvi as she prepares to retake the essay, telling her that Shane didn't mean what he said. He apologises for the whole situation, but Yashvi says that she's done worse things than this, and her dad has never spoken about her like that - that she knows of. Susan comes along, and Yashvi goes into the classroom, saying that she's going to smash the essay this time. Ned wishes her luck, and she goes to sit down. She receives a text from Mackenzie, wishing her luck, and Susan thinks that's a nice gesture, but tells Yashvi to put her phone on silent, then hands her the paper and wishes her luck.


At Harold's, Roxy joins Harlow, having been summoned by text message. Roxy asks her what she wants - Harlow says that she's like Roxy to do some of her chores. She suggests ironing, polishing shoes and stacking the dishwasher, but then she adds that, when Terese lifts the car ban, she wants full custody of Hermione. Roxy won't agree to that, so Harlow says that she'll just go and speak to Mark. Roxy then backs down and agrees to everything, but doesn't look happy about it.

The movie is finishing, and Chloe receives a call from Elly. Toadie wakes up Karl, and grumpily leaves, saying that he likes to watch the film credits without the distraction of electronic devices. Pierce says that Elly must really want to speak to her, but Chloe says that she just needs to know about the tickets. Pierce thinks it's unfair of Elly to keep on calling and texting so soon after the break-up, and Chloe admits that she's finding it all very tough. She says that Elly seems to be finding it so easy to snap back into friends mode, but she can't do that herself. Pierce suggests that she just tell Elly how she feels, but Chloe says that she's hoping it'll get easier with time.


Back at the school, Yashvi hands her completed paper over to Susan, thanking her for doing this. Susan says that it's her pleasure, as Yashvi has been working very hard this year. Elly then comes by, asking Susan is she's ready to leave yet. She says that she's still waiting to hear back from Chloe about the tickets, at which point Yashvi pipes up and says that Chloe is at a movie premiere with Pierce, so that's why she isn't answering her phone. Elly looks taken aback, and Susan goes over and checks that she's ok. Elly insists that she just needs to know about the tickets, and that she's going to walk home. Susan reminds her that she has a strong friendship with Chloe, and that will survive anyone else who comes into their lives. Elly again says that she's fine and she leaves.


Pierce notices Elly walking across the Lassiters Complex and approaches her, saying that he's glad they bumped into each other. He says that he doesn't want to cause trouble, but he doesn't think that Elly is considering Chloe's feelings when she keeps calling her. Elly says that this is none of Pierce's business, but he says that she's making it impossible for Chloe to move on. Elly thinks that Pierce only cares because he wants Chloe to move on to him and she goes to walk away, but trips on her heel and falls to the ground, lying there in agony as Pierce looks on...

Featured Regular Characters: Elly Conway, Roxy Willis, Harlow Robinson, Pierce Greyson, Chloe Brennan, Mark Brennan, Ned Willis, Shane Rebecchi, Dipi Rebecchi, Yashvi Rebecchi, Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Guest Cast: Georgie Stone as Mackenzie Hargreaves

Trivia Notes
First appearance of Georgia Stone as Mackenzie Hargreaves who, after an initial guest stint, would become a series regular in 2020
Mackenzie's first words are "I have to take two buses to get here, so I hope so."

Summary by Steve

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