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Magic Moments > 2020 > Amy's Return Episode 8511

Written by Elizabeth Packett, Directed by Tony Gardiner ACS, Produced by Kate Kendall and Andrew Thompson

10 Peach: 08/12/20, Channel 5: 09/01/21

Karl and Susan are confused as Jane mentions that Audrey has never had a boyfriend, but Nicolette implied that she has a bad history with men. Nicolette tells Audrey that she wanted to stop her from getting close to Toadie and revealing their secret. Nicolette says she's going to leave Audrey alone from now on. Audrey tells Toadie the truth about the money she donated to the foundation - she and Nicolette stole it...

Still at Harold's, Toadie is shocked to hear the truth, though Audrey insists that she isn't proud of what they did. She says that she didn't want to do it, and that's why she never spent her share - she came to Melbourne hoping to persuade Nicolette that they could both give their money to Marco's family. She says that Nicolette had already spent hers, and persuaded Audrey to keep quiet, but she couldn't continue to see Toadie without him knowing. Though still shocked, this gives him a little comfort, and Audrey says that she's not a bad person and she wants their relationship to work.


At number 32, Aaron comes inside to make more cocktails for Chloe, as Nicolette is cooking. She says that she won't have any alcohol, just in case she's pregnant. Audrey then bursts in, urgently wanting to talk to Nicolette. As Nic goes to talk to Audrey in private, insisting it's nothing to worry about, Aaron and David go back outside. Nicolette is then stunned to hear that Audrey has confessed everything to Toadie.

As Paul and Terese exit the lift into the hotel reception, they are confused to find a woman asking receptionist Monty to wiggle his bum at her. They go over, and Monty darts back behind the reception desk, as the woman says that it's an absolute thrill to meet them both. She says that she recognises them from the website, and introduces herself as Amy Greenwood - here to win the tender to design the new Lassiters uniforms. She explains that she was chatting to Monty, who thinks his pants need a little more room to bend, and she insists that she wasn't sexually harassing him. She then asks if they have time for a chat, and they struggle to get a word in to turn down the request.


At number 28, Karl has been filled in on Audrey's confession, and he can't believe she'd do that, though he wouldn't put it past Nicolette. Toadie agrees, but isn't sure he can see past it, and there's the matter of returning the donation, which will have legal and moral implications. Karl says that he'll also have to inform Clive, and that Audrey and Nicolette will most likely lose their jobs.

Amy follows Terese and Paul into the Lassiters office, still talking. She's telling them about how she grew up in Erinsborough, but Paul asks her to get to the point. When Terese asks about her experience in fashion design, Amy explains that she's always worked as a flight attendant, but her airline recently went bust - her only real design experience is in her mind. She says that her old work uniform taught her the importance of being comfy but looking extremely hot. Paul says that they'll look at her online application, but Amy explains that she hasn't applied yet - she's staying at the hotel to check out its vibe and chat to the staff, then she'll hand in her application in person. Paul and Terese tell her that there are no exceptions to the process, but Amy isn't phased, and then asks if she can get a discount on a room, as she's staying there for work purposes. They laugh at her, so she decides to go and ask Monty.


At number 32, Aaron and David insist on cleaning, as Nicolette did the cooking, but she says that she doesn't mind, though Chloe tells her she doesn't have a choice. Jane asks her daughter if she's ok, as she's been very quiet, and they all realise that Nic went quiet after Audrey's visit. As they try to get her to open up, Nicolette finally realises that they all need to know the truth, as they'll find out sooner or later...

As Nicolette finishes the story, she says that it's not that bad - Audrey donated her share to Sonya's foundation and she used hers to go and visit Mrs Mangel in London for the last time. Jane points out that a trip to London doesn't cost $50,000, and Nic admits that she splurged on other things but it mostly went to good causes. David is furious about her stealing from a patient, saying it's unethical, immoral and illegal. Nicolette says that everyone makes mistakes, which only angers David further and Aaron tries to calm him down. Jane points out that someone stole her money once too when she was catfished, but Nic says that Marco's money was from a scratch card, so it's not like he spent his life earning it. Jane thinks that his family should still have been given that money, even if they weren't close to Marco. Nicolette suddenly realises how badly she's messed up, and that there's no justification for what she did.


At the hospital, Toadie is waiting for Audrey as she leaves a meeting with Karl. She says that she's lost her job and her career, though Karl says that the nursing board will decide if she can keep her registration. Karl leaves them alone to talk, and Audrey says that she'll also be reported to the police, and asks if he'll go with her, as a friend. He isn't sure, admitting that he wishes this didn't bother him as much as it does. Audrey insists that she's never done anything else bad, and never will again, hoping that Toadie can move past this. He says that, since Sonya died, he just doesn't have the emotional energy to deal with this sort of thing, and Audrey realises that the relationship is over.

At number 32, David is (angrily) tidying the kitchen, as Aaron tells him to take it easy. David says that he's absolutely livid about this whole situation, and Aaron should be too. Aaron points out that Nic made a mistake years ago, but David says that she also kept it a secret - and it was only because Audrey has a conscience that they found out. David wonders what else she's hiding, but Aaron doesn't think there's anything else. David then points out that Aaron trusted this woman to carry their baby, and now they have no idea who she really is. He says that if that doesn't completely freak Aaron out, then he has no idea who his husband is.


At number 30, Amy arrives and immediately recognises Karl, though he doesn't remember her, until Toadie says her name. Amy is surprised, pointing out that, although it's been 20 years, she still looks exactly the same. Her mind is blown as Karl explains that he's just visiting number 30 as Toadie's friend, and she says that she's in town as she has important business at Lassiters. She looks around, surprised by the lack of pizza boxes and game consoles, and Toadie says that he's a responsible parent of three these days. Amy says that she knows, as she's been stalking his socials, and asks about the cute girl he's been seeing. Realising something is wrong, Amy gets him to sit down and tell her all about it.

In the back garden of number 22, David has told Paul and Terese what Nicolette did, and Paul admits that, although he was right about Nicolette all along, he doesn't feel good about it. David says that Aaron is trying to look on the bright side, but only because he's so desperate to have a baby. David says that they can't trust her, and Paul agrees, telling his son that he needs to get out of this whole mess. Terese points out that they don't even know if Nicolette is pregnant yet. Paul says that, if she is pregnant, they'll cross that bridge when they come to it, but David says that he doesn't know how, because he doesn't want a baby with Nicolette, not any more.


At number 32, Clive has come to talk things through with Nicolette, and says that her employment at the hospital has been terminated and her registration is suspended. Nicolette asks if she'll ever be a nurse again, Clive doesn't answer, but tells her that she'll need to speak to the police. She goes to get her bag, as Jane thanks Clive for doing all this in person. Jane and Clive leave the room, and Chloe asks Nic if she wants some company. Nic wonders why Chloe doesn't hate her like everyone else - Chloe says she'd be a hypocrite if she did, as she's done plenty of things she's not proud of. Nic thanks her, and they leave for the police station together.

Back at number 30, Toadie is finishing up the story about Audrey, and asks Amy about Damien. She explains that he turned out to be gay, as did her second husband, Eric. They've got three kids between them, who live with their dads in Cairns, and it's all fine, but she has a little cry about it sometimes. Karl tells her that he and Susan are heading off for a family reunion for Christmas, and Amy reminisces about her schooldays with Billy, Anne and Lance. She asks Toadie if Lance is married, he confirms that he is. Amy then jokes that maybe Lance's wife will turn out to be gay, before laughing in a slightly maniacal fashion.


At Harold's Cafe, Audrey and Nicolette are having a debrief about their statements to the police, and Chloe says that things could still turn out to be ok, if Marco's family don't want to take the matter further. Nicolette turns on Audrey, saying that she promised not to say anything, but Audrey points out that she never made that promise and she's not sorry for finally telling the truth - even if she's lost her job and boyfriend, she still has her integrity. Audrey says that maybe one day Nicolette will see that this was the right thing to do, and she leaves, as Paul and Terese walk in. Paul takes great pleasure in Nicolette's downfall, and says that Jane must be devastated, but at least this means the end of Nicolette co-parenting with Aaron and David. Nic is confused, but Paul says that he doubts they'll even want her in their house.

At number 32, Aaron still thinks it's worth sticking with Nicolette, as the other options are expensive and exhausting, but David won't even consider it. Nic and Chloe come in, with Nic wanting to know if what Paul said was true. Jane hears the commotion and joins them, as David says that he hopes Nicolette isn't pregnant, and they won't be trying again. He says that they'll go back to the original plan of finding a surrogate in Canada - Aaron says that they need to sleep on it, but David insists that his mind is made up, he can't trust Nicolette.


At The Waterhole, Amy insists that she can design amazing clothes, but she needs an inside edge to win the uniform tender. She explains that she needs to know everything about Paul Robinson. Toadie is distracted as Audrey walks in, so he goes over to talk to her. She tells him that she's going back to Canberra, as there's nothing left for her in Erinsborough. Toadie sadly confirms that there isn't, and she says that she'd rather be honest and lose him, than keep him and be a liar. She tells him to take care and leaves the bar.


At number 32, Aaron and David are still struggling to find common ground on the Nicolette issue, when she joins them, apologising for the interruption. She tells them that she's pregnant - Aaron attempts to smile, while David does not look at all happy...

Featured Regular Characters: Aaron Brennan, David Tanaka, Chloe Brennan, Paul Robinson, Nicolette Stone, Jane Harris, Terese Willis, Toadie Rebecchi, Karl Kennedy, Clive Gibbons

Guest Cast: Jacinta Stapleton as Amy Greenwood, Zahra Newman as Audrey Hamilton, Corey J Triffett as Monty Shortt

Trivia Notes
Jacinta Stapleton returns to the role of Amy, who last made a cameo appearance for the 20th anniversary documentary in 2005, having previously been a regular cast member between 1997 and 2000
Past regular characters Billy Kennedy, Mrs Mangel, Sonya Rebecchi, Anne Wilkinson and Lance Wilkinson are mentioned
Amy's former husband, Damien Smith, who was a guest character in 2000, is also mentioned

Summary by Steve

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