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Magic Moments > 2021 > The 2021 Season Finale Episode 8751

Written by Sarah Mayberry, Directed by Declan Eames, Produced by Kate Kendall, Natalie Mandel and Andrew Thompson

10 Peach: 09/12/21, Channel 5: 10/12/21

Paul suggests that he and Terese are attracted to each other because they're so similar. Terese is tempted to drink. Terese tells Glen she wants to be alone. Mackenzie wonders why Harlow is so obsessed with Glen. Roxy worries that Harlow is turning into a psychopath. The residents of number 32 agree to spend Christmas together for Isla. Leo invites Britney to visit for Christmas. Harlow spots a panicky Glen trying to set foot on the hotel roof by the pool, but then retreating back inside.

At number 32, a delighted Jane and Nicolette watch as Aaron brings Isla into the room, to show her what Santa has brought. David joins them, still worried about how distant Harlow is becoming. He says that he'll keep an eye on her today, especially as Glen is coming too. He also says that he isn't sure if Terese is going to make it to the party, but it'll be nice for Isla to have so much family around. They mention that it's also good that Britney is making an effort, so Isla and Abigail can spend their first Christmases together. Meanwhile, Jane is adding extra alcohol to the punch, explaining that she's going to need it in order to make it through a day with Paul. They decide that if it all gets too much for Jane, the safe word will be 'punch'!


At number 22, Kyle is delighted with his gift from Hendrix - a native ingredients cooking class, while Roxy tells Mackenzie that she's spoken to David and hopes he'll speak to Harlow. After Hendrix and Mackenzie leave, Roxy says that they can discuss their wedding ideas on the drive to Frankston. Kyle admits that Sheila has already started to take over, so he's been looking for a wedding planner to help them. Terese comes down the stairs, wishing them both a Happy Christmas, explaining that the Kennedys have invited her over, so she won't be home alone. As Roxy tidies up, she finds a receipt from the bottle shop - a guilty Terese quickly covers, saying that she bought some wine to take over to Karl and Susan's place.

Glen stands, looking up at the Lassiters roof and having flashbacks to his fall, with Todd trying to keep a grip on his hand. Harlow and Paul leave the hotel and go over to him, with Paul handing him a gift - a tie similar to the one Glen gave him 30 years ago. Glen tells them that he's going to David's party, and Harlow is horrified, but Paul is pleased. He notices the tension between Glen and Harlow, and Glen explains that Harlow broke into his hotel room.



Paul and Harlow are on the driveway of number 32, getting out of the car, and she's explaining that she's had a warning from Chloe and won't do it again. Paul, however, is distracted, looking over at number 22. Harlow suggests that Paul should go and pay Terese a visit.

Paul stands at number 22's front door, hesitating before knocking. He calls out to Terese, who is in the kitchen pouring herself a glass of wine. She listens as he insists that he's sorry and that what happened at the counselling session was unforgivable. Terese walks to the door and listens as he says that she's one of the most loyal and loving women he's ever known. He says that he loves her and then walks away.


In the back garden of number 32, David and Aaron are pleased to see Harlow. She lies that Paul was delayed by a call from Andrew, but will join them soon. Meanwhile, Leo arrives with Britney and Abigail. Britney leaves Aaron and David to spend some time with Abigail, and goes to hug Nicolette. Leo is pleased that Britney seems to be much happier now. Chloe then arrives, and Nicolette goes over to speak to her, they share an awkward high five. Jane then shouts 'punch!' as Paul appears behind Nicolette, and she offers him a glass.

At number 22, there's a knock at the door, as Terese is still drinking and looking at a photo of Josh. She assumes it's Paul and tells him to go away, but it's actually Glen. She hides the wine and attempts to compose herself as she lets him in, insisting that he doesn't need to check on her. He says that he's struggling too - it's 30 years since his accident. He asks her to come to the party, but she lies that she's going to Frankston with Roxy.


Back at number 32, Britney is handing out food, with Leo and Chloe surprised at how much she's changed. As Aaron and Chloe argue over the food, they accidentally get soy sauce all over Nicolette, and Chloe awkwardly dabs at her with a napkin, before rushing off in embarrassment. Nicolette goes after her, as Glen arrives. Harlow watches him, but Paul tells her to relax, and David looks worried.

Out on Ramsay Street, Roxy and Kyle are preparing to leave, and are joined by Hendrix and Mackenzie. Hendrix jokes about Karl's terrible attempts to play Christmas songs. Roxy says that she hasn't heard anything from David about Harlow yet, and asks if Terese has been ok. Roxy is then concerned to hear that Terese wasn't at lunch with the Kennedys.


In the kitchen at number 32, Jane is looking after Isla, while a grateful Nicolette soaks her stained dress. Paul comes in and Jane attempts to avoid him, but is cornered. She says that they'll always be in each other's lives, as they share a grandchild, but things between them will never be the same. Jane leaves, and Nicolette asks Paul if he's been spreading some Christmas cheer. He leaves, as Glen walks in and overhears - he asks Nicolette for the whole story.

Outside, Britney comforts an embarrassed Chloe by telling her about the time she and Leo were in an elevator, and she fancied him and was chatting away, unaware that he had earbuds in and was talking to someone else. Meanwhile, Roxy and Kyle arrive, looking for Terese. As they all realise that Terese has been telling them different stories about where she's going, they realise that they need to find her - and Harlow watches as Glen sends Terese a text, asking her if she's ok.


Back inside, Paul is deep in thought, looking at the Christmas tree. Glen and Harlow suddenly burst in, closely followed by David, Roxy and Kyle. Harlow insists that Glen knows where Terese is, but he says that the last time he saw her, she was at home. Paul insists that, if Glen knows something, he needs to speak up, so Glen explains that Terese has started drinking again. He says that she just wanted to be alone today, which is why she lied, and they all go out to look for her.

In number 32's sun room, Britney is explaining that she wanted to come and see everyone, as things were so tense last time. Aaron says that they were all partly to blame, then goes over to speak to David, who explains about Terese going missing. He says that he's going to number 22, to wait there in case she comes back. Jane and Nicolette watch from outside, as Chloe takes photos of Britney and Abigail, commenting that it's amazing how much happier Britney seems to be.


Paul, Glen, Harlow, Roxy and Kyle arrive at Lassiters, deciding to split up to search more ground. As the others walk off, Paul asks Glen exactly how long he's known about Terese's drinking. Glen says that he doesn't want to discuss it, pointing out that she's Paul's ex-wife now, and that he's the one who's been supporting her, not Paul.

Harlow enters the hotel reception and finds private detective John Wong. He gives her a file, saying that her instincts were right - Glen Donnelly has some secrets. She thanks him, then goes over to the lift.


At number 32, Jane watches from the sun room, as Chloe attempts to apologise to Nicolette for the sauce, the dabbing and the high five. Nicolette says that she hopes they can go back to being friends, but Chloe says that she needs more time, and leaves. Leo and Britney then join Nicolette, and Britney explains that she's decided to stick around for a while. Leo is delighted, and says that she can stay at the penthouse. As Leo walks away, Nicolette starts teasing Britney about the way she's been looking at Leo. Britney insists that she's just happy to see the father of her child, but Nicolette isn't convinced.

Harlow finds a drunk Terese by the hotel pool, saying that she used the security cameras to track her down, and that Paul is worried. Harlow tries to get the wine from Terese, who backs off. As Terese says that Paul is still trying to control her, unlike Glen, Harlow says that Glen is the one who's manipulative, and that she has the proof.


Down on the ground, Paul and Glen continue to argue about Terese.

Terese is shocked to learn that Harlow hired John Wong to investigate Glen, and grabs the file from her.

As Glen says that he knows all about Paul paying Nicolette for her baby, pieces of paper start to fall to the ground nearby. As Glen starts to blame Paul for Terese's relapse, they hear screaming and look up...



Terese is hanging over the side of the hotel roof, screaming for her life and barely clinging on...

Featured Regular Characters: Mackenzie Hargreaves, Hendrix Greyson, Roxy Willis, Kyle Canning, Aaron Brennan, David Tanaka, Leo Tanaka, Chloe Brennan, Paul Robinson, Harlow Robinson, Nicolette Stone, Jane Harris, Terese Willis

Guest Cast: Richard Huggett as Glen Donnelly, Montana Cox as Britney Barnes, Harry Tseng as John Wong, Mary Finn as Isla Tanaka-Brennan, Axelle Austin as Abigail Tanaka

Trivia Notes
The second scene shows an establishing shot of number 26, but is actually set at number 22.
Glen is incorrectly credited as 'Glenn' for this episode.
Flashbacks from The 1991 Season Finale are shown.

Summary by Steve

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