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Magic Moments > 2022 > Harold's Return Episode 8884

Written by Holly Tossi, Directed by Kate Kendall, Produced by Katja Bauerle and Andrew Thompson

10 Peach: 18/07/22, Channel 5: 06/07/22

Toadie proposes but Melanie says he's still grieving, so it's a not yet. Toadie offers Amy moral support after she was stood her up. Byron tells Nicolette he suspects Clive is having an affair, when she questions why he didn't tell her sooner he admits he's an escort. Mackenzie berates her Dad for telling Sadie not to share the video footage of Hendrix and tells him to leave Erinsborough.

At Number 28, Mackenzie wakes with a jolt from a dream of Hendrix swimming in a pool just as Karl and Susan return from Queensland. Mackenzie asks how their trip was, Karl explains that whilst it was lovely to see Billy and Anne they were worried about her, but she quickly cottons on that they'd spoken with her Dad and changes the subject back to their trip.


At The Waterhole, Toadie, Melanie, Nell, Hugo, Amy and Zara have finished their dinner and are playing eye spy. Zara notes that Amy is distracted by Toadie who has Hugo on his lap and asks her if she has any guesses but Amy doesn't answer, so Toadie sends the kids to give her a hug. Nell says they've been told not to let her go until she smiles.

In Harold's, Byron and Nicolette are discussing Clive and he asks if she honestly believes Clive would never cheat, she thinks for a moment before sharing that he did cheat on Beverly with Sheila but it was a long time ago. Byron says that means he has form as Jane arrives with Terese and asks what they're talking about. Nicolette covers, but makes a crack about Byron "escorting" her down memory lane about a fancy ski resort he worked at last Winter. Terese says that sounds nice, so Byron asks if she skis, which Terese laughs off telling him she'd rather a book next to a roaring fire anyday before going off with Jane to order as Byron and Nicolette continue their conversation out of earshot. Nicolette tells Byron that she doesn't believe Clive would cheat and he's going to need rock solid proof before he shares his suspicions with Jane.


At Number 30, Toadie enters the sunroom to find Amy sat alone, he asks if he heard her up at 3am that morning, she says she was thinking about something he said and realised doesn't want to wait, she wants to have a baby on her own.

The next morning out the front of Harold's, Nicolette delivers Kiri's coffee order. Kiri says it must be nice to have Byron back, she says it is when he can fit her into his busy schedule. Jane walks up and as Kiri leaves starts questioning Nicolette about relationship, Nicolette says it's nice, but she hopes she doesn't go full Nicolette and ruin it. Jane agrees as Nicolette carries on explaining that she's happy just to be friends for now, before noticing that Jane is distracted by her phone. Jane explains that she's been trying to track down a specific vintage pocket watch for Clive as his father gave him one years ago but he's lost it, but no one seems to have one. Nicolette comments that her Mum really seems to think the world of Clive, she says she does and wonders why she questioned it. Nicolette says she just hopes she has that someday, Jane tells her she just has to be patient.


At Number 28, Karl and Susan are having breakfast as Mackenzie walks out from the bedrooms. They're surprised to see her as they didn't realise she stayed over and offer her some breakfast. As they rattle off menu options, Mackenzie realised her Dad told them she wasn't eating much and has been sleeping in Hendrix's bed which he thinks is a major worry, Karl tries to defend Grant as Susan tells Mackenzie to just do what she needs to do. Just then, there is a knock at the door, Susan goes to answer and she and Karl are thrilled to see it's Harold Bishop.


Susan hugs Harold and asks what he's doing there as Karl takes his bag and introduces him to Mackenzie. Harold gives her his condolences and quotes "those we hold in our arms for a short while, we hold in our hearts forever" which Mackenzie seems to appreciate before she says she'll leave them to catch up. As Mackenzie leaves, Susan explains she's still doing it tough, Harold says he's been thinking about them all since they told him about Hendrix when they were in Queensland. Susan says he's certainly overdue a visit and both she and Karl insist he stay with them and ask if Toadie knows he's in town, he signals that it's a surprise. Karl says he'll be over the moon and Susan adds Harold is going to be in high demand from Jane and Amy and even Paul. As Susan mentions Melanie, Harold seems a little less thrilled, but it goes unnoticed as Karl mentions that he needs to pop into work then asks if Harold is hungry. He says he thinks he'll go for a walk after being on the plane, Susan says that's exactly what they'll do before throwing her arms around Harold again and exclaiming "I'm so glad you're here!"


In the sunroom at Number 30, Amy tells Toadie she'll be looking at IVF but it's not going to happen overnight. Toadie says he thinks it's admirable that she's taking control of her life as Zara listens in from the kitchen then questions what's admirable. As Amy explains, Zara offers her support as Toadie says he'd love to have another baby again and offers to be a positive male influence in the baby's life.

Harold enters Harold's with Susan, she explains although there's been a renovation the name remains the same. Just then Jane walks out from the toilets and is overjoyed to see Harold, walking arms outstretched and exclaiming "Mr Bishop!". She then introduces Nicolette who also refers to him as Mr Bishop, but Harold says they should call him by his first name. Jane continues to introduce Harold to Nicolette and then Byron, explaining that he's almost like family as they used to live together when he boarded with her Nan. Byron realises he's Toby and Sky's Grandpa, whilst Jane continues that Byron is a lawyer while Nicolette... used to be a nurse... but now manages the cafe as well as being a parent. Nicolette asks if Harold has any juicy stories to share from his time living with her Mum, Harold questions what she means by juicy before Jane says that two words spring to her mind, Hot Cargo, going onto explain that it was an adult video that Harold and Mrs Mangel watched in error. Nicolette is beside herself at the thought of Nan Mangel watching an x-rated video, but Harold defends himself and his former landlady, explaining that they thought they were watching a documentary. Nicolette pushed for more info and ask Jane explains the plot of the film, Nicolette makes a subtle dig at Byron about it sounding familiar.


At Lassiter's, the Rebecchis and Melanie are walking to the lake. Nell asks if she and Hugo can go to Sonya's tree whilst Toadie and Melanie find a bench to sit on. They discuss Melanie's struggle with living in Sonya's shadow and Amy's decision then the conversation turns to Toadie's proposal and they discuss having a ceremony by the lake when the time comes.

In the sunroom at Number 30, Amy is looking at fertility clinics online with Zara. Amy wonders if Toadie's heard of the clinic they're looking at, to which Zara sarcastically replies that she's sure he'll help her research it. Amy asks what she meant by it and Zara points of that Toadie said he'd be there every step of the way and that he'd love another child, but Amy insists that he was just being supportive. Zara suggests that Toadie likes Amy too but hasn't realised it yet, but Amy argues that she was wrong about how she thought she felt about Toadie as she carries the washing basket into the house, followed by Zara.

In the living area, they continue to argue as Amy sorts the washing, and as Zara asks if it's possible that somehow she has feelings for Toadie, Amy admits that maybe she does just as Harold enters.


At the lake, Melanie, Nell and Hugo run around catching fairies before an exhausted Melanie gives up and plonks herself down next to Toadie. Melanie wonders if the kids are thirsty and grabs Toadie's bag to look for their drinks. As she does, Toadie tells her to hang on, just as she finds a bag from a jewellers. Melanie pulls out a box and asks it it's a ring, acting nonchalant, Toadie explains he wasn't looking but saw it in a jewellers and thought it was perfect. Questioning why he was carrying it around, Toadie replied it was in case the time was right as Mackenzie walks up. She comments on how lovely the spot they're sat in is as Hendrix always loved it, then asks if it's a ring she sees in the bag. Melanie says apparently while Toadie apologises, but Mackenzie tells them that if they want to get married not to wait, life is short, they need to celebrate their love while they can and Hendrix would say the same thing.

As Mackenzie leaves, Toadie starts his proposal: "Mel, I love you and I wanna spend the rest of my life with you, nothing would make me happier."Getting down on one knee, Toadie continues "Melanie Pearson will you marry me?" to which she replies yes. They laugh, kiss and hug.

At Harold's, Byron is helping Nicolette as she clears tables. She asks why he's working for Toadie if he loves escorting so much, he says he's passionate about law too and wants the best of both worlds. Nicolette says there will be no judgement on his choices from her, but there will be jokes, their Mum on the other hand will be a different story, it will seriously affect his Golden Child status. Byron asks if that really bothers her, she replies that it annoying, but maybe Jane will see her as less of a screw up now he's not so perfect. Byron asks if Nicolette will let his secret slip if she gets mad at him, she says she won't as it's more fun holding it over him. Byron says she's right though, their Mum won't understand, he hates lying to her but it's the only way.


At Number 30, Amy tells Harold it's so good to see him, but Toadie didn't mention he was coming. Harold explains he didn't know, he's just surprised the Kennedys too. Amy begins to reminisce about Hannah, Tad and Lance, then asks if Harold still sees Lou. Harold starts to answer but is interrupted by Zara who says that she thinks he might be tripping out about what he just overheard. Amy explains that Harold walked in just as she was about to mention to Zara that Melanie and Toadie are really committed to each other and asks him to forget what he heard. Zara protests, but Amy asks Harold to confirm he won't say anything. Harold says it's not his place and Amy quickly changes the subject by offering him a tea or a coffee, as he accepts the offer of a tea, Amy reiterates that it's so good to see him, declaring that she loves the 90s. As Amy makes the tea, Harold notices Melanie's pig collection and comments that he sees she's moved in. Zara confirms that she has, along with her porky mates and asks if Harold knows her well. He explains that she used to be married to his former son-in-law.

At The Waterhole, Susan comments to Karl that Harold has come back just at the right time, especially with Mackenzie spending so much time at their place, he was always so good with the young ones. Karl agrees and says he might be a better judge of how she's coping. Susan says that grief is so individual that she can't get a gauge of how she's coping and Karl wonders if they dropped the ball by going to Queensland as Mackenzie enters. Susan calls her over and tells her that Harold will be staying with them for a little while as Grant messages to see how Mackenzie is. Karl suggests that Mackenzie talks to him, but she says she's not ready and as Susan offers advice she stops her, saying she loves them but asks them not to try to control how she's dealing with her grief. She explains she's angry with her Dad and she just wants people to be themselves around her and be happy if they want to be.


At Number 30, Harold looks around the living room for the Ramsay Street history book whilst Amy and Zara argue quietly in the kitchen about Toadie and Melanie. They stop as Karl and Susan arrive and ask where Toadie is. Amy says he's out, which Karl says is odd as he invited them over for a celebratory drink. Just then, Toadie, Melanie, Nell and Hugo enter via the back door and are thrilled to see Harold. Toadie and Harold hug, before Harold reluctantly embraces Melanie. Puzzled, Karl says he thought they knew Harold was there which is why they wanted to have a celebratory drink, Toadie says they can cheers to that too before announcing his engagement to Melanie. Thrilled, Karl and Susan run to hug the happy couple as Harold, Amy and Zara look on disapprovingly.

Featured Regular Characters: Mackenzie Hargreaves, Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy, Toadfish Rebecchi, Melanie Pearson, Nell Rebecchi, Hugo Somers, Amy Greenwood, Zara Selwyn, Nicolette Stone, Jane Harris, Terese Willis

Guest Cast: Ian Smith as Harold Bishop, Ben Turland as Hendrix Greyson, Joe Klocek as Byron Stone

Trivia Notes
In Australia this episode aired as a combined double bill with episode 8885 presented as two parts, with this episode forming part one.
Harold looks at pictures of him and Lou, Gus Cleary and Max Hoyland, plus Joe Mangel and Melanie on their wedding day.
The caption next to Gus and Max's photo erroneously reads 'Gus Cleary with Peter Longford'

Summary by Callum

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