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Byron Stone 2022
Parents: Jane Harris and Vic Stone
Siblings: Nicolette Stone
Occupation: Lawyer, Male Escort

The confident son of Jane Harris and Vic Stone, Byron was seen by his sister Nicolette as the golden child, with Jane thrilled to receive a gift or a phone call from him while he was away travelling. When he finally turned up in Erinsborough, Jane was delighted, particularly as he explained that he was planning to stick around, but Nicolette was immediately irritated by his presence, and the two would easily start bickering - with Jane generally taking Byron's side.

Jane then suggested that Byron could use his law degree to find work in the area, mentioning that their neighbour Toadie Rebecchi had his own law practice. Though, at first, this proved to be unsuccessful, Byron proved to be useful when he overheard Toadie chatting to client Terese Willis about her divorce from Paul Robinson. With Byron's help, Toadie and Terese managed to prove that Paul had been hiding assets, and an impressed Toadie asked Byron to come on board as a junior associate. It quickly became clear, however, that Byron was hiding something, as he visited wealthy Danielle Pendlebury. Though it looked like Byron was taking secret documents from Toadie's offer and giving the information to Danielle, it soon became clear that this was actually role-play, and that Byron was working as a male escort, by the name of Harvey J.

As Byron continued to see Danielle, he overheard her on the phone one day, seemingly planning a date with another man. When he then met Clive Gibbons, his mum's boyfriend, Byron was surprised to realise that he'd heard his voice before - during the call with Danielle. Convinced that Clive was cheating on his mum, Byron tried to get proof, raising Nicolette's suspicions with his odd behaviour. After Byron then had a narrow escape, after being booked by neighbour Amy Greenwood, he decided to come clean to Nicolette about his side hustle as an escort, as well as why he believed that Clive was cheating. Looking for proof, Byron attempted some more role-play with Danielle, blindfolding her while he looked through her phone. This plan ended badly, as she caught him and, believing that he was trying to rob her, she threw him out. Noticing that her phone was open to Clive's contact details, Danielle called him and asked him to come over. When Nicolette then saw Clive heading off in a hurry, she followed and managed to get a photo of him with Danielle.

Believing that they had enough proof, Byron and Nicolette shared their suspicions with Jane, who was confused about how they'd ended up with this information, but also worried that Clive was cheating on her. Clive explained to Jane that he'd once had a brief relationship with Danielle - when he was working as a GP in Sydney and she'd been his patient. Though he'd quickly ended things, fearing it would ruin his career if the truth got out, Danielle had recently moved to Melbourne and donated a great deal of money to Erinsborough Hospital, where Clive was Chief Operating Officer. Though Clive insisted that he hadn't cheated, he admitted that he'd tried to keep Danielle close, worried that having her offside could do a lot of damage.

With Jane and Clive's relationship hanging by a thread, the truth about Byron's escort work also came out. Jane was stunned, and even Byron's great-grandmother Nell Mangel made her feelings known, as her portrait fell from the wall at the exact moment he confessed! Though the secret had brought Byron and Nicolette closer for the first time in years, it came between Byron and his mum, as Jane struggled to understand what her son had been doing, eventually telling him that he would have to choose between escorting or a career in law. Jane was stunned when Byron said that he was sticking with escorting. With their relationship badly damaged, Byron decided that it might be best to get some space between them, and he broke the news that he'd accepted an offer from one of his clients to spend some time in Cape Town with her. Realising that she could be about to lose her son for good if she wasn't careful, Jane told Byron that she loved him and hoped that he would come back and see her once the dust had settled.

Trivia Notes
Joe Klocek previously appeared in 2017 as Evan Lewis
Byron and Nicolette had the nicknames Jig and Bellamy - these were the nicknames that Neighbours scriptwriter Emma J Steele and her brother used for each other


Biography by Steve