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Magic Moments > 2023 > Melanie's Return Episode 8935

Written by Sarah Mayberry, Directed by Kate Kendall, Produced by Andrew Thompson

10: 09/11/23, Amazon Freevee: 09/11/23

Paul assumes that Reece is a secret drug addict... Reece explains that she's dealing with some personal issues... Reece and Byron go to Robinvale to find John Walton, the man registered as the last owner of Krista's car... Holly develops feelings for Haz... Sharon tells Nell that Melanie got in touch... Sharon recognises Eden... Nell tells JJ that she's going to Melanie's house... Nell catches Eden burgling the house, he knocks her out as he rushes to leave... Remi says that Wendy is trying to make amends, and maybe Cara should understand that... Andrew is shocked as he reads Philippa's diary...

As Cara pulls up outside no. 30 in her truck, Andrew goes over to return Philippa's diary. She asks if he got closure from it, and he asks if she knows what was in the missing pages, as it seemed weird that she mentioned a party then nothing more about it. Cara doesn't think that's too unusual for Philippa - her party lifestyle was one of the reasons Remi didn't like her. Andrew then asks if she and Remi are going to contact the US donor now, but Cara says that there's no point, they just need to move on as a family. Wendy comes out of the house to collect the post and sees them together. She hurries back inside, and Andrew hands over the diary to Cara.


Inside no. 30, Cara brings in the bags of groceries, finding Remi, who is sending some emails before heading into the hospital. Cara explains that she's planning to cook - Remi isn't sure that sounds like a great idea, and reminds her wife that she needs to pick up Dex later. Cara had clearly forgotten, but says that she can manage. Remi then spots Philippa's diary amongst the bags, and Cara explains that Andrew just returned it to her. The atmosphere turns frosty, so Cara pulls out a bottle of wine - Remi's favourite - that she's got to go with dinner. Remi seems surprised, and prepares to leave for work, but says that she won't be long.

At the Waterhole, Jane and Toadie almost bump into each other, and she takes the opportunity to remind him that the school office needs to know in advance if Nell has an appointment. Toadie has no idea what she's talking about, explaining that Nell's therapy appointments are outside of school hours, and wonders what his daughter is up to.


At no. 22, Toadie is still trying to get in touch with Nell, with no luck. Terese asks him if he's tried locating the phone, but he says it must be switched off, and her friends don't know anything either. Terese suggests that, before they hit the panic button, they should ask around the street and see if anyone knows anything, and hope that she calls in the meantime.

On the drive to Robinvale, Reece admits that she can understand why Paul is so frustrated, and she's beginning to wonder if she should just be honest with everyone about her sister. Byron isn't sure, but Reece thinks that if she could just show people a photo of Krista, they might get their answers a lot more quickly. Byron smiles, admitting that it's nice to see her finally starting to stand up to her family. He tells her that it's another three and a half hours to Robinvale, and he makes a start on trying to track down John Walton.


At Harolds, Haz tells Toadie that he hasn't seen Nell, but he could ask some of the kids when they come in after school. Toadie then spots JJ and goes over to him. A clearly nervous JJ says that he doesn't know anything and that he left early because of a free period. Toadie asks if Nell said anything unusual in their study session the day before, but JJ says that was Dex, not him. Toadie apologises and asks JJ to get in touch if he hears anything. As he's leaving with Terese, Toadie wonders if he should call the police and start trying the hospitals. Meanwhile, JJ is texting Nell, telling her to get back ASAP.

At no. 26, an agitated Wendy is sorting out her jewellery making supplies, when Andrew joins her and says that he was returning the diary to Cara. She asks if he got the answers he wanted, and Andrew says that he understands why JJ jumped to the conclusion that he did, but he's also curious about the missing pages. Wendy isn't impressed, saying that she doesn't care about Philippa and that he should be focused on fixing his problems at home. He says that he won't mention the diary again, and asks her how to fix all of this, but they're interrupted by a call from Toadie. Andrew tells him to calm down, then rushes out of the house.


At no. 30, Cara is preparing dinner when JJ comes home. She tells him what she's making - date and apricot chicken tagine with pomegranate molasses - and asks if he and Dex could eat in the sun room tonight. JJ realises that this is a 'suck-up meal' but agrees to keep out of Cara and Remi's way. Just then, they realise that the pine nuts in the oven are burning, then Remi walks in. She says that she had a call from Toadie, asking if Nell had been admitted. Cara notices the look on JJ's face and he admits that he knows where Nell is, but Toadie isn't going to like it.

At no. 22, Remi arrives with JJ, who explains that he knows where Nell is, but he didn't want to get her in trouble. He says that she's gone to see Melanie at her new place, but he can only remember the street name and suburb. Andrew, Haz and Holly offer to help with the search, as they realise that the house numbers go up to 300, so they'll have to knock on every door until they find Nell.


At no. 30, Remi and JJ return, and he feels bad that he can't remember the street number. He says that he just wanted to protect Nell, as he knows that her seeing Melanie is off limits. Cara says that he made the best decision in the moment, given the circumstances - and Remi immediately asks if that comment was for her benefit. Cara says that she was talking about JJ and Nell, and not trying to justify anything she's done. JJ leaves them to it, and Cara asks if she's ever going to get out of the dog house. Remi tells Cara that she's not the victim, and that a nice meal and a bottle of wine won't make up for 17 years of lies. Cara asks how many times she needs to apologise, and what she needs to do to make this right - an upset Remi says that Cara would have burned the house down if the situations had been reversed, and she can't just forgive her because she asks nicely a couple of times.

At no. 24, Wendy is telling an understanding Jane about the problem with Andrew, and how it feels like he keeps saying the wrong thing. Jane points out that at least Andrew is trying to fix things, but Wendy says that she felt awful all those years ago when they couldn't have another baby, and she can't reconcile him helping out Philippa during that time. Wendy apologises for going on, when Nell is missing and Jane is worried about Byron and Reece. Wendy says that everyone seems to be in a funny mood at the moment, and Jane agrees, saying that it feels like the whole street is off kilter.


Reece and Byron continue their car journey and he gets off the phone, having learnt that John Walton is overseas. Reece says that just leaves the rest of the population of Robinvale who could have crossed paths with Krista. She wonders where to start, and Byron suggests that a lot of backpackers pass through the town, so they could start with asking around at some of the hostels.

Haz, Holly, Toadie, Terese and Andrew have been knocking on doors, with no luck. Andrew sends them all off to try different parts of the street.


A little later, Haz and Holly are still having no luck, and he asks her what Melanie was like. Holly says that she didn't know her that well - she was only living on Ramsay Street for a couple of weeks before Mel left. Haz says that he's seen pictures of her wedding to Toadie in the History Book, and Holly says that it was pretty epic, before quickly saying that she heard about it. Haz says that it was 'pretty cold' of Mel to just walk out on Toadie and the kids like that, and Holly agrees, but points out that Toadie seems to have bounced back quickly with Terese. Holly is impressed with Haz's street knowledge, as he remembers that Terese had been due to renew her vows with Paul, and he says that it's all just a reminder that relationships are complicated. Holly looks disappointed by that comment, and says that, when you meet someone you like, all rules go out the window. Haz decides that they should continue the search.

Andrew meets up with Toadie and Terese, and he says that he's contacted the police station and local estate agents to see if they can work out which house Melanie moved into. Toadie is becoming frustrated as they stand outside no. 267, which has junk all over the front garden, and Terese doesn't believe to be somewhere that Mel would live. Toadie wants to try every house, and as he knocks on the door, he spots Nell's school bag through the window. Andrew confirms that it's definitely her bag and, when he gets no response from knocking, he kicks in the door. Toadie and Terese wait outside, and Andrew returns, saying that there's no sign of anyone inside. Toadie then finds Nell's phone, smashed up, next to her bag.


Haz and Holly join the others, as Andrew explains that they're sending over a forensics team to go over the scene. Toadie is alarmed by this terminology, and is becoming more and more distressed, as Terese suggests that they should go home and wait for news there. Toadie doesn't want to leave, but Andrew thinks it's the best idea, and Haz and Holly offer to stay and continue the search. Terese makes Toadie see that the police need space to do their job, and that Nell might already be on her way home, so he'll want to be there when she gets back. Toadie reluctantly agrees to go, telling Andrew to find Nell.

At no. 30, Cara is sitting at the table, ready to eat. Remi quietly walks in and sits with her, then apologises for getting so angry earlier. Cara admits that she's never seen her wife like that before, but also says that she deserved it. Remi says that she doesn't want things to be like this, and Cara says that she'll keep apologising and she'll do whatever it takes, but she can't do it on her own. Remi says that she loves Cara and their family and their life together, but she's so hurt and angry, so she's going to go and stay with her parents for a few days.


Reece and Byron arrive at Robinvale Hostel, and they show the photo of Krista to Ted at reception. He doesn't recognise her, or the name Kelly Miller, but he agrees to look through the records. He finds that she stayed for two weeks and paid for a room for three people, in cash, but he has no other information. He tells them that most of the staff come and go, but they're welcome to ask around in case anyone remembers her.

At no. 22, Toadie and Terese arrive home. As she thanks Susan on the phone for looking after Hugo, Toadie rushes upstairs to see if Nell is there, but the house is empty. Terese then promises a distressed Toadie that they'll find her.


Holly and Haz are still out looking, worried that the smashed phone is a bad sign. They wonder where Melanie is, but then they spot Nell sitting on a bench and rush over to her. Holly says that everyone is out looking for her, and Nell explains that she caught someone breaking into Melanie's house and he pushed her and she hit her head. She insists that she's fine now, and explains that Melanie found her and was worried that the man might come back, so they left to go and look for a payphone. She describes the man to them, and then says his name was Eden. Holly looks concerned, and asks if it was Eden Shaw, but Nell doesn't know his surname. Melanie then returns, and Haz goes to phone Toadie and let him know. Mel recognises Holly as Karl's daughter and asks what she's doing here, but all Holly wants to know is how Mel knows Eden. Mel looks worried, and asks Holly how she knows him...



Toadie and Terese are waiting out on Ramsay Street. Remi joins them, and says that she's got her first aid kit at the house. Haz pulls up next to them, and Nell gets out of the passenger seat, apologising for causing so much trouble. Toadie tells her to never do anything like this again, and says that Remi is going to check her over. Just then, another car pulls up - Holly gets out of the passenger side, and Terese and Toadie are shocked as Melanie is the driver. Toadie sends Nell inside with Remi, and tells Melanie that she didn't need to come. Andrew then pulls up in the police car, and Holly tells Melanie that she'll tell him everything she knows about Eden. Toadie is confused, and Mel says that she needs to explain everything, but would rather do it inside, as they'll need to be sitting down when they hear what she has to say.

Featured Regular Characters: Cara Varga-Murphy, Remi Varga-Murphy, JJ Varga-Murphy, Andrew Rodwell, Wendy Rodwell, Terese Willis, Toadie Rebecchi, Nell Rebecchi, Haz Devkar, Holly Hoyland, Byron Stone, Melanie Pearson

Guest Cast: Mischa Barton as Reece Sinclair, David Simes as Ted Munce

Trivia Notes
Lucinda Cowden returns to the regular cast, having only appeared very briefly in episode 8904 since the beginning of the 2023 season
Melanie is incorrectly credited with the surname 'Pearce'

Summary by Steve

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