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Magic Moments > 2023 > Flashback Week: Part One Episode 8936

Written by Jason Herbison, Directed by Kate Kendall, Produced by Andrew Thompson

10: 13/11/23, Amazon Freevee: 13/11/23

Toadie and Melanie get married... Paul and Terese get back together... Paul announces that he's staying in Erinsborough... Amy suggests that she's found a donor to father her child... The balloon comes free and bursts, showering Ramsay Street with glitter... Susan says that a lot has happened in the two years since the wedding... Toadie and Terese get married... Paul realises that he's not comfortable with Terese moving on... Toadie says to Nell that Melanie has gone and he's glad, as she hurt them all very much... Reece tells Byron that she's looking for her sister, Krista and she's not allowed to tell anyone... Reece and Byron find a hostel in Robinvale where Krista stayed with two other people... Holly realises that Mackenzie has unwittingly been dating her ex, Eden... Eden threatens Holly... Nell decides to go and visit Melanie... Nell catches Eden burgling Melanie's house and he knocks her out as he rushes past... Holly and Melanie realise that they both know Eden... Melanie arrives on Ramsay Street and tells Toadie and Terese that they might need to sit down before they hear what she has to say...

Toadie and Terese walk into no. 22, followed by Melanie, who comments that the place looks mostly the same. Susan then rushes in, surprised to see Melanie standing there, and she says that Hugo is over with the Varga-Murphys. Toadie asks what Eden has to do with any of this, and Susan is surprised to hear that Holly's ex is involved. Melanie asks them to sit down, but Terese remarks that she's not there for afternoon tea, so Mel explains that the events leading up to today all started two years ago, on the day before her wedding to Toadie...



Two years earlier: Melanie and Toadie are on their way to the Waterhole to meet the others, and Toadie is complaining about Amy's behaviour recently. Melanie is then stopped in her tracks as she spots a young woman across the complex, and thinks that she recognises her. She tells Toadie, who says that the whole suburb is teeming with old faces at the moment. Melanie laughs and agrees.

At the Waterhole, Melanie is still distracted by the woman she saw, as she and Toadie catch up with Mackenzie, Amy, Yashvi and Callum. They talk about Jane, and what a shame it is that she doesn't want to come to the lake for the wedding. Amy says that she can help Jane to set up Ramsay Street for the party, but Melanie says that they don't want her to do that - because they want her to be at the lake. Amy is delighted, and Toadie admits that he doesn't fully understand Amy's behaviour lately, he still wants her to be at the wedding.


Later that night, at no. 30, Melanie is having drinks with Amy and Yashvi, while Toadie, Callum and Mackenzie search the kitchen for something they need down at the lake for the ceremony. Melanie says that everything is under control for the street party, and Toadie insists that he also has everything under control for the ceremony. He, Callum and Mackenzie leave through the back door to go to the lake, as there's a knock at the front door. Melanie answers and is stunned to see Krista Sinclair - the woman she saw at Lassiters earlier. She says that she flew in from London that morning, but didn't tell Melanie in advance as she was worried she wouldn't want to see her. She understands, but says that she's in a much better place these days and she wants to talk. Melanie says that they can't talk here, so Krista gives her a piece and paper with the name Kelly and her number on it, and tells Mel to call her.

Later, Melanie meets up with Krista at the Back Lane Bar, and says that she looks all grown up. Krista comments that she still leaves dirty plates under her bed, but now there's nobody to clean them up. Melanie asks if she was only ever a housekeeper to Krista, but Krista says that she was always more than that - Mel says that Krista meant a lot to her too. Krista says that her mum was never around and she was always a disappointment to her father, as she didn't want to join his company, so she found some unhealthy distractions. Melanie asks why she's calling herself Kelly now, and Krista explains that it's the only way she could be free of her family. She says that she wants to make a fresh start, like Melanie did. Mel says that she's marrying a lovely man the following day, and he has two lovely kids - and none of them can ever find out about Krista or what happened.


Thinking that Krista has understood her, Melanie returns to no. 30, where she finds Yashvi telling Amy, Callum and Toadie that she saw Terese and Paul kissing. They're not sure that anyone should find out just yet, as Yashvi is completely sure about what she saw, then Toadie asks Melanie what she thinks. A distracted Melanie quickly says that it sounds very interesting, but very unlikely. Amy says that she might have some updates of her own soon, before leaving for bed. Yashvi and Callum go too, then Toadie asks Mel where she disappeared to earlier. She goes along with Toadie's suggestion that it was something last-minute for the wedding, and he says that the whole day is going to be perfect.

Back in the present day, Melanie is explaining to Toadie, Terese and Susan that she let herself believe that the wedding day would be perfect, and she forgot about seeing Krista. She remembers arriving at the wedding, walking down the aisle with Toadie, and Chloe catching the bouquet. She remembers rushing through her vows, and thinking that she'd found her 'happy ever after'. She glances at Toadie and Terese's wedding photo, and Terese notices and asks why they're having to listen to all of this. Toadie and Susan want to know what Krista has to do with what happened with Nell earlier that day, and Mel says that - although she didn't realise it at the time - Krista turning up meant that their lives would never be the same again.


Outside on the street, Andrew is on the police radio, telling them that he's just emailed through a photo of Eden Shaw, and he's the same person who robbed the Yorokobi vineyard a few weeks ago. He then asks Holly if she can think of anywhere that Eden might be hiding out - she says that he crashed somewhere last time he was around, but she doubts he'd go back. Andrew says it's worth a try, and tells Holly that he's going to see if Nell is up for a chat, and if Holly's going to no. 22, to tell them that he'll be over soon. Holly looks over at no. 22 with trepidation.

Inside no. 22, Melanie is continuing her story, remembering what a special day the wedding became, with even the exploding balloon unable to spoil her happiness.


Two years earlier: Melanie remembers that she and Toadie and a group of others headed to the Waterhole later in the evening, as Karl was playing guitar back at 28 Ramsay Street. Chloe and Elly are telling everyone about Chloe's planned move to Sydney, and Terese has already lined up a job for her at Lassiters Sydney. Paul says that Shane ripped up the contract for the hotel, so he and Terese are back in business, and they've got Izzy to thank for that. As David and Aaron, Paul and Terese, Chloe and Elly, and Toadie and Melanie all kiss, Callum looks over at Bea, with hope in his eyes, but she tells him to not even think about it! As they all chat, Melanie is horrified to see Krista walk in. She tells Toadie that she needs a quick visit to the powder room, and Krista follows her.

Down by the lake, Melanie reminds Krista that she told her that they couldn't see each other. She says that she's just married the most wonderful man, and she's been lying to him. Krista says that it was a beautiful ceremony, and Melanie can't believe she was there, watching, and wants to know why Krista is so determined to jeopardise her happiness. Krista says that she's got nobody else to turn to - her mum's in Zurich and if she tells anyone else in the family, her father will find out and she doesn't want him to know that she's in Australia. She says that she just needs a little help to make a fresh start, before explaining to a disgusted Melanie that she needs some money, just as a loan, then she can get out of her life completely.


Back in the Waterhole, Melanie returns, and Susan has joined the group to escape the jam session at no. 28. Toadie explains that Karl has now roped in Scott, Charlene and Mike, and Mel says that she'd forgotten that they were all 'a bit musical'. Toadie checks that Melanie is OK, and she says that she's just a bit tired. Susan asks Bea how she's getting on in Broome, and Bea says that she's met a guy who runs a boat charter company and it's going well. Just then, Toadie is stunned as Amy walks in with Lance. He rushes over to greet him, and Amy then announces that Lance is going to be the father of her child. Lance looks slightly taken aback, and Mel sits and looks around, wondering how she's going to deal with the Krista situation.

In the present day, Terese is struggling to listen to Melanie's story. She rushes off into the kitchen, with Toadie following - Terese says that she doesn't even like Melanie being in the house. Toadie hugs her, promising that everything will be OK.


A little later, Holly joins Susan, Melanie, Toadie and Terese, telling them that Andrew has no leads on Eden and has gone to get a statement from Nell. Susan asks Holly what she knows about all of this, but Melanie asks that she be allowed to finish her part of the story first. She says that she barely slept on the night of the wedding due to the worry, though she pretended it was because of excitement.

Two years earlier: Various people are cleaning up Ramsay Street, the morning after the party. Toadie is unimpressed with the turnout, and Mackenzie says that they're the only ones who aren't hungover. Toadie asks Lance and Amy how they ended up deciding to have a baby together, but just then, Phil Martin appears, bleary-eyed from no. 28. Lance says that it was his and Ruth's advice that made them decide to go for it, and that they'll be moving to Cairns. As they're all talking, Melanie is in the drinks truck, taking some money for Krista. She's almost caught by Amy, who asks her to make some celebratory juices for everyone, and tells Mel that she'll need to find a new partner in the van. Mel is barely listening to any of it.



Melanie meets with Krista at the Back Lane Bar - Mel hands over the envelope containing nearly $2000 and tells Krista that she needs to leave Erinsborough that night. Krista is grateful, and Melanie says that she's glad that she got her life back together, but she can't ever be a part of it. Krista is disappointed, but Mel says that none of this changes the fact that she's wanted by the police after being caught in a drug deal, when all she was doing was trying to get the dealers to leave Krista alone. She says that it's taken her years to stop seeing herself as a criminal, but as someone worthy of love. Krista says that she'll find a way to repay her, but Mel says that if Krista really means that, then she'll leave her alone.

In the present day, Toadie is horrified to hear as Melanie explains that she only got involved in the drugs deal to help Krista, but there was no way to clear her name without dumping Krista in it. She says that she used her passport - which was still in her maiden name - to escape, after Krista bailed her out and got her on the first flight back to Australia. She says that she knows it was wrong, but she panicked and she didn't know if she could trust the Sinclairs if they found out. Terese says that Melanie needs to tell all of this to the police, and Mel looks to Toadie. He says that she should have told him this, and he doesn't understand why she didn't. He then becomes angry as she says that she didn't want to lose him, and she genuinely thought that it was all in the past - until Eden turned up. Susan looks to Holly, who says that she only just learnt about the connection between Eden and Melanie when they were riding back in the car earlier that day. She explains that she came back to Erinsborough two years ago, around the time of Toadie and Melanie's wedding - it was meant to be a fresh start, but it turned out to be the beginning of all the problems...


At the Robinvale Hostel, Byron and Reece have had no luck with asking if anyone remembers Krista, and Reece says that she was there with two other people, and there must be some kind of trace of her. Byron then spots someone putting up a photograph on a giant Community Noticeboard on the other side of the room - he goes over, followed by Reece, who immediately sees Krista's face in one of the photos. They're both stunned to see that one of the other people in the photo is Holly...

Featured Regular Characters: Melanie Pearson, Toadie Rebecchi, Terese Willis, Susan Kennedy, Krista Sinclair, Holly Hoyland, Andrew Roswell, Paul Robinson, Leo Tanaka, Mackenzie Hargreaves, Byron Stone

Guest Cast: Mischa Barton as Reece Sinclair, April Rose Pengilly as Chloe Brennan, Jacinta Stapleton as Amy Greenwood, Jodi Gordon as Elly Conway, Bonnie Anderson as Bea Nilsson, Olivia Junkeer as Yashvi Rebecchi, Morgan Baker as Callum Rebecchi, Ian Rawlings as Philip Martin, Andrew Bibby as Lance Wilkinson

Trivia Notes
First appearance of Majella Davis as Krista Sinclair
Krista's first words are: "Surprise! I was hoping it would be a good one."
Episodes 8936 to 8939 show the events of the two-year gap that took place between episodes 8903 and 8904
The characters of Chloe, Amy, Elly, Bea, Yashvi, Callum, Philip and Lance all return as part of newly-recorded flashbacks
As well as the newly-recorded flashbacks, scenes are also shown from the wedding and street party in episodes 8902 and 8903
This episode, and the following three, have special Flashback Week opening titles, images of which can be viewed here
Lucinda Cowden continues to be incorrectly credited as 'Melanie Pearce'
Past character Ruth Wilkinson is mentioned

Summary by Steve