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Neighbourhood > Guest Character Profiles > Heather Ambrose Judith Graham

Heather Ambrose 1986
Children: Rosemary Daniels

As Rosemary Daniels’ birth mother, Heather Ambrose had managed to put her daughter out of her mind as she moved on with her life. However, when Rosemary decided to get married, she wanted to track down her real mother and learn more about her past. Helen Daniels, Rosemary's adoptive mother, was horrified, and tried to put Rosemary off, but it seemed that she was very determined. Helen had always claimed not to have known Rosemary’s real mother, but this was a lie. Helen then claimed that Heather was just a friend of Rosemary’s real mother, who could help her to fill in some of the blanks.

Rosemary and Helen arrived at Heather’s home, and Rosemary immediately started to ask questions. It was then that Heather told Rosemary that her natural mother had died. Rosemary was heartbroken, and started to cry as she stepped outside to think about things. Helen hoped that this would put an end to it all, but Rosemary came back in and started asking more questions, wanting to know why her mother had given her up. Heather explained that Rosemary’s mother had been forced to give up the child by her family and sent to a home for unwed mothers. As Heather spoke, Rosemary noticed how worked up she was becoming, and suddenly realised that she was talking to her real mum. Heather and Helen apologised to Rosemary, explaining that they had simply wanted to save her from any more heartache. Heather explained that she had loved her baby dearly, but didn’t want the past dragged up now, as she didn’t want her husband to find out.

Rosemary walked out, telling Helen that she needed some time to think. Before returning home to New York, she forgave Helen and realised that she’d probably been a lot happier when she hadn’t known Heather Ambrose.

Notes: Judith Graham returned to Neighbours to guest star in 1989 as Lorna Edwards, in 1994 as Anna Borobokas and in 1997 as Iris Pepper.

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