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Sarah Aquino 2009, 2010
Occupation: Student

When Kate Ramsay agreed to help her younger brother Harry find a date in year 12 so that he could attend to deb ball, he set his sights on Sarah Aquino. With little help from Kate forthcoming after he sabotaged her plans to make the deb ball environmentally friendly, Harry decided that he'd have to ask Sarah himself. He approached her at Charlie's, where she turned him down but, so he could save face with his mates, she said that he could make up her excuse himself. Harry, however, decided to tell his friends that Sarah had said yes. Unfortunately, Kate then let the cat out of the bag when she mentioned, in front of Harry and his mates, that Sarah was going to the ball with Kyle Canning. As Harry admitted that the whole thing was more about becoming popular at school than it was about Sarah, Kate and Zeke decided to try and help. Kate found out that Sarah was only going with Kyle because she'd been pushed into it by Amanda Fowler, while Kyle was just looking for sex, not a relationship. Armed with this information, Kate made up a diary, pretending it was Sarah's, and wrote about her love for Kyle and their wedding plans. Believing this would scare Kyle off when he saw it, the plan backfired when he was amazed by how 'into him' she was. Later, Kyle overheard Kate and Harry talking about Sarah and started teasing Harry about his crush, until Harry told him the truth about the fake diary. With all the fighting going on, teacher Libby finally decided that enough was enough and announced that they would be picking names out of hats to decided who would go with who - leaving Kate and Harry stunned when they were chosen as each other's date.

The following year, Sarah was on a Visual Merchandising course at Eden Uni, along with Donna, who was facing problems with gossip, after a sex tape of her and Andrew Robinson ended up online. When the group were given a task to create a window display - to be judged by fashion designer Saffron Jankievicz - Sarah and a couple of others agreed to team up with Donna, who'd impressed the class when she told them about her invention of the shrugalero, which was now in production. However, when Sarah asked Saffron about some work experience, Saffron explained that she'd had to stop the programme, after someone caused trouble - referring to an incident in which she'd hit Donna when she was working for her, and Donna had tried to sue her. Now suddenly less impressed with Donna, Sarah and the other girls said that she couldn't work with them, so Donna came up with her own idea, which wowed the group and won her a grudging first prize from Saffron.

Episodes Featured
5796, 5797, 5875, 5876

Biography by Steve