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Amanda Fowler 2009
Occupation: Student

Erinsborough High's resident bitch Amanda Fowler found herself a new target for her bullying when Kate Ramsay joined the school. Kate and her younger siblings Harry and Sophie had recently been orphaned when their mother was killed in a car accident, and had moved to Erinsborough for a fresh start. Another student, Bridget Parker, was returning to school that day after giving birth to daughter India, and Amanda couldn't resist getting in jibes at the pair of them as they arrived that morning. As Bridget stood up to tell the class about her difficult labour, Amanda was then only too happy to announce that Bridget's milk was leaking out and she had damp patches on her jumper, causing her to run from the classroom, embarrassed. A couple of weeks later, Amanda, head of the year 12 charity committee, was horrified when, during a meeting to decide who would chair the school's Deb Ball committee, she was outvoted and Kate scored the position. After sarcastically congratulating Kate, Amanda later went to see her and suggested that she resign, so they could have a second vote and Amanda could take over. Kate wasn't about to be walked all over, however, and Amanda was forced to back off, realising that she couldn't manipulate the new girl.

As the Deb plans continued, Amanda and Kate constantly found themselves butting heads, and Amanda soon found a new way to annoy her nemesis when she started getting close to Harry. Desperate to prove to Harry that Amanda was just trying to get to her, Kate set up a Facebook page for Harry, then requested Amanda as a friend, knowing that Amanda's friends would all see if she accepted. Unfortunately the plan backfired as Harry's profile page, with no friends, was printed out and posted all over the school for everyone to see. Thankfully for Harry, Kate and her friends managed to turn it into a joke by printing off fake Facebook profiles taking the mickey out of their own personality flaws. As Kate continued her attempts to get rid of her, Amanda finally told Harry that she wouldn't be taking him to the Deb, as she was going with Kyle instead, leaving Harry furious with his sister.

Meanwhile, Amanda's vendetta against Kate continued. When Amanda's friend Christelle recorded Kate being rejected at the Ministry of Dance, the footage ended up on the internet and Kate was left humiliated. With everyone making fun of her, Kate decided to go ahead with her plan to get everyone to use exercise bikes, cycling to create enough energy to power the environmentally friendly deb ball. She turned the video to her advantage by publically thanking whoever posted it, as it had given her lots of publicity, and soon everyone was lining up to volunteer for the cycling, leaving Amanda furious. When the wires connecting the bikes to the generator were tampered with, Kate immediately suspected Amanda, though couldn't prove it, but got the last laugh anyway when the cycling produced enough energy to power the generator the next day. Meanwhile, knowing that Harry had a crush on her friend Sarah, Amanda told Harry that Sarah would be impressed if he could get some alcohol to smuggle into the ball. Amanda was impressed when Harry managed to get some booze, but told him that he'd have to get it into the ball himself, and when a bag from Charlie's bar was found in the school corridor, Harry panicked during a locker search and hid the bottle in Declan's locker, though he later confessed to the crime.

With Harry in trouble, Amanda then twisted the knife further by arranging for Jason Coleman from the Ministry of Dance to be a special guest at the deb ball. Though Kate almost decided not to attend, she had a last-minute change of heart, but with Harry (who'd been randomly chosen as her partner after all the in-fighting) banned from going, she was almost left without a date, until Declan stepped in to take her. The night got off to a bad start for Kate, when Amanda accidentally knocked into Steph, who spilled her drink over Kate's dress. After some alterations in the toilets, she returned, and Jason Coleman was preparing to watch the group dance but instead, Kate wowed him, and everyone else, with a solo performance, leaving Amanda furious that all her plans had come to nothing.

Episodes Featured
5727, 5744, 5777, 5778, 5795, 5796, 5799, 5800, 5801, 5803

Biography by Steve