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Neighbourhood > Guest Character Profiles > Rachel Bailey Carolyn Bock

Rachel Bailey (née West) 2000
Marital Status: Stephen
Children: Wayne 'Tad', Tim and Jasmine

Having given her baby, Paul, up for adoption at birth, following the death of her boyfriend, Greg, Rachel West moved on with her life, met and married Stephen Bailey and had two more children, Tim and Jasmine. However, after finding out that he was adopted, Paul – who had since been named Wayne by his adoptive parents – tracked her down through the Adoption Information Service. Their first meeting was awkward, as they struggled to find any common ground and, although Wayne – or Tad as he was nicknamed – liked the woman, it wasn’t the perfect union he’d been hoping for. Things only got worse when they were having a coffee and Tad noticed a photo of Rachel’s family in her wallet and she admitted that her husband and children didn’t know anything about him. When she refused Tad’s wishes to meet the family, an upset Tad decided that one meeting was enough for him to know that he didn’t want to see Rachel again.

After a trip to her house, where he almost told her kids who he was, Tad decided at the last minute that he wanted nothing more to do with his real mother and their contact gradually petered out. Some weeks later, on Tad’s birthday, he ran into Rachel at the local mall and she mentioned that she might call ‘round to the house for a visit. When she did, Tad was shocked when she presented him with a birthday cake and admitted that she’d baked one every year on that day, since he was born. Mother and son managed to come to a new understanding although contact between them was still very rare. It came as a huge shock to Tad, therefore, when a few months later, Rachel’s husband, Stephen, came to visit Tad and told him that Rachel had drowned in an accident a few weeks earlier. Stephen explained that Tad’s half-brother, Tim, was suffering from leukaemia and required an urgent bone marrow transplant. Although Tad knew that Stephen had only visited him for his own gains, he agreed to the operation, which was a complete success.

Biography by Steve



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