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Neighbourhood > Guest Character Profiles > Tawnee Beckett Ellisa Woodham

Tawnee Beckett 2001
Occupation: Student

Erinsborough High bully Tawnee Beckett quickly spotted a new victim when Leo Hancock, son of new teacher Evan, started at the school. When Evan mistakenly believed that he son was being systematically bullied by some other boys, he spoke to the local press about the issue and Tawnee taunted Leo about it. Later that day, Evan caught Tawnee with cigarettes in the Coffee Shop and gave her a warning with a Saturday detention. Several months later, Elly Conway was completing work experience at her uncle, Karl Kennedy’s, surgery, where Tawnee was a regular patient. Elly soon picked up on the fact that Tawnee’s injuries were inconsistent and that the girl had been limping on one leg one day and the other leg the next. Karl was grateful to his niece and explained to her that Tawnee’s problems were actually more psychological than physical.

Biography by Steve



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