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Rick Blaine 2014
Occupation: Photographer

Aspiring photographer Amber Turner was delighted to receive an internship with Rick Blaine, but soon found herself struggling with his bad moods. After securing Fitzgerald Motors as the location for a photo shoot, Amber hoped that she might have won some Brownie points, but her hard work was soon undone when Rick snapped at her after she forgot the charge the batteries for the flash. However, when she then suggested moving the shoot from the exterior to the interior of the garage, Rick was again impressed with the idea, and later that day, he asked her if she'd like to stay on and work for him permanently, telling her that she could just do it part-time until she'd completed year 12. Though she was still finding temperamental Rick very difficult to work with, Amber realised that opportunities like this didn't come along that often, and she began to seriously considering accepting the job.

The following week, Amber had taken the job with Rick, and they were working at the grand reopening of Charlie's bar, which had been renamed The Waterhole. Rick was growing frustrated with Amber, as she wanted to photograph all of the staff and guests, whereas he only wanted to use photos of the more attractive people. Later in the evening, Doug Willis, the grandfather of Amber's boyfriend Josh got in the way of some of the photos and, disorientated, he ended up knocking a $4000 lens on the floor and damaging it. As Rick started taking his anger out on Doug, Josh and his father Brad stepped in. As the party was winding up, and Rick and Amber were packing things away, Josh returned to have it out with Rick, furious that he'd spoken to Doug - who had suspected Alzheimer's Disease - in such a way. Amber tried to defend Rick, explaining how expensive the equipment was, and this only annoyed Josh further. Once left alone with one of the cameras, Josh then made the spur-of-the-moment decision to delete all of the photos on it.

The next day, although both Amber and Rick knew exactly who had deleted the photos, Amber was refusing to dob in her boyfriend, even though it was making her working life unbearable. After a photo shoot almost fell through as they couldn't find a toddler to do the modelling, Amber recruited Sonya and Toadie's baby daughter Nell. After learning that the camera hadn't malfunctioned, but had been deliberately tampered with, Rick's mood worsened and when Georgia tried to put sunscreen on Nell, he snapped at her to stop, as it would make the child look shiny in the photographs. Georgia and Amber suggested moving the shots into a shadier area, but Rick refused, and Amber finally realised that she couldn't work for such an idiot. She then told him that Josh had had deleted the photos, and she didn't blame him - before doing the same thing to the photos they'd taken of Nell, and telling Rick that she quit her job.

Episodes Featured
6866, 6875, 6876

Biography by Steve