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Neighbourhood > Guest Character Profiles > Brendan Bond Michael Wahr

Brendan Bond 2004
Occupation: Student

Known as the Erinsborough High school stud, Brendan Bond had a reputation with the ladies, who became known as his ‘Bond girls’. As soon as Lana Crawford transferred to the school, he had his eye on her. She was flattered and they started seeing each other, with Lana making sure that the whole school was aware of the relationship.

When Lana kissed best friend Sky Mangel and explained that she was, infact, gay, the rumour soon spread around the school. Lana was desperate to stay in the closet, and managed to rope in Sky and her boyfriend, Boyd Hoyland, to claim that the rumours were false. Lana quickly returned to her relationship with Brendan, much to Sky’s disgust. Things only got worse when Brendan threw a party at his house, where he planned to sleep with Lana for the first time. Sky tried to stop her friend, even turning up at the party to stop her. It seemed that Lana would go through with it, but at the last minute, she told Brendan that she couldn’t sleep with him as she preferred girls. Lana and Sky made a quick getaway from the party, and Brendan showed his true colours as he shouted abuse at them.

Biography by Steve



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