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Rhonda [Rockfish/Rocky] Brooks 2014, 2015
Marital Status: Patto Brooks
Children: Georgia

Farmer's wife Rhonda Brooks came to Erinsborough with her husband Patto, as their daughter Georgia prepared to marry Kyle Canning. As they arrived at the hotel, where Georgia was staying on her last night as a single woman, they were surprised to find that Kyle's grandmother Sheila was there, but there was no sign of their daughter. It wasn't long before she turned up, having been stranded in Frankston the night before, and forced to hitch a ride home. But with no harm done, Rhonda and Sheila then helped Georgia to get ready, and her proud parents watched her walk down the aisle before returning home after the wedding reception.

A few months later, Rhonda returned to Erinsborough, claiming that it was just to visit her family there, but she soon made her excuses to pop out, claiming that she just wanted to visit a shop nearby. She actually went to the hospital to see Dr Nick Petrides, a renowned oncologist who she hoped might be able to help her, as the throat cancer she had suffered from several years earlier had returned. Unbeknownst to Rhonda, Nick and Georgia had been feuding for months, and Georgia had just uncovered the disturbing information that Nick had faked a cancer diagnosis for Mayor Paul Robinson, to help convince him that a cancer research centre should be opened in Erinsborough. Though Nick was hastily packing up his office when Rhonda arrived, after realising who she was, he agreed to speak to her and told her that, if she put her complete trust in him, he would offer her a treatment plan. After catching up with Georgia and the rest of the family, Rhonda then headed back to Birregurra.

When Rhonda returned to town to spend Mother's Day with her family, she was approached by Karl Kennedy, who had been tasked with checking Nick's medical files for any further discrepancies. He explained what had happened, and Rhonda agreed to show him for medication, so he could check that Nick hadn't been conning her too. At that moment, Georgia walked into the bar, looking for her mum, and saw the tablets, leaving Rhonda forced to come clean to her daughter, explaining that Nick had been her final chance to have a slightly longer and better quality life, as she didn't have long left. Though upset, Georgia decided that she and her mum weren't going to let this beat them, and that they'd find another specialist, and a different experimental treatment, and would fight the cancer every step of the way.

Trivia Notes
Although Georgia has been confirmed as a cousin to both the Rebecchi and Reeves branches of the family, it has not been explained whether she is related to them through her mother or her father

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