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Frank Brown 2000
Occuaption: Lawyer

When Harold Bishop spotted himself on the tv series, At Large, one day, he was shocked to find that someone who looked exactly like him had committed armed robbery in Tasmania. Harold realised that the dates added up, and he had been in Tasmania himself, suffering from amnesia, when the robbery occurred. As Harold was arrested and questioned, he called in his lawyer, Frank Brown, who struggled to raise the spirits of his client. Frank advised Harold, and his wife, Madge, to prepare for the worst, and joined Harold as he was extradited to Tasmania, where he received bail of $10,000. Luckily, Harold’s old friend Lou Carpenter paid the bail and Harold returned home, where he eventually managed to clear his name, as the actual robber had been Harold look-a-like Alfie Dougherty.

Notes: Barry Friedlander previously played the vicar at both Helen and Michael's wedding in 1991 and Todd's funeral in 1992. In 1993, he played Brother Dominic and in 1998 he played George Schumaker. He returned in 2005 as Dr. Trevor Canning.

Biography by Steve



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