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Edward 'Eddie' Buckingham 1990
Lived: 24 Ramsay Street
Occupation: Coffee Shop Assistant

Happy-go-lucky Eddie Buckingham hailed from London, England, and was a cockney through and through. Eddie ran a cafe in the city centre of London, and it was here that Eddie met Madge and Harold Bishop who were on a trip around Europe and visited Eddie's cafe daily while they stayed in London. They struck up a friendship with Eddie, and when they left London, extended an invitation for him to visit them back in Australia at some stage.

Eddie took them up on their offer when only days after they arrived back in Australia after their trip, he turned up on the Bishops' doorstep. Madge and Harold - although surprised to see Eddie so soon - happily let him stay with them, thinking he was planning on seeing the whole of Australia and would only be with them for a short time.

However, Eddie began acting suspiciously soon after his arrival, taking mysterious phone calls, and storing large amounts of food in the fridge. Harold and Madge were curious about what he was up to, and all sorts of suspicions went through their minds. Sharon Davies, who was also lodging with the Bishops, eventually got to the bottom of the situation when she came across Eddie selling sandwiches at a food stall, Eddie's Munch Box. Eddie made Sharon promise not to tell anyone, especially since he didn't have a work permit from the council. But Sharon explained to Eddie that Harold's coffee shop was losing business as a result of the Munch Box, and pleaded with him to quit. Eddie felt guilty when Harold told him all about the effect the Munch Box was having on his business, and after Harold announced he had reported the business to the council, Eddie was forced to admit to Harold that he was running the Munch Box. Madge and Harold were shocked by Eddie's confession, and couldn't understand why Eddie needed to work while he was in Australia. But Eddie revealed that his cafe in London had gone bust after his partner - and girlfriend - had run off with all the money, leaving him with the debts. The Bishops took pity on Eddie, and eventually came up with an arrangement whereby Harold could buy the Munch Box as part of the Coffee Shop by letting Eddie take the Munch Box all over town, and thus ensuring that Harold's business wouldn't suffer.

Eddie became a great attraction for customers, both in the Coffee Shop and while out and about with the Munch Box. He charmed them with his stories about his days on the road and friendly gossip and advice. He became a great organiser and was the brains behind the talent show at The Waterhole where he did a hilarious double act with Harold.

When Eddie met the Alessi twins, Caroline and Christina, he immediately fell for both of them, and tried desperately to bag a date with one of them. Caroline pretended to be Christina at one point, and made herself to be a man-eater. But when Eddie and Christina discovered Caroline's prank, they decided to get their revenge, and they stunned Caroline by returning from their first date announcing their engagement. Caroline tried to hide her shock and wish them the best, but Eddie and Chrissie came clean after Caroline organised an engagement party for them.

When Eddie's father took ill back home, his time in Ramsay Street came to an end. Eddie was forced to return to London to help his mother care for his father, leaving his many friends in Erinsborough behind.


Biography by Moe