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Sharon Davies 1988-1990, 2022, 2023
Lived: 24, 30, 32 Ramsay Street
Born: 1972
Parents: Katherine and Gordon Davies
Siblings: Bronwyn and Bill
Family Tree: Davies
Occupation: Coffee Shop assistant, Student

Sharon was born in 1972, in a small country town in New South Wales called Narrabri. Early on in her life, Sharon's mother died and she ended up living with her father. Although her father loved his children, Sharon, Bill and Bronwyn, very much, he didn't handle parenting very well - he even once gave Sharon a school uniform as a Christmas present! Sharon and Bronwyn were used to working hard, as their home was a farm, and Sharon was devastated when her sister Bronwyn left Narrabri for Melbourne, leaving her to deal with her father and brother alone.

In 1988, Sharon left Narrabri home in search of her sister. However, Sharon had not left a note or any information as to where she had gone, and Bronwyn, who was at the time residing at 32 Ramsay Street, was shocked to hear from her father that her sister had run away. One day at the Coffee Shop, Harold caught Sharon leaving without paying for her meal, and made her do work in the kitchen to pay for it. Thus, Sharon got a job in the Coffee Shop. Sharon, however, had still not seen her sister, and Bronwyn was shocked when she turned up at Number 28 on Jamie's first birthday.

Mrs Mangel agreed to let Sharon stay with her, Bronwyn, and Jane at Number 32. However, having a teenager in the house wasn't as easy as she thought it would be. Sharon upset Mrs Mangel with her messy attitude, and Sharon was nearly thrown out by Mrs Mangel when she broke her organ!

Sharon befriended neighbours Nick Page and Todd Landers. She and Todd got themselves in a lot of trouble when they busked at Lassiter's, which Paul Robinson didn't take too kindly to. Around this time, she started dating Nick, which Mrs Mangel didn't approve of. Her Aunt Edith Chubb showed up in Erinsborough trying to persuade Sharon to return home, but, with Bronwyn's help, Edie allowed Sharon to stay in Erinsborough.

Edie lived with Mrs Mangel for a while, and Sharon and Bronwyn were soon shocked to learn Edie had decided to buy Number 30! Edie left the street for a short while, and enlisted Des Clarke to act as her representative at the auction. Sharon dressed up as an old lady and, at the auction, started bidding on the house. Her plan was to bid too high for Des/Aunt Edie, but not high enough for another potential bidder, thus preventing Aunt Edie from winning the house. However, when she accidentally won the auction, she was forced to make a quick dash! When the officials found out they - and Des Clarke - weren't happy, and they had no option to give the house to Des at his final offer before Sharon's.

When Aunt Edie returned to Ramsay Street, she found Bronwyn kissing Mike, and then Sharon kissing Nick, and set herself up as a guardian for the two! She forbade Sharon from seeing Nick, but when Edie got stuck up a tree accidentally, Sharon saw it as an oppurtunity to blackmail her aunt into letting her see Nick... and it worked.

One day, Sharon was left to close up the Coffee Shop. As she was about to leave, three girls from school visited, offering her a cigarette. She acted cool, and accepted. The girls left, and after trying the cigarette, Sharon hated it, threw it in the kitchen bin and left. Later, Des and Bronwyn were strolling through Lassiter's and noticed that Sharon had left a light in the shop on. On closer inspection, Des realised the kitchen was on fire. He rushed inside and told Bronwyn to call the fire brigade. Inside, Des tried to fight the fire with the fire extinguisher, but was too late and the shop blew up with Des inside. After Des was rescued by Harold, Beverly diagnosed him with first-degree burns.

When Sharon found out what had happened, she was devastated. Initially, Nick took the blame for her. While sitting in the charred remains of the shop one day, Harold started complaining about Nick's irresponsibility, which forced Sharon to admit the truth. Feeling sorry for her, Harold let her keep her job.

The local church was holding a fundraising day, with a raffle and of course a cake cook-off. Sharon, Mrs Mangel, and Madge all entered cakes. Of course, Madge and Mrs Mangel were at loggerheads over the whole event, but Mrs Mangel also gloated that Sharon's entry would get nowhere, since she wasn't an experienced cook. Angry, Sharon sabotaged Nell's cake with vinegar before it was baked. Henry, on the other hand, accidentally ruined Madge's cake by running over it! He replaced it with one of Madge's early attempts, but not very successfully. Sharon won the cake competition, but when Mrs Mangel learned of the sabotage, she threw Sharon out of the house! Bronwyn was also thrown out for trying to defend her sister. The two girls moved into Number 30.

Sharon soon started mysteriously disappearing for weeks. Nick, confused, one day followed her and discovered that she was posing nude for life drawings! He demanded she stop, causing them to break up. However she did eventually quit, having realised that Nick was more important to her.

When Lucy returned, she developed a major crush on Nick, Sharon's boyfriend. After spotting Lucy eyeing him up, Sharon pushed her into the pool. The two girls were at loggerheads for a long time, until their respective guardians demanded they make up.

When Nick ran away from home, Sharon decided to join him. Together they left Ramsay Street and set off for a farm in the country. However, Sharon didn't get on with the farmer's daughter and she was sacked, and eventually the couple were forced to return to the street.

Aunt Edie decided to rent out her house, new tenant Hilary Robinson moved in, later bringing her son, Matt Robinson. Not long after, Sharon became concerned over her weight. She stopped eating for a long time before one day, at Lassiter's, she fell into the pond, face down. After being resuced by Matt and Hilary, Sharon was assured over her weight and started eating regularly again.

Later on in the year, Sharon discovered that the common room for Grade 12, which she was to start the next year, was being made into an extended staff room. Sharon, Matt, and Nick decided to fight back and start a petition. However, their protests fell on deaf ears, and so Sharon and her friends decided to lock themselves in the common room. In the end, Year 12 got to keep their common room.

Sharon and Bronwyn spent the next Christmas in Narrabri. When they returned, Sharon decided to use as much of the summer holidays as she could out on the beach. She didn't use the right sun protection for her pale skin and suffered from heat stroke. After a few stern words from Beverly, and many of her housemates showing no sympathy, Sharon started thinking of other ways to get tanned. She found some tan lotion, and put it on, straightened her hair, and wore Bronwyn's best dress to impress a surfie she had met at the beach. However, all the tan lotion melted on Sharon and the dress, leaving her extremely embarrassed. She started seeing a different guy almost every night, and only stopped when she was labelled "Sharon the Slut" at school.

Sharon was pleased when she met up with Ryan McLachlan, Lochy's brother. She instantly fell for him, but was devastated when he asked Sharon to ask Katherine, her best friend, to the dance for him. Ryan was shocked when he learned of her feelings, since he only saw her as a friend.

When Bronwyn left for New Zealand to be with her fiancee Henry, Sharon was devastated. However, she was extremely happy when she moved in with the Bishops, taking up Bronwyn's room, and even more so when she flew to New Zealand to be Bronwyn's bridesmaid. Not long after that, Sharon's best friend and past love Nick Page won a scholarship to go and study art in London. Sharon was happy for her friend, but saddened that her friends were leaving Ramsay Street. After discussing the matter with Bronwyn and school headteacher Dorothy Burke, Sharon moved to New Zealand after a teary farewell with Madge, Harold and Eddie, to complete her studies and live with her sister.

In July 2022, Sharon was among several former Ramsay Street residents who sent messages to Toadie Rebecchi and Melanie Pearson on their wedding day. Toadie and Melanie had been planning to sell up and leave the street, but the messages from their former friends convinced them that Ramsay Street was their home and they should stay.

A year after the wedding, Toadie and Melanie split up, and Melanie moved to Violet Town, north of Melbourne. Sharon, meanwhile, had bought a house near Erinsborough, using her inheritance following her father's death and the sale of the family's farm in Narrabri. Sharon and Melanie started spending more time together, but after another year, Sharon was surprised to go to Melanie’s house one day and find her, and all of her possessions, gone, and her phone number changed. Sharon decided to go to Erinsborough and see if anyone had heard anything, going straight to the school, where old friend Jane Harris was now the principal. Sharon had heard that the school was being closed, using this as an opener to the conversation, before asking Jane if she’d seen or heard from Melanie. Jane explained that, given the way that Mel’s marriage to Toadie ended, she’d be surprised to see her back in town, but Sharon explained that she was worried, as the disappearing act was very out of character. As Sharon was leaving the school with Jane, their conversation was overheard by Toadie’s daughter, and Mel’s ex-stepdaughter, Nell.

Having managed to get Sharon’s number from Jane’s phone, Nell arranged to meet up with Sharon, worried that something terrible had happened to Melanie. As Sharon reminisced about her time living on Ramsay Street, Nell suddenly blurted out her fears for her former stepmother, explaining that Melanie had written Toadie a letter when she’d gone, saying that she couldn’t cope with looking after Nell and her brother, Hugo. Sharon thought that was strange, as Mel had spent the last year constantly talking about Nell and Hugo, showing Sharon photos of them and keeping up with what they were up to on social media. Sharon assured Nell that Melanie was probably fine and would be in touch soon, and that, as far as she was concerned, Melanie loved Nell very much, promising to keep in touch and let Nell know if she heard anything.

The following week, Sharon was back, pleased to bump into Nell at Harold’s Cafe. Sharon told Nell that she’d heard from Melanie, who had decided to move suddenly after finding a great deal on a new place, and her provider had messed up with her new phone, so she’d been having to make calls from a pay phone. When Nell said that she had a birthday card to send to Melanie, asking for the address, Sharon was reluctant, as it wasn’t even Melanie’s birthday, but Nell pleaded and Sharon agreed to text it to her. The next day, Sharon met up with Jane for lunch, and Jane berated her for getting Nell’s hopes up about finding Melanie the previous week, with them both unaware that Nell had skipped school to go to the address that Sharon had given her. Then, as Sharon was walking away, she was surprised to see Eden Shaw, who, it turned out, she had once found threatening Melanie in her home. It later emerged that Eden had been blackmailing Melanie for a year, when she wrongly believed that she had accidentally killed Krista Sinclair.

Trivia Notes
• In 2023, Sharon's phone number was shown as 0491 646 841
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