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Neighbourhood > Guest Character Profiles > Russell Burgess John Scott

Russell Burgess 1999

When Karl Kennedy was having marital problems, he decided to go bush for a few days, but managed to find himself lost while walking around, looking for Splinter Falls. He stumbled upon a man, camping out, and introduced himself. The man, Russell, gave Karl a false name, Alan Porter, and the two got chatting. Karl explained about his problems at home and soon, it was dark, and Karl agreed to stay there for the night. The next morning, the man, along with Karlís car, was gone.

It later emerged that Russell was an escaped convict, who had grabbed the opportunity to make a getaway in Karlís car. The drive had turned into a high speed pursuit and, when Karl was identified as the carís owner, his family were notified. They made their way to the country town of Woorang, where the car had been spotted and the police explained that Karl was the main suspect. None of the family could believe that Karl would do such a thing, but it was little relief when evidence was found to show that Burgess had stolen Karlís car and credit cards. Fortunately, Karl was found the next morning by a birdwatcher, who helped him back to civilisation.

Biography by Steve



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