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Neighbourhood > Guest Character Profiles > John Caffin Trent Baker

John Caffin 2001
Occupation: Rescue Worker

When young Emily Hancock ran away from home and was spotted in some bushland not far from her home in Erinsborough, a police search got under way. Amongst the search team was John Caffin, who did his best to reassure Emily’s parents, Maggie and Evan, that their daughter would be found safe and well. However, he also tried to find out why Emily would want to run away from home, with her parents claiming it was simply over an argument with her brother over a lost pair of valuable earrings. When Leo then turned up at the search site and ultimately found Emily, John was suspicious and decided to report the family to social services.

Notes: Trent Baker previously guest-starred as Dee Generate, the lead singer of Battery Acid, in 1998.

Biography by Steve



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