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Raimondo 'Ray' Cammeniti 2007
Siblings: Rocco, Maria
Children: Teresa
Occupation: Fruit & Veg Supplier

After his brother, Rocco, was sent to prison, Raimondo Cammeniti took over one of the family businesses, fruit and vegetable suppliers, Celestial Fruits, alongside his own business. However, after learning that Rocco's daughter Carmella had sold the baby of his daughter Teresa, Ray got his revenge by running Celestial Fruits into the ground. When Rocco found out, he begged Carmella and his other daughter, Rosetta to take back the business and return it to its former glory. Rosie, a lawyer, refused to have anything to do with it, but Carmella, desperate to prove she could be as successful as her sister, agreed to help. Rocco told her where she could find $20,000 buried, which she could use to save the business, but Ray warned her that he wouldn't make it easy for her. Carmella decided that she would have to start undercutting Ray's own fruit and veg business if Celestial Fruits were to succeed and war broke out, as Ray started warning the market traders not to deal with Carmella. Carmella was then forced to start bribing the traders, while Elle Robinson and her father Paul, desperate to destroy the business so Carmella's boyfriend Oliver Barnes, who had already warned her against getting involved in a war with Ray, would leave her, planted a bomb in Carmella's van. Believing Ray was behind it and things were getting too dangerous, Oliver left Carmella, while she confronted Ray, who had an alibi and, due to the stress, he suffered a heart attack. Though Ray pulled through, it was an end to the fruit and veg wars, as he, believing he might be on his last legs, assured Carmella he was innocent and that she should be careful, as someone was clearly out to get her.

Trivia Notes
Jeff Kovski previously appeared as Steve in 1987 and as Jensen Slaney in 1995

Episodes Featured
5152, 5164, 5168

Biography by Steve