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Martin Chester 1999
Occupation: Doctor

An old friend of Karl and Susan Kennedy, from their university days, Martin Chester had been one of the members of The Right Prescription, the band they’d performed in. He had also dated Susan a few times and always had feelings for her. These feelings didn’t disappear over the years and, after working at a Community Practice in neighbouring suburb, Westwood, he came to Erinsborough to set up a new initiative at the school. It involved handing out a baby doll to pairs of children, who would look after it and the doll would record any incidents of neglect, in order to teach them some responsibility. The scheme brought him into contact with Susan and, as Martin had recently split up from his wife, Trish, and Susan was still recovering from Karl’s dalliance with Sarah Beaumont, they grew close.

After spending a few evenings chatting, with Karl away at a medical conference, Martin decided to finally admit the truth and he told Susan that he was in love with her. Just at that moment, Karl walked in the door and was surprised, but pleased, to see Martin sitting there. The next day, Karl insisted on taking Martin out to lunch, in order to catch up on old times. With Karl around, Martin and Susan were forced to meet in secret to talk about things. During one of their meetings, Tad Reeves saw them together and it made Susan realise that, regardless of the fact that they hadn’t done anything wrong, it would still look bad, and hypocritical, if Karl were to find out. She told Martin that their meetings would have to stop and, when Karl suggested reforming the old uni band, Martin explained that he couldn’t, as he was leaving for Alice Springs to work with Aboriginal people.

The whole incident made Susan realise that her marriage was worth saving and, soon after, she admitted to Karl that she had been very tempted by an affair with Martin. Fortunately, after an incident in which Karl went missing in the bush, they managed to put the past behind them and slowly move on.

Biography by Steve



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