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Neighbourhood > Guest Character Profiles > Collector Bob Henry Ismailiw

Collector Bob 2001, 2002
Occupation: Toy Shop Owner, Collector

The owner of Toy Heaven collectibles shop in Erinsborough Plaza, Collector Bob was responsible for the theft of Emily Hancock’s favourite doll, Lizzie. During a trip to the mall, Emily’s brother, Leo, spotted the missing doll in Toy Heaven’s window, but his parents, Maggie and Evan, thought it looked too clean and new to be Lizzie. But Leo was convinced and, along with Emily, went into the shop and accused Bob of stealing the doll, before being dragged away by an apologetic Maggie. The next day, Leo and Emily returned to the mall, and Leo used a remote control car to distract Bob and lead him outside the shop. They then went inside and Emily kept watch as Leo checked the doll, but they were forced to hide when Bob returned and were found when Leo sneezed.

Although at first they refused to tell him their phone number, they eventually gave in and Maggie came to collect them, again apologising. However, when Leo explained the situation, Maggie told Bob that she was a lawyer and it would only take a few minutes to prove whether the doll was Emily’s. She explained that the doll used to belong to her, and her childhood dog, Chomper, had bitten Lizzie’s leg. When they found that the doll had teeth marks in its leg, Bob was forced to return it to Emily.

The following year, Joe Scully decided that, in order for his youngest daughter, Michelle, to take part in an exchange trip to New York, he would have to sell his prized record collection. After Michelle came home, ready to back out of the trip, to find Joe being given a cheque for $2000 by Collector Bob, she realised that she’d have to go, since her dad had made such a big sacrifice.

Biography by Steve



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