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Michael Coluzzi 2015, 2016

After finding themselves caught up in the illegal activities of Dennis Dimato and Michelle Kim, Tyler Brennan and Paige Smith then attempted to fix things by turning Fitzgerald Motors, which Dimato had been using as a cover for car thefts, into a legitimate business again. Their plan quickly came unstuck, however, when they were given a bag containing $50,000 in cash, and told that it had to be dropped off at the Lassiter's car park. Though they didn't want to get involved in anything else dodgy, they concluded that they had little choice, and that it would be a quick and easy job. Unfortunately, the car park was swarming with people, including several cops, as a community fundraiser sausage sizzle was taking place, so they postponed the drop and hid the bag down a well on the hotel grounds. Unfortunately, after retrieving it, they found that $6000 was missing and although they had a clue to who had taken it, they couldn't find the missing money in time. When one of Dimato's henchmen Michael Coluzzi then arrived at the garage and found out what had happened, he said that he'd speak to Michelle and find out what she wanted to do about the situation. Hopeful that they'd managed to stall for another 24 hours, Tyler was in for a shock when Michael returned a little later and left him badly beaten.

Having been given another week to replace the missing $6000, Tyler and Paige finally found out that Glen Darby had taken it, and had used it to pay Jayden Warley for an old painting, to give to his mum as a gift. When Jayden then claimed that he'd spent the money, Paige and Tyler were back at square one again, and decided that they'd have to avoid the garage for a while, in case Coluzzi came looking for them. However, they found out that Tyler's friend Nate had gone to the garage looking for him, and they rushed down there, only to find that Nate had used his army training and Coluzzi was lying on the floor, out cold. As Tyler and Paige explained the whole story to him, Nate couldn't believe the mess they were in, but when Coluzzi regained consciousness, Nate told him that he'd give him the $6000 and that would be an end to the matter, pointing out that Michelle and Dimato wouldn't be very impressed if they found out what had really happened.

Tyler and Paige then decided to try and repay Dimato by making the garage a legit business, but that plan wasn't a huge success, and Tyler ended up confessing everything to his brother, police officer Mark, as the net closed in on him. Facing serious charges, Tyler agreed to a plan to wear a wire during a meeting with Michelle and Joey, and try to get enough information to finally catch them out. Unfortunately, as Joey started play fighting with Tyler, he damaged the recording equipment, and the police failed to get anything. Tyler did, however, tell them that Dimato was due back in the country and they realised that, rather than arresting his henchmen, they might actually be able to get Dimato himself. When Dimato did make his return, he showed his lack of trust for Tyler and grabbed him, threw away his phone and took him to the meeting at the warehouse, where Michelle, Joey, Michael and the others were waiting. With little chance to tell Mark what was going on, a desperate Tyler decided to try and save the day by grabbing some evidence - a phone with photos of the next batch of stolen cars - but was quickly caught. Fortunately, Paige had managed to find out where the meeting was taking place, after phoning Joey and flirting with him, and she and Mark turned up just in time to save Tyler from being disposed of, and they managed to catch both Dimato and Michelle as they attempted to get away.

By the beginning of the following year, Michelle and Dimato were both out of prison and plotting their revenge on Paige and Tyler. With Michelle having managed to persuade Paige that Dimato had been hitting her and she was in fear of her life, they had were planning to move their focus over to Tyler and get him back on side too. However, as they started to argue, Michelle suggested that maybe she should sleep with Tyler to win him over, and Dimato punched her, witnessed by Nate, who'd heard her abuse stories and had been concerned about her. As Michelle hurried away, Nate approached Dimato and left him badly beaten. He then confessed what he'd done to his boyfriend Aaron, who found Dimato and agreed to get Dr Karl Kennedy and avoid involving the police. With Karl aware of the trouble Nate could be in, he helped Dimato to get painkillers, but warned that he hadn't made up his mind about telling the police about Dimato hitting Michelle. Concerned that Karl couldn't keep his mouth shut, Dimato contacted Michael Coluzzi and sent him to the Kennedy house, to warn Karl's wife Susan that her husband needed to forget everything he'd seen and heard.

Trivia Notes
Bay Stefan Abbey previously appeared in 2006 (under the name Bay Abbey) as Gen-La Gyatso

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