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Glen Darby 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016
Occupation: Receptionist at Lassiter's Hotel

After his dad Paul paid for him to have a tattoo removed, Andrew Robinson was forced to work as a bellboy at Lassiter's Hotel, one of his dad's businesses, to pay off the debt. Having barely started the job, Andrew was informed by receptionist Glen that his dad had called and he was no longer required to work there. Andrew was then surprised to hear that his girlfriend Summer had used her pay packet from her first week at the newspaper to pay off his debt for him. Glen was also one of many customers who started frequenting Harold's Store more often when new chef Vanessa Villante started selling her cupcakes.

Paul also put Glen in charge when he had a VIP named Stuart Slattery arriving at the hotel, telling Glen to make sure he got treated well, beginning with a bottle of champagne on arrival. As Paul was giving Glen these instructions at reception, Paul's niece Sophie was doing some matchmaking, stealing Paul's phone and sending a text to his ex, Zoe to try and get them to meet up and patch up their differences.

The following year, Glen found himself caught between Paul and the hotel's new manager, Terese Willis. Paul had finally been successful with an application to turn part of the hotel into apartments, and made sure that the new development was well advertised in reception. When Terese spotted a leaflet stand by the reception desk, she told Glen to move it, but when Paul walked in, he told Glen to leave it where it was. Terese, however, pointed out to Paul that his tacky display was not the first impression that they wanted to give guests, particularly if Paul wanted his hotel to remain a part of the Lassiter's chain. Paul reluctantly backed down, snapping at Glen to move the display.

Later that year, Glen was taking back in the Erinsborough Fun Run, raising money for the local hospital. He was the first to run past when Matt Turner found Josie Lamb, who'd collapsed from exhaustion and malnutrition, having pushed herself too hard in her training. Matt told Glen that he needed an ambulance, and Glen ran back to the start line, where he said that he 'needed an ambulance for Matt Turner'. Matt's wife Lauren feared the worst, so was relieved when she found that he was alright. A couple of months later, Terese spotted Paul chatting to a man in reception, and asked Glen if he knew anything about it. Glen explained that the man was staying at the hotel as a guest of Paul's, and Terese later learnt that the man was Nigel Sheppard, the Head of Acquisitions for the Quill Hotel Group, and that Paul was planning to take his hotel out of the Lassiter's chain. The following week, Terese caught Glen taking a delivery up to Paul's penthouse apartment and was intrigued, as nothing on the boxes seemed to indicate what was inside. When she later got the chance to have a look, Terese was surprised to find a box full of brochures for the rebranding of the hotel, from Lassiter's to Robinson's.

A couple of weeks later, Terese had resigned from the hotel, unable to deal with Paul and his machinations any longer. The chef had walked out soon afterwards, and Glen, along with trainee concierge Mason were forced to organise things when they were left without any catering for a charity event. The following month, Glen asked Terese about the staff discount, mentioning that Mason had just booked a suite, and wondering if he was planning to take a girl up there. When Terese then found out that her daughter Imogen was planning to sleep with a previously unmentioned boyfriend, Terese realised that Imogen and Mason had been seeing each other in secret.

Later that year, Glen took delivery of a package for the penthouse, addressed to Paul's niece Kate, who had died a few weeks earlier. He hesitantly handed the delivery over to Paul, who was surprised to find that it was a new sign for the bar that she'd ordered without telling him.

The following year, Georgia Brooks approached Glen at reception, and spun him a story about being the girlfriend of hotel guest Dr Nick Petrides. She explained that she'd lost her room card and needed to go upstairs and change so that she could join her boyfriend at a function at The Waterhole. As Georgia's name wasn't listed for the room, Glen was unable to help her, but she then pointed out that Nick was the brother of hotel manager Terese, who wouldn't be very happy if she found out what had happened. This convinced Glen, who gave Georgia a room card and she went to the room - where she was actually looking for evidence that Nick had framed her and managed to get her suspended from her job as a nurse at the hospital.

Later in the year, Glen also helped out when a community fundraiser sausage sizzle was held in the grounds of Lassiter's. Unfortunately, with so many people around, including several police officers, Tyler and Paige found themselves in trouble - caught up in criminal activities at work, they were supposed to be dropping off a bag containing $50,000, but realised that they'd have to stall and hide the money until later. They then threw it down the well on the hotel grounds, but when they went to retrieve it, they found that $6000 had been taken. The following week, Glen made another slip-up at work, when Naomi, Paul's personal assistant, left her access card to the penthouse on the reception desk, telling him that she needed a new one as it wasn't working properly. When Glen's back was turned, a young woman - who turned out to be Paul's long-lost daughter Amy - then managed to swipe the card and use it to access the penthouse, where she confronted Paul about his lack of effort to stay in touch with her for the last two decades.

Meanwhile, still looking for their missing money, Paige and Tyler decided to make one last-ditch effort, holding a car wash at the garage and offering 50% off for Eastside Dingoes football team players. After finding a broken off piece of a Dingoes team keyring in the well, it was the only lead they had, so when Glen brought his car in and gave them his keys, they noticed the broken keyring and confronted him. He admitted to taking the money, explaining that he'd wanted it to buy an old Helen Daniels painting that his sick mum was desperate to find. After putting an ad online, he'd heard back from Jayden Warley, who had the painting in his garage. When they then tried to get the money back from Jayden, however, he told them that he'd already spent it.

The following year, following a boiler explosion at Lassiter's, the police launched an investigation, having found evidence that it had been tampered with. The hotel had been taken over by the Quill family after Paul lost everything, and he had started to rebuild his empire by taking over a run-down motel. With rivalry building between the two businesses over the hosting of Erinsborough's Citizen of the Year Awards, Paul became prime suspect for causing the explosion, but was unable to clear his name, but was convinced that Tom Quill was the real culprit. Having managed to sneak a look at police officer Mark Brennan's notebook, Paul learnt that Glen Darby had witnessed an argument between Tom and his stepmother Julie on the morning of the explosion, and so Paul invited Glen to the motel, pretending that it was for a job interview. As Paul questioned a confused Glen about the day of the explosion, his business partner Steph realised that he could be getting himself further into trouble by harassing a witness, and she called in Mark to deal with the matter before it got any further out of hand.

Trivia Notes
In his appearance in episode 6426, Paul called this character 'Grant' though he was still credited as Glen Darby

Episodes Featured
6371, 6413, 6426, 6650, 6767, 6794, 6800, 6807, 6822, 6875, 7103, 7131, 7137, 7141, 7356

Biography by Steve