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Alessandro Cortes 2004
Occupation: Brazilian Soap Star

Star of Brazilian soap opera Lust Na Vila, Alessandro Cortes came to Australia as part of a promotional tour. As part of the tour, Channel 44 arranged a competition whereby a fan could win dinner with Alessandro himself. Libby Kennedy was the lucky winner, and she took along her mother, Susan, and their friend, Lyn Scully. The three of them met him at Lassiter’s hotel, before enjoying lunch by the lake. Libby was less-than-impressed when Alessandro spent all of his time flirting with Lyn and Susan, almost ignoring her entirely.

However, later on, they met in the pub, where Libby was confused by Alessandro’s sudden interest in her. He explained that it was good for his image to flirt with the older ladies, as they formed a bigger part of his fanbase. He then told Libby his room number at the hotel. After a little soul-searching, Libby decided to join him for the night, but felt guilty the next morning. Alessandro, however, was smitten and asked Libby to join him on the next part of his tour, in Sydney. She realised that it would be impractical, but was tempted. However, when she received another offer, from ex-boyfriend Darren, to move to Shepparton, she jumped at the chance and left Erinsborough.

As his tour of Sydney wound up, Alessandro, unaware that Libby had left town, sent a bunch of roses to her, with a note announcing his intention to leave Lust Na Vila and be with her all of the time. Lyn and Susan were unsure what to do, but decided to meet up with Alessandro at the pub and let him down gently. Unfortunately, their plan began to fall apart when Susan was unable to come, leaving Lyn on her own. As Lyn tried to explain what had happened, Alessandro accused her of making it all up to get rid of him. The next day, Lyn realised that Alessandro had been a soap star for so long that he’d forgotten how to live in the real world, so she roped in Summer Hoyland and Harold Bishop to help her. The three of them concocted a story in which Libby was suffering from mental problems brought on by growing up in foster care and being taken hostage by her foster parents on an island. Summer played the role of Libby’s daughter, while Harold was her psychiatrist and lover.

Although Alessandro was vaguely amused by the story, he saw straight through it and asked Lyn why she was going to such lengths. Lyn told him that he hadn’t believed the truth, so she was trying to find a way to get through to him. Alessandro realised that he had no other option but to forget Libby and go back to his old life. As he walked out of the pub, he told Lyn to give Libby his best wishes, and to tell Harold not to give up his day job.

Biography by Steve



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