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Neighbourhood > Guest Character Profiles > Georgia Coutts Anusha Galbally

Georgia Coutts 2006
Occupation: Medical Student

When Boyd Hoyland enrolled as a medical student at Eden University, one of the first people he befriended was fellow student Georgia Coutts. But Boyd’s insecure girlfriend, Janae Timmins, was uncomfortable with her boyfriend being around attractive young women all day, and she followed him. After Boyd left the room, Janae approached Georgia and warned her not to hang around with Boyd again. In the days that followed, Boyd became concerned that all of the girls on his course were avoiding him, and told Janae that he was thinking about dropping out. However, he had actually found out what she was up to and was getting his own back on her. A panicked Janae quickly went back to the uni, tracked down Georgia and told her to start being nice to Boyd again, or she would regret it.

Biography by Steve



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