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Will Dampier 2014, 2017
Occupation: Nurse at Erinsborough Hospital

When Chris Pappas was attacked and ended up in hospital to have an operation on his knee, one of his nurses was Will Dampier. Thanks to his medication, Chris ended up saying some inappropriate things to Will, and was embarrassed when he later found out that he'd propositioned the nurse and tried to discuss baby names with him. Fortunately, Will saw the funny side, and even gave Chris his phone number, suggesting that they could meet up once Chris was out of hospital. Later, however, Will saw that Chris had received some flowers from his boyfriend, Hudson, and backed off, not realising that Hudson was actually in prison, but said that, in his opinion, any boyfriend of Chris's should be at the hospital by his side, no matter what the excuse.

As he struggled with his loneliness, and Hudson was given a temporary ban from video calls after getting into a fight, a confused Chris decided to call Will and arrange to meet up. At the last minute, however, Chris decided that he couldn't go through with it and returned home, only to suddenly collapse in the garden. Georgia found him and he was taken to hospital, where it was found that the operation had left him with a blood clot. As he was given another procedure to deal with the problem, Chris found himself being treated by Will, and apologised for bailing on him earlier that day. Will then listened as Chris told him the truth about Hudson, and how he was unsure whether he could deal with the situation for much longer.

After his release from hospital, Chris remained confused over his feelings for Will, and during a prison visit, Hudson realised that something wasn't right. Hudson arranged for Georgia to visit him, and, knowing about Chris's confusion, she refused to break his confidence, but told Hudson that he needed to speak to Chris properly. Hudson then assumed that Chris was cheating on him, and when he next visited, he asked him directly if this was the case - Chris hesitated, and Hudson took that as confirmation, and told him that he was ending things between them, as he'd known all along that the relationship wasn't going to survive his imprisonment. Chris later went back to the prison and explained that he wasn't cheating, but he was attracted to someone else and was finding the separation from Hudson very difficult. Chris and Hudson then managed to end things amicably, and when Will heard from Georgia about the split, he decided to call on Chris, to see if he wanted to talk. Unfortunately, Chris was feeling worse then ever, and Will was the last person he wanted to see, so he shut the door in his face.

Relations between Chris and Will improved a couple of weeks later, when Chris finally realised that he had no reason to feel guilty about Hudson, and that he needed to start moving on with his life. After a game of pool together, Chris and Will joined Georgia later that week, for a working bee at the school. Although he spent a lot of time flirting with Will, Chris admitted to Georgia that he still didn't feel comfortable being alone with him, and that he liked having her around as a security blanket. When Will confronted him about this, Chris realised that he was being silly, and they arranged to go to the movies together.

A couple of weeks later, Will found out about a party at the Turner house, and Chris explained that he was going to invite him along, but then it was cancelled. Will accepted this, but soon realised, after learning that the party was back on again, that Chris had never been intending to invite him at all, and Chris admitted that he wasn't quite sure about how serious the relationship was, and whether he was ready for Will to meet so many of his friends. However, later at the party - which turned out to be a surprise wedding vow renewal for Matt and Lauren - Chris texted Will, apologising and asking him to come along. Once they'd managed to patch up their differences, Will asked Chris if he'd like to meet his best friend - his dog, Napoleon. The meeting proved to be disastrous for the new relationship, however, as the dog didn't like Chris at all, and Will blamed Chris for the situation. When Napoleon and Bossy also failed to hit it off, a fight broke out between the two dogs, with Napoleon biting Bossy's leg, and Will taking no responsibility for what had happened. After seeing this new side to Will, Chris decided that it would be for the best if they stopped seeing each other.

Three years later, Will was still working at Erinsborough Hospital, and was treating David Tanaka, who'd been left unconscious after an accident at the nearby backpackers hostel. David's father Paul was determined that David and Aaron, who'd been close to getting together for weeks, would make a great couple, so when he saw Will flirting with David, he put in a complaint. This only served to confuse things further, as Will assumed that David had complained about him, whilst David assumed that it had been Aaron who had reported Will, leaving all three of them in a mess. However, as David finally worked out what had happened, he explained things to Will, who agreed to go on a date. The pair seemed to hit it off, though Aaron was jealous and when he overheard Will on the phone, telling a friend about how he'd managed to bag a doctor who was fresh out of the closet and very keen to take things further. Aaron angrily warned Will to stay away from David, as he wasn't some toy whose feelings could be messed with. David was surprised when Will then stopped contacting, until he found out the truth from Jack, who'd witnessed the angry exchange between Aaron and Will, which only served to further widen the rift between David and Aaron.

Episodes Featured
6857, 6860, 6867, 6874, 6881, 6885, 6892, 6897, 7599, 7605

Biography by Steve