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Dominic Emmerson 2012
Occupation: Tour Guide, Marine Biology Student

When Kate Ramsay decided to leave her old life in Erinsborough behind and go travelling, her adventure began badly. On her first day in Port Douglas, her travelling companion Erin fell sick, whilst she also lost her phone on the beach. The phone was picked up by Dominic Emmerson and, back at the hostel, Kate used Erin's phone to call hers. Dominic answered - getting himself a police fine for riding his bike and talking on the phone - and arranged to meet her at Four Mile Beach later that day, so she could collect it. When Kate got lost and missed their meeting time, Dominic had to leave for work, so he called her again and asked to meet her by the pool at the Rydges hotel. This time, they managed to find each other and Dominic asked her out to dinner, but as they playfully fought over the phone, he accidentally dropped it in the pool, and Kate stormed off, sick of his games.

When Dominic and his bike then ran over Kate's map as she was taking photos on the beach, he tried once again to get her to have dinner with her, and she once again turned him down. But when Erin made Kate see that maybe this was just destiny's way of making her loosen up and have some fun, she decided to track Dominic down. After seeing one of his tour guide colleagues at the hostel, she got his number and found him just as he was getting an earful of abuse from a disgruntled British tourist, who hadn't seen the funny side of Dominic's sense of humour. Kate managed to calm the situation, and Dominic took her out for fish and chips and a walk on the beach, before they shared a kiss.

On their next date, a walk in the rainforest, Kate mentioned her upcoming trip to Vietnam and how much she was looking forward to it, with Dominic suggesting that he should join her. An excited Kate decided that they should leave as soon as possible, and Dominic quit his job in preparation. But when Kate's uncle, Paul Robinson, arrived in Port Douglas, he brought news that her younger sister Sophie was about to be taken into care unless she returned home to speak to the DHS. Determined to live life under her own terms from now on, Kate opted not to go back to Erinsborough, but when she received an email from Sophie - actually written by Sophie's best friend Callum, as Sophie was too stubborn to ask for help herself - she began to realise that she was needed at home and, after one final day together in Port Douglas, she broke the news to Dominic and left her holiday romance behind.

Episodes Featured
6330, 6331, 6332, 6335, 6336, 6340, 6341

Biography by Steve