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Gary Evans 2005
Occupation: Businessman

When businessman Gary Evans found out that exotic dancer Sindi Watts had returned to her old job at club Lapland Follies, he offered to pay to spend the night with her. Desperate to fund an operation to restore the sight of her boyfriend, Stuart Parker, Sindi agreed to meet Gary at a hotel in the city. Once there, however, she decided to make him an offer Ė on the flip of a coin, he could either spend the night with her or simply give her the money for the operation, no strings attached. Sindi ended up winning the coin toss and Gary gave her a cheque, though her guilt over the incident led to her giving it away to charity. Fortunately, charitable organisation The Helen Daniels Trust ended up paying for Stuartís operation anyway.

Only days later, Gary was attending his first yoga class when he struck up a friendship with fellow newcomer Susan Smith. The pair went out for a drink afterwards and Gary mentioned that a recent incident had changed his life and made him reassess things, although he didnít tell Susan exactly what had happened. He told Susan of his plans to open a book store and she agreed to go out with him again, but Sindi, who was living with Susan at the time, was horrified when she met the new man in her landladyís life. Sindi secretly tried to convince Gary to end the relationship, but it was no good as he was determined to make a go of it. However, following the successful operation to restore his sight, Stuart was packing up his voice-activated phone and discussing the Sindi situation with his housemates. At the mention of Susanís name, the phone dialled her number and left a message, which contained Stuartís conversation and mentioned every sordid detail of his brief liaison with Sindi. When Susan listened to the message, she immediately told Gary to leave.

Biography by Steve



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