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Melissa Evans 2009, 2010
Occupation: PirateNet Radio Station Manager

Having suffered from temporary memory loss after a rafting accident, and feeling slightly on the outer with his old friends, Zeke Kinski found himself a new interest as he started listening to underground radio station, PirateNet. After frequently getting in touch to request songs, Zeke ended up chatting to station manager Melissa about working there, and she sent him a photo to his phone, of some graffiti, which was where he could find the entrance to the station. He tracked it down and she gave him a crash course in running his own radio deck. Then, with his voice disguised, he began his broadcasting career as "Lost Boy". When Zeke's suspicious stepsister Libby and her husband Dan followed him to the radio station and managed to sneak in, Melissa demanded to know who they were, and Zeke begged them not to ruin this opportunity for him, or tell anyone about his secret identity.

When Zeke started talking about a situation which bore a strong resemblance to one his friend Ringo Brown was in, taking the blame for a car accident when the driver was actually one of his football team-mates, Ringo stormed off to the studios to confront 'Lost Boy'. Melissa tried to stop him from getting in, but in the end allowed him into the studio, where Zeke had already had his chance to escape and put on his emergency back-up CD. The next day, 'Lost Boy Will Pay' had been graffitied on the door of the studio, and Melissa warned Zeke to be careful in future. With Ringo calling in, confiding about how he felt like a failure and had lost all his mates, school counsellor Dan stepped in, offering advice to Zeke during his show.

A few months later, Zeke was still working at the radio station, but his problems with the rafting accident were still haunting him. As Zeke's stepdad Karl kept an eye on him at work, Melissa was surprised to recognise Karl from his medical advice column in the newspaper and suggested that he's made an excellent guest for a slot on Zeke's radio show. Melissa was delighted with Karl's guest slots and, despite Zeke's misgivings, following a successful appearance by pop star Lily Allen, Melissa decided to make the partnership a permanent one. This didn't last long, however, as Karl overstepped the mark and played one of his own songs, causing Mel to sack him. Meanwhile, when a argument between Zeke and his girlfriend Sunny was accidentally broadcast, the radio station received lots of compliments, and Melissa asked Sunny to come on board as Zeke's new broadcasting partner.

The following year, Melissa had to inform Zeke that he'd been suspended, as one of their main sponsors had complained about his recent court appearance, when he received a six month good behaviour bond, for trespass and damaging private property. In a desperate attempt to get his job back, Zeke appeared on the front page of the Erinsborough News, but Melissa told him that he'd just caused even more damage, as the radio station was supposed to be underground, and having seen the article, the owners of the warehouse had evicted them. Thankfully, Paul Robinson came to their rescue and bought the station, and although she continued to work there, Melissa didn't trust Paul one bit. Her doubts appeared to be well-founded when Paul talked Zeke into endorsing a shoe company during interviews, and Melissa informed Zeke that he'd completely sold out and ruined the radio station. A few months later, Paul's changes had proven to be bad for PirateNet and ratings were falling, so he decided to hire shock jock Paddy Sullivan, which led to Melissa, Zeke and the other staff walking out on strike.

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Episodes Featured
5659, 5660, 5662, 5663, 5764, 5772, 5773, 5858, 5865, 5961

Biography by Steve