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Neighbourhood > Guest Character Profiles > Scotty Gibson Philip Cameron Smith

Scotty Gibson 2001-2002
Occupation: Farmer

An old friend of Drew Kirk from Oakey, farmer Scotty Gibson earned the nickname Stumpy due to a limp caused by losing his leg in a shooting accident in his youth. He unexpectedly got in touch with Drew when he was desperate for a loan of $10,000 to keep his farm open, explaining that it was just to bridge the gap until he could sell some stock. Drew wasn’t sure what to do, particularly as he and his new wife, Libby, who was pregnant, were saving for a home of their own in Waratah Park. When Scotty then turned up in Erinsborough, Libby offered him the sofa at their flat and Scotty explained how he and Drew always looked out for each other at school and told her about his farm, lying that he lost his leg in a chainsaw accident. Following their chat, Libby decided that they should lend Scotty the money, but Drew made it clear to his friend that it could only be a two-week loan and asked him to sign a contract, as they needed the money back before the baby’s birth.

A few weeks later, Drew and Libby realised that they would need the money back, as Libby needed to reprint the first issue of her magazine, Demo, when the title was stolen by The Chronicle newspaper and she had to change the name to New Voice. However, Drew admitted the Libby that he felt guilty about approaching Scotty, as it was his fault that Scotty had lost a leg. He explained that he had accidentally shot Scotty in the leg when they were out hunting as kids. They agreed to wait a while longer and, during a trip to the Oakey Rodeo, Drew approached Scotty about the money he still owed. Scotty explained that he didn’t have it, and what little money he did have, he was going to put towards a bet, against Drew winning the Rodeo. He told Drew that, if he wanted his money back, all he had to do was deliberately lose. Drew, however, couldn’t bring himself to do it, and he ended up winning, telling Scotty afterwards that the shooting was an accident and they had a contract, so the debt would have to be repaid.

Soon afterwards, Scotty was back in Erinsborough but, to Drew’s horror, he wasn’t there to repay the debt but rather to ask for more money. He told Drew that his family had given him a loan, but he’d blown it all and now they weren’t speaking to him, so Drew was his last hope, asking him for another $2,000 on top of the $10,000 he still owed. Drew, however, had had enough of the emotional blackmail and he gave Scotty $50 and told him to find himself some work. Scotty was furious and showed no gratitude when Drew then found him barwork at Lou Carpenter’s pub, so Drew told him that their friendship was over. Scotty then made one final desperate attempt to guilt-trip Drew, by telling some of his friends, the Scully family, about the shooting accident. However, when they told Scotty to get over it, as Drew was a decent guy who had just made a mistake many years ago, Scotty was finally beaten and left Erinsborough, whilst the cash-strapped Drew and Libby were forced to rent 22 Ramsay Street from Lou, rather than buy a place of their own.

Biography by Steve



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