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Nick Gill 2000

When Nick Gill got into Joe Scully’s taxi one day, and asked to be driven miles out of town, to Wattlebank Road, it was the beginning of an eventful day for Joe that would see him consider giving up on cabbing altogether. After driving down a deserted road for several miles, Joe began to get suspicious as Nick told him to carry on driving and not look back. When Nick then suddenly asked Joe if anyone had ever pulled a knife on him, Joe realised that he was in trouble and pressed his alarm. Not realising that the police were already on their tail, Nick continued to threaten Joe, who stopped the cab and told Nick to get out. Having already worked out that Nick was unarmed, Joe grabbed the man by the arm, but Nick seemed unrepentant and announced that he would hitch a ride home. At that very moment, the police arrived to take Nick away and Joe’s concerned wife, Lyn, asked him to stop driving the cab.

Notes: David Whiteley previously appeared in 1994 as Dr. Jack Chang, in 1996 and 1998 as Erinsborough News editor Jeff Reiner, in 1997 as Sven Jorgensen. He returned in 2001 as Barry Burke and again in 2005 as Steve Chisholm.

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