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Hayley Hahn 2014, 2015
Occupation: Ex-Student at Erinsborough High

Year 12 student Hayley Hahn was impressed when she saw the school's new teacher, Brad Willis, and very amused to realise that he was the father of fellow students Imogen and Josh. She soon found herself enjoying his class, as he told the students about his hobby of surfing and the near miss he'd once had with a shark. She then stayed behind after class to thank Brad, infuriating Imogen, who was already embarrassed about having her dad at the school. A few weeks later, Hayley also targeted school principal Susan Kennedy, whose husband Dr Karl had been revealed as the author of the racy novel The Book Of Secrets, which everyone in the neighbourhood had read. Susan was mortified as Hayley gave her own feedback on the book and slowly realised that everyone at school - both students and teachers - were laughing at her.

The following year, Hayley was in The Waterhole when she spotted Mark Brennan with his friends Sonya and Toadie, and she went over to introduce herself, suggesting that the four of them could play a game of pool together. However, bar manager Sheila Canning was quickly on the case, as Mark had just split up with her daughter Naomi and she was desperate for them to get back together. Not wanting Mark to move on with someone else, Sheila quickly stepped in and pretended that she and Mark were lovers, and a slightly confused Hayley made a quick exit from the bar.

A few months later, and Hayley was engaged, and her hen's night took place at The Waterhole, where she and her friends enjoyed the entertainment at Sheila's Red Hot Bingo night, with Aaron Brennan performing his stripping act. The girls lavished attention on Aaron, as well as topless waiter Kyle and as her friends left at the end of the evening, Hayley wandered off to the bathroom, wandering out as the bar was closing up for the night. Taking pity on her, Sheila took her outside to find her a cab and make sure she got home safely.

Later in the year, Hayley had an awkward moment when she bumped into Toadie, who'd recently been left paralysed and using a wheelchair after an accident, at The Waterhole. As he attempted to get past her, she went to move a stool out of his way and ended up tipping her drink into his lap. As he insisted that he was fine and that he didn't need any more help from her, Hayley sloped off, quietly telling Toadie that he was very brave.

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Biography by Steve