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Neighbourhood > Guest Character Profiles > Terri Hall Robyn Charlesworth

Terri Hall 2002
Occupation: Police Officer

When she moved into the flat above Libby Kennedy and Drew Kirk, Terri left an immediate impression. When Drew first met her, she seemed nice and normal, and he helped her to move in. However, later that day, Libby saw the newcomer getting out of a guy’s car, dressed up like she was just getting in from a night on the tiles. Meanwhile, Darcy Tyler met her at the surgery, where she was trying to get her hands on some drugs. All in all, it added up to a very confusing picture of the new girl in town.

Libby decided to follow Terri one day, but was soon warned off. However, this simply made her more interested. Meanwhile, when Stuart and Drew got a call to say that there had been someone spotted down at the garage, they headed down there. Unfortunately, the police also turned up and Drew was shocked to be wrestled to the ground by none other than Terri. With the revelation that Terri was actually undercover, Libby was angry to have had her family placed in danger. However, Terri’s focus changed when Matt Hancock was involved in an accident that left one boy seriously ill and Harold temporarily blinded. When Matt vanished, Terri was convinced that his younger brother Leo knew his whereabouts. After questioning him, she noticed that he had sand on his shoes and realised he was lying, so she followed him and found Matt hiding out in an old boat shed.

Meanwhile, Terri had started seeing Darcy. The relationship was very laid-back and Darcy was surprised that this girl didn’t want more commitment from him. Her attitude started to worry Darcy, however, and he felt like she constantly had the upper hand, so one day, he followed her to a club, believing she was seeing someone else. Unfortunately, his jealousy led to him walking right into the middle of an undercover drugs bust. Terri was furious and ended things straight away. When she found out she was being transferred, Terri couldn’t resist one last prank at Darcy’s expense. Teaming up with another of Darcy’s old flames, Dee Bliss, she managed to convince Darcy that he was about to be placed under investigation. With Darcy in a state of desperate panic, Terri’s work was done.

Biography by Steve



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