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Neighbourhood > Guest Character Profiles > Milly Hallsworth Kristie Jandric

Milly Hallsworth 2007

While chatting to a friend about betting tips in the Scarlet Bar one day, Frazer Yeats caught the attention of Milly Hallsworth. The pair quickly hit it off over a game of pool and headed back to the house Frazer shared with ex-girlfriend Rosie Cammeniti, thinking it’d be free for the evening. But, after spending some time in the swimming pool together, Frazer and Milly went inside to receive a frosty reception from Rosie, as well as her sister, Carmella, and best friend, Pepper, who also shared the house. The next morning, the girls starting cleaning and vacuuming early in order to wake Milly up and get her out of the building. The plan worked, but the housemates soon noticed various items missing, including a bottle of conditioner and an MP3 player.

Having been convinced by Rosie that Milly had to be the thief, Frazer confronted her, but she denied everything. The real culprit turned out to be Lolly Allen, a friend of Frazer’s younger brother, Ringo. Ringo covered for Lolly, but there was no doubt that Milly was innocent. Frazer struggled to find a way to get back in contact with Milly, worried that he’d already burnt his bridges, but then he bumped into her in the bar again and apologised. Milly agreed to give Frazer a second chance and he explained that “immature” Rosie was to blame for the whole mix-up. Later that evening, the pair headed back to number 30, where a party was in full swing, and a confrontation between Rosie and Milly took place, where Milly couldn’t resist pointing out that Rosie was indeed immature, just as Frazer had said. The next morning, Frazer headed down to the racecourse to watch the time trials and, after running onto the track to stop a little girl, he was trampled and left paralysed in hospital. Though Rosie stood by him, Milly struggled to deal with what had happened and visited Frazer to explain that, although she liked him, they’d only just met and she couldn’t cope with becoming his carer.

Trivia Notes
• Kristie Jandric previously appeared as Natasha Symonds in 1999

Biography by Steve



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